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Peking Duck or Tea Smoked Duck in SF or Daly City? For this Friday...

I don't remember if the Pipa duck had buns or crepes. But it did have plum / hoisin / whatever sauce.

but the duck preparation is the same as peking duck.

Peking Duck or Tea Smoked Duck in SF or Daly City? For this Friday...

I'd guess this works out to ~$120 for the equivalent of a whole duck at yank sing, give or take.

At Hakkasan i'd guess you pay $40 for the equivalent of a third of a duck.

So roughly similar prices.

Duck at Hakkasan is probably a little bit better, imo.

But neither are worth the extra price over z&y or r&g, imo.

SF: What's Left to Do?

When was the last time you were at Capp's Corner?

Peking Duck or Tea Smoked Duck in SF or Daly City? For this Friday...

I think Koi Palace Peking Duck is good, but not great.

As part of a set menu (maybe Sun-Thurs Only; don't remember) it is a very decent value, though.

Hakkasan and maybe Yank Sing have the best Peking duck, but with prices to match.

Peking Duck at Z&Y is very good. R&G lounge is similar in quality, but at a higher price.

Where to buy Inaniwa udon?

Nijiya in SF sells it, alongside all the other noodles.

Tomura kaiseki restauarnt in Tokyo

my pics from a visit to tomura in june 2013.

this was the highest priced menu at 42,000jpy. no idea what the difference between this and a lower priced menu was.

Sep 19, 2014
Dustin_E in Japan

Favorite sushi in SF right now?

definitely report back on how sf sushi compares to tokyo!

Favorite sushi in SF right now?

Maruya is at least twice as expensive as Sushi Sam's. at least.

Favorite sushi in SF right now?

By "price / quality" i mean "both price and quality".

Sawa is good if you want huge cuts of top-quality fish, served with sometimes good, sometimes less good sauce, and a personality of the chef to go with. but there is nothing either traditional or elegant about sawa. And it is definitely unique. sort of a korean approach to sashimi. Also, you can actually also bring young children here (believe it or not) and sit at a table.

Maruya if you want very traditional, very good sushi. it is very similar to a lot of places in tokyo, imo.

Apart from both being expensive and serving very high quality raw fish, though, there really is no similarity between the two places.

Favorite sushi in SF right now?

sushi sam is good, but not really on the same level as maruya or sawa.

i thought sushi sam was roughly comparable to zushi puzzle -- maybe a little bit better.

Favorite sushi in SF right now?

Depends what style you want. They are very, very different.

I think they are comparable in price / quality, though.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?


Joel Robuchon

Less of the over-the-top decor at the vegas branch, but still very nice.

I did prefer the service at the vegas branch, though -- the all-french wait staff made a difference.

Sep 08, 2014
Dustin_E in Las Vegas

Joel Robuchon

Robuchon is my favorite restaurant in the country.

I actually had a much superior meal at the Vegas branch than at the Macau branch. Unsure if this is because the Macau meal was for lunch?

Sep 08, 2014
Dustin_E in Las Vegas

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

>> I have trouble reconciling "probably doesn't
>> compare that well to the best of LA / NYC" with
>> your earlier "isn't as good as the top spots in
>> Tokyo, but it isn't THAT far off."

I mean adjusted for price. I suspect there are places as close as maruya to top tokyo spots for a lower price in both la and new york. i've been to urasawa, masa, bar masa, yasuda, kuruma, but some of these were a while ago, and none of these are at the same price point as maruya. Which is why i say "probably" and not "certainly".

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

Yeah, i've definitely had far more disappointing meals at price points similar to Maruya.

Maruya will definitely be the place in SF I return to the next time i want an expensive sushi meal.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

In Tokyo, quality and variety are a given, and the clientele is generally assumed to be way more sophisticated about raw fish, so the chef can make subtle innovations and these are completely understood and appreciated.

Whereas in the united states, I think high end sushi appreciation often doesn't go that much beyond "toro tastes great".

So the focus in tokyo is often more on different textures of various shellfish, and the seasonality of the fish.

This all said, a lot of the clientele at the top places are obnoxious (but very nice/friendly) finance people from hong kong and taiwan, so "assume to be" and "actually are" might be very different things.

i've been to tokyo 4 times on hardcore food-tourism trips, and a lot of the nuances / differences of the top places still feel over my head.

But yeah, good toro in the US doesn't taste much different than good toro in tokyo. and i'm not sure it is much less expensive over there either. If I ate at Maruya every week for a year, and took several trips each year to tokyo, maybe i'd feel differently. but i don't so i don't.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

Maruya is ridiculously expensive, and probably doesn't compare that well to the best of LA / NYC.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

I like that some of the ingredients at Maruya are very seasonal and rare (for the US). Hamo in particular I remember. I think I was served ayu as well, but i don't entirely remember. I also like that the sushi is very traditional, without much "decoration".

Kusakabe is also very good, it is just way way less traditional.

Biggest deciding factor for me would probably be length of the meal. Kusakabe took at least 2 hours. Maruya more like one hour.

I'd go to Kusakabe if I were having a business dinner or date, and wanted to drink a bottle of alcohol over a couple hours.

I'd go to Maruya if i wanted to obsess about nuances of traditional sushi and maybe have some delicacies you can't find elsewhere.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

Kusakabe is good, but nothing like sushi in Tokyo.

Tokyo chefs don't use Truffle oil, and don't serve half their fish as smoked.

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

I think Maruya is pretty clearly the best in the bay area. It definitely isn't as good as the top spots in Tokyo, but it isn't THAT far off, and really is the only place in the bay area I think that is at all close to the best spots in Tokyo.

Impressing out-of-towners in the East Bay

Chez Panisse Downstairs for sure
Yum's Bistro for sure

Sushi Sho perhaps

great mole in san francisco?

thanks. yeah, i plan on continuing to try their various mole dishes in the coming months.

great mole in san francisco?

I've had a couple really good mole dishes at Comal in Berkeley. I'd recommend trying them. Most recent was their pork Tamale with mole.

I'm not a mole expert by any means, but i'm also interested in the dish / sauce / whatever.

Okonomiyaki: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2014

I really liked the okonomiyaki with egg at the Namu stand at the ferry building farmer's market. alongside some raw oysters, a perfect breakfast in my view.

Original Joe's in North Beach [San Francisco]

I've been there a number of times since it reopened at its new location a year or two ago. (or however long it has been.)

Overall, the food is good, not great.

I think the best things to order are their italian tossed salad, and hamburger. Maybe lasagne.

Their fish is okay, as are their lamb chops, but there are definitely better places to get both of these (my choice for each of these would probably be tadich and bob's, respectively)

Chinese Restaurants in SF Proper that have no or low corkage?

Preferably in Chinatown?

Don't have to be the best food-wise, but preferably something decent?

Yuet Lee?

Umami Burger SOMA-Seriously? (Long Review) [San Francisco]

umami sucks.

A Four-Year-Old reviews... The French Laundry

I think it is fairly funny, but the CH community up in arms over it is even funnier.

I might try to have a kid soon just so I can start doing stuff like this as well.

Santa Barbara Uni @ Tenroku Sushi in San Francisco Japantown

i've been. i thought it was overall good, though not great. i'd return, but probably only when it was convenient and other places i prefer were not.