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Geneva Restaurants...

Thanks for listing these!

I'll arrive in Geneva jet-lagged & hungry on a Sunday morning. Where can I find some decent food then? I understand that many restaurants are closed on Sunday.

Group dinner, adventuresome palates, U area

Jamie -- Yum! Could you cater a lunch on Saturday for 20?

Group dinner, adventuresome palates, U area

I'm planning a dinner for a group of 15 or 20 of professionals who are meeting at the University of Toronto on Saturday, June 21. It's the first trip to Toronto for most -- we're from all over the U.S., from Seattle to New Orleans to L.A. to Boston to DC, and one member hails from Victoria.

My colleagues have suggested Moroccan, French, Chinese, someplace to get local walleye/pike/muskie. They'd be open to Tibetan, Egyptian, whatever isn't the same old same old.

Here are our constraints:
We need a place that's within walking distance (up to 25 minutes) or easy accessible on TTC -- but not too away far because herding these cats across a city can be a PITA.

The restaurant need to be able to accommodate our group (broken into smaller tables is OK) on a Saturday. I'm planning ahead so we can get reservations.

Price -- $35 or $40 max per person without drinks. But we want a place that serves alcohol.

We have two members who are mobility impaired -- so no long flights of steps.