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starbucks whole beans

Okay. So my college (NYU) has Starbucks under our meal plan. Since it's summer, we only have a few dining establishments open, Starbucks being one of them. We get a set amount of "dining dollars" to use in addition to our meal plans.

I get $25 dollars a week, that roll over every week, to spend. Since I don't get the money back at the end of the summer, and since it's already prepaid, I was thinking about buying some whole beans to take home and make in my own personal coffee machine when I move back into my regular 'apartment style' dorm. Might as well.

Any suggestions for good types of whole beans to brew at home? I've never really picked coffee beans before. I prefer strong coffee, and I usually add milk/creamer but not much sugar.

I know, I know, it's Starbucks. One can only buy so many coffee cups with Starbucks plastered on it.

And no, they don't have any of the stuff regular Starbucks stores have (CDs, or coffee equipment and the like).

Jul 23, 2008
dischord in Chains

prepping refridgerated soba noodles

So, in my local store, the dried soba (buckwheat) noodles have English directions. The refridgerated ones do not. Of course.

- Do they have a similar cooking time? I've googled this, and all the recipes start with DRIED noodles.

- Is there any difference between refridgerated japanese noodles and dried? Is one better than the other?

Jun 25, 2008
dischord in General Topics