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Large Group for Classic NOLA food and music

I am here with a large group of college students volunteering on home rebuilding. I'd love to give them the opportunity to have real NOLA food - and possibly some live music - at our mid-week day-off dinner. Are there any places you can think of that would accommodate about 25 people and do not have strict dress codes? I appreciate any ideas you can offer!

Mar 08, 2009
debinithaca in New Orleans

Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....

Having just stayed for one week in Hazard desperate for something other than Applebees - I ventured up the hill to Cliff Hagan's. I do have to say I was extremely disappointed. The salad bar had iceberg lettuce with more brown than green and the place was so smoky I felt like I had smoked half a pack by the time I was done. I ordered a steak - and it was ghastly - made me think they had gone across the street to the Ponderosa to get it. After speaking with a few locals - they seem to think this place has gone downhill of late. Just my experience.

I did however have passable Mexican food at a little place called El Azul Grande. The hot sauce there was really unique - made with 6 different fresh hot peppers. Other than that - it was mostly fast food to be found.

Delware Beaches full report

Just got back from a week of vacationing in Bethany Beach. Since we were a family of 11 - we did most of our eating in the vacation home cooking for ourselves!

We did eat a few dinners out. Here is the report:

Mango Mike's (Bethany Beach): I would describe this meal as mediocre at best. The swordfish that I had was doused in a sauce that made it impossible to taste the fish, which was dry. My fiance had the tuna - it was also dry and overdone - even though he asked for medium. The mashed potatoes were soupy and the veggies were very mushy and overcooked. We would not return there again.

Crabber's Cove (Dewey Beach-Ruddertowne): This is one of the restaurants in the area that serves all you can eat crab. Again - we were a large group looking for an Old Mill style meal. All you can eat with hush puppies, shrimp, fried chicken, corn on the cob. The shrimp was great - not buried in Old Bay seasoning. The hush puppies were just ok - they were covered in powdered sugar - not our preference. The crab - we had a combo of alaskan king and blue crab. The crab was just ok - some of it seemed overcooked. But I think that is part of not being able to keep up with the all-you-can eat concept. The atmosphere of the place was very open and there was a great view of the Bay from every seat in the place. They are able to accomodate large groups easily and were fast and friendly with the service. We had two little ones with us and the meal was enjoyable even with the kids. Even though the meal was just OK - we would probably go back again.

Mojo's (Dewey Beach): My fiance and I have a constant craving for Cuban style food so anyplace we see that looks like it carries Cuban fare - we are willing to try it. However - after the experience at this place - we would think twice again about trying little hole in the wall Cuban places! The mojito that I was served was clearly from a mix and had a pathetic wilted leaf of mint in it. The only beer options they had were Miller Lite and Corona. That should have been our first clue. We ordered paella to split and black beans and sweet plantains. Given that we were the only people in the place - the 20 minute wait seemed excessive. Then - when the waitress brought out the food - it was the wrong dish. She offered that one up for free and went to cook the paella. The rice was mushy, beans were cold, food was bland and we waited for the paella that tasted like the smell of fish going bad. Ick. We do not recommend this place!

Five Guys Burgers (Bethany): This was a fast and fun place with great burgers and great fries! Highly recommend it!

Dogfish Head Brewpub (Rehoboth): This was our best meal out the entire week. We started with 90 min ale and some "jin" and tonics - Dogfish not only brews beer, but rum and jin as well. Drinks were great! We had the appetizer of homemade hummus - it was wonderful and came with a plethora of fresh veggies and home made pita bread. Our meals were also wonderful. I had mahi mahi with a great fresh pineapple and mango salsa - with a hint of fresh mint leaves. Fish was cooked perfectly. We bought some beer and a bottle of "jin" to take home.

Mancini's (Fenwick): We usually get pizza on the first night we settle in to the beach house and I do recommend Mancini's Brick Oven. We are not fans of the popular Grotto pizza chain in the area and searched for a place with decent pizza. We love Mancini's.

Touch of Italy (Bethany - Millville) : For my birthday my family sought out an Italian bakery for cake and came home with a scrumptious lemon ricotta cheesecake from this bakery on Rt. 26 (head west from the beaches on 26 to find it)

Jul 30, 2006
debinithaca in Mid-Atlantic

All you Can Eat Crabs at Delaware Beaches?

Thanks! We will try a place out and report back!

Jul 25, 2006
debinithaca in Mid-Atlantic

All you Can Eat Crabs at Delaware Beaches?

My family has been going to the Delaware Beaches for several summers now. We have a large family that shares a beach house and an annual tradition has been to go out for all you can eat crabs.

We had been going to a place called "The Old Mill" but one summer we went back - we saw they had a fire. We liked the "all inclusive" dinner option of hush puppies, corn, shrimp, etc.

We have a large group (usually around 11-15 people) and want to know what is now the best place for all you can eat crabs. Our house is technically in Bethany but we're willing to travel to any of the beach areas for good crabs.

Thanks for your ideas!

Jul 18, 2006
debinithaca in Mid-Atlantic