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Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

As far as I can tell, if you want the paper version it's called the Anthora cup, available from Sherri Cup Inc, in Kensington Connecticut.

There's a history from '98 here about the cups and variations:

If you want to pay a lot for a paper cup, you can order them locally (NYC locally, that is) from New York First Company:

I wish the ceramic version was double-walled, but it seem the designers are done with the project.

Apr 04, 2009
JimInHolland in Features

Need help with dinner in Rotterdam ASAP!

One very important resource is, an online restaurant guide whose basic information is in english and dutch. Choose the british flag for english, then Rotterdam, then the area you're in (likely Centrum, near the top). Then you can choose from a variety of kitchens... many restaurants included, with average prices, and most have a few reviews from patrons. If your dutch isn't good, they usually have a numeric-rating (1-10) too.

The American kitchen section: