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Is my baking stone ruined ?

I normally leave my stone in during an oven self-clean cycle.

Jul 14, 2008
tkmtwo in Cookware

Choosing a pasta machine

For what it's worth, i've had nothing but great performance from my KA rollers.

I can't imagine why rolling raw pasta dough through the rollers would tax a mixer.

I have had problems getting a proper dough consistency while using the plastic extruder dies (for spaghetti, etc), but that's another product and process altogether. The link to the KA rollers provided by wrenhunter is the product I have. Could not be happier.

Jul 07, 2008
tkmtwo in Cookware

Timers that are easy to use 1-handed?

My absolute favorite timer is from Polder. out of the box, it's on a lanyard, but has a magnet on the back so you can stick on the fridge. It comes in black or white from Amazon: either the Polder 898-95 or 898-90

The coolest feature is that there are number keys for setting the for setting 10min, it's 1-0-0-0 instead of 10 clicks of a "minute" button.

I love this thing so much, i ordered a handful of "backups" for if/when they stop making it.

Jun 03, 2008
tkmtwo in Cookware