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Best Rotisserie Chicken

Awesome. Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to pass along.

May 17, 2011
beefnog in Chicago Area

Best Rotisserie Chicken

I'm looking for the best rotisserie chicken in Chicago. A friend is going to be in Chicago in July, and the best she's had so far is El Pollo Rico in Washington D.C.

Any suggestions?

May 12, 2011
beefnog in Chicago Area

Recently Dined at Naha?

I'm going to be in Chicago in about 2 weeks and I made reservations at Naha for an anniversary. I have a gift certificate from Open Table and am trying to find a good restaurant. Has anyone dined at Naha recently or have alternative suggestions if it's gone downhill since it opened.

Unfortunately, Alinea is far to expensive for us. I'm looking for around at final bill of $75-$150 for two people. A fine dining experience that isn't too stuffy is ideal. Any suggestions or recent dining experiences would be great.

Jul 08, 2008
beefnog in Chicago Area

Out-of-Towner Seeking Restaurant Suggestions

I will be in Chicago mid-July and am looking for suggestsions for places to eat. I will be staying at the Marriott in the Medical District about a mile from Union Park. Specifically I'm looking for a place to have a nice romantic dinner, not too expensive (i.e. Alinea is sadly out of my price range). Some nice lunch suggestions too: vietnamese or thai or other Asian cuisines that are on the cheaper side. I will have a car so distance isn't too much of an issue.

Also important: a good pizza place, preferably one that delivers.

Jun 03, 2008
beefnog in Chicago Area