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Nathans Kosher Dills

The No Frills at 1054 Centre St near the Promenade mall still has them, picked some up from there a few weeks ago as well as the pickled green tomatoes.

Bushels of Romano Beans in Toronto area

if you are looking for some more Romano beans, fortinos has them in their flyer this week for $17.99 a bushel.

Bushels of tomatoes for canning

They are listed as being from Ontario but if you really go by the term local, meaning within 100 km from farm to store, i couldnt say.

popsicle moulds

Cool, nice mold set. as for the sticks i would suggest maybe getting them from staples.

its an elmers product and since it was designed for kids i would imagine it would be kid safe since they like to put things in their mouths all the time even the elmers glue. Its about the same price as you would pay for a pack of 100 from

Bushels of tomatoes for canning

Was at Food Basics 427 and Dundas location and they had bushel roma tomatoes for $17.99

also saw an ad for metro 25lb box of roma tomatoes for 6.99 this week aug 20 to 26

BBQ Rub Supply in Toronto?

these guys are online only but they are located in mississauga so shipping might not be as bad,

popsicle moulds

Run-Out? as in Lost or misplaced? (since they are plastic an re-usable) you could always go old school and get a package of wooden Popsicle sticks from a craft store.

Then fill your molds, tightly cover with cling film then poke the sticks through the plastic into the mold and freeze. sort of reminds me of a cartoon i used to see back in the 70's which showed you how to make your own popsicles using an ice cube tray and tooth picks the same way.

popsicle moulds

Stunned by my own action! - A posting of an AYCE Japanese

What do they charge for their "All You Can Taste Dinner". after looking at the menu i am tempted to give them a try as well.

dill pickles

there is a group on facebook that deals with canning and they should be able to answer your question.

Aug 10, 2015
youdonut in General Topics

Wehani rice in GTA?

whole foods, pusateris and here..

Where to buy Hartley's Ma Made Seville Oranges?

you can get the Hartleys at british grocer whole sale at 2905 Argentia Road, Unit# 8 Mississauga. it may cost a bit more if coyles price is still the same but it a heck of a lot closer than coyles and you can order online as well i think but their website does seem to have some errors in it so it might not work to well in that respect but you could call or visit them. i get my british hp sauce from them all the time since its much cheaper than any other british grocer at 2.95 a bottle.

Where in Toronto or Durham can I find Lays Salt and Pepper chips!?

so according to lays canada the salt and pepper chips are only available in western canada.

Chopped/Diced white Onions

Look into getting yourself a V-slicer or a Mandolin. make sure they come with inserts for different types of slicing, specifically the one with a whole lot of small teeth. i have a swissmar model which i bought at the EX 20 years or more ago and it is still going strong. i use this for fine dicing onions all the time, its fast and easy to do and today there are may brands to choose from.


always remember to use your hand guard or they will start calling you stumpy :)

Kombucha by the case?

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

The way things are going the only food we will have to eats is Soylent Green :)

Disappearing cocoa...solution?

did you try the lindt outlet stores for it??

ISO inexpensive low height wooden WINE RACKS

not sure about what range your "inexpensive" is but what about ikea? they may have something in your range.

ISO Val de France Sparkling Juice

try their 1-800 number and see if they know of any resellers in your area


Granulated honey, white/Cider vinegar powder in Toronto

if you are going to add salt to your chips how about using a bottle of "Kernals" salt and vinegar popcorn spice??

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

if this is the right product than they list a bunch of costco locations that carry it just below the video

just highlight the location closest to you and google search it to find out the address. they only list the city and store number in the list.

Grape Ice cream?

i read a similar article and was going to link it here until i found out it was fake..

The Fry: Korean Fried Chicken

here is a better menu link,

Grape Ice cream?


Dim Sum King, Dundas Street in Chinatown

i saw a sign at a micky d's in walmart mississauga for the lobster roll last week so maybe they had brought it back for a short time.

ISO bento-style lunch containers for kids

what about the pacific mall?? or the Asian stores along spadina? you will probably have a better chance at finding an Asian product there than looking in a Canadian or American establishment.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - July to end of September

they have a 12 pc set online..

Pacific Foods Barista Series Soy Milk

after a bit of research i came across the following information. as far as purchasing in a store i have only been able to locate it in wegmans in buffalo.

there is a previous discussion on this brand here.

there is a place in ottawa that lists it but does not give any sales info you could contact them and see.

There is an online store in Vancouver that sells it online and it would be a lot less hassle than ordering it from the states. and you get free delivery on orders of $75 or more(thats a lot of milk :


I know it was not what you are actually looking for but it might be something to get you started.

ISO: Himalayan Salt Block

this may be a bit on the old side but since fathers day is coming up, in the canadian tire ad for the week of june 19th to 25th they have salt cooking blocks for the bbq and from the price range thats posted for about $35.