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ISO bulk Marrowfat peas.

That fantastic, just wish we could get marrowfats to be readily available in stores here. its a pretty sad state when canada exports the marrowfats that are grown here and we have to contend to buying them from imports.

Denninger's Locations?

my suggestion would be the Burlington location, it is much bigger than the Oakville store, not sure compared to the Hamilton store since i have not been to that one yet. the Burlington store has its own in-store bakery and restaurant and a much greater selection of goods compared to Oakville which is like a satellite type store.

ISO: Himalayan Salt Block

I see, after doing a bit of research i came across this place in woodbridge here is the link.


And this place on Weston road.


ISO: Himalayan Salt Block

are you looking for salt blocks/rocks or black salt? if your looking for the rocks homesense has the Himalayan pink salt rocks.

Tunnel Bar-B-Q sauce (or Valerie's) in shops?

came across this recipe for the sauce if you want to try making it.


and apparently Valeries can be had at SUMMERHILL MARKET as well

Moon Cakes in November

you could try Tung Hing Bakery Co they make them all year, there is one on Broadview and Gerrard. 353 Broadview Ave

ISO: Malaysian Fish Curry Powder

Baba's makes a fish curry powder, there was a thread on here where someone was looking for Baba's malaysian curry powder and it was suggested to try New Spiceland Supermarket, so they may have it, you could always call them and see.


According to their site they are located on steels ave east of islington.

European Meats Closing Need Alternative.

That sounds great! i dont know much about Pavao, I would be interested in hearing reviews about the place from fellow chowhounders whether or not this place is any good.


Green tea with corn in Toronto / online?

how about Korean Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea? maybe it was rice instead of corn?

you are right though there is a corn tea by the same company you can do a search under Dungseo foods as well.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I was at the Dixie Dundas Costco today and they had the 1.02kg box of bran buds in stock.

All European Meats Closing Sept 26 2014

yep they are out of business they were going through bankruptcy court. the link is still posted above.

Italian Truffle Salt

What about Pusateri's they are on avenue rd north of Lawrence far north of Eglinton, they should have this product in stock.

Bergamot and fresh truffles in Toronto - please help!

here are a couple of posts to get you started for the truffles.


and i second the cheese boutique suggestion as for the bergamot cant help you there sorry, i have only had it in tea.

Least expensive place to buy spice tins?

Snarky? maybe yes but the op indicated they did not want to order from the states since the items will be very expensive.
for example 75 4oz tins from your suggestion

cost $54.75 us
Shipping $34.01 us
total-$88.76 us = 100.73 cdn

+duties 13 percent 113.83 cdn

Now this company will ship this to you using UPS and Ups will charge the following

entry prep charge $29 cdn
Bond Fees charge $50 cdn

for a total of $79 in brokerage fees, they may even charge tax on top of that as well

bringing your total to $192.83 cdn

Cost of each tin = $2.57

and the op has expressed that "$2.50-$3 each, which seems excessive"

so i still stand on my original statement.

Where can I buy Polish zurek (Traditional Sour Rye Soup with Kielbasa ) in GTA?

I was at Karpaty Deli in Mississauga 5 and dime area and they have the soup you were looking for at about $3.99 for a 1.5 liter carton. i would also check Starskys there is a good chance that they would carry this as well.

ISO Decent Advent Calendars (Toronto)

what about the lindt advent calendars? they have a nice one that was made specifically for costco for about $15-$19 (they were discounted to $15 last i saw) barring that you can get one from any of the lindt stores but beware the ones that are sold through costco have about twice the weight in chocolate compared to the ones you get in the Lindt outlets.

Least expensive place to buy spice tins?

they ship from the states so that would be of little use. you need to read the original post.

ISO Fresh filberts

yep. http://nut-house.ca/

Crappy website but real store can be pricy for packaged non bulk goods though.

ISO Fresh filberts

The Nut House maybe??

Do you know where to buy flageolet beans in Toronto?

Rube's Rice st Lawrence market.

Heavy German Rye bread for open faced sandwiches

you could try...

Vienna Fine Foods at
1050 Birchmount Rd

I dont know if they bake bread in house, it has been many years since i have been there, but they may be able to put you onto a local bakery that may carry what you are looking for.

Butifarra Sausage?

922 Queen Street West

ha it on their menu.

Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin

if you stoop to their level you can easily replicate the taste. i use a nordicware microwave muffin egg cooker.


and regular kraft processed plasti cheese, lightly toast the english muffins, butter them add the egg and cheese and it tastes just like a mcmuffin with no meat. cant seem to find any decent sausage patties though that match the mikkey d's ones yet though. the mistake is frying the egg fresh, sure they do it on a grill but it sits in a plastic tub in a steam box waiting to be assembled and that changes the taste a bit.

Oct 25, 2014
youdonut in Chains

items to make a special fried rice

According to the list pork is okay as long as you show a receipt of purchase of the product showing origin.

"The passenger must provide proof of the origin of beef, pork, poultry, cervid meat, and pet food in order to bring them into the United States. Examples of proof of origin include the grocery store receipt where the product was purchased or the label on the product indicating the province in which it was packaged"

Pacific Mall Recos

since your going on the weekend check out the center area of the mall, there is (sometimes) a gentleman there that makes Dragon Beard Candy, pick up a box or two if he is there. i was told long ago that the money goes towards a local Buddhist temple, or something like that,. good candy regardless.

TO's best Pierogi

Where on roncy are they located? their website does not give an address all it says is that they are available at "the junction" and Roncessvalle no actual numbered address.

Looking for Accent Flavor Enhancer Toronto, ON (GTA)

since Accent is just MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Just buy a packet of msg from the spice rack at an Asian supermarket like T&T

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

went to get some Famous Dave's spicy pickles but they were still $6.99 and not being discontinued as you stated.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

the strubs jalapeno and daves pickles, are they in the refrigerated section? and to clarify the mississauga north location is mavis and britania isnt it?


All European Meats Closing Sept 26 2014

not sure about the rumor but when i was there they had some walmart "great value" house products in the coolers.

For anyone who is into the legalese of things here is the info from the supreme court. I think.