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TO's best Pierogi

Where on roncy are they located? their website does not give an address all it says is that they are available at "the junction" and Roncessvalle no actual numbered address.

Looking for Accent Flavor Enhancer Toronto, ON (GTA)

since Accent is just MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Just buy a packet of msg from the spice rack at an Asian supermarket like T&T

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

went to get some Famous Dave's spicy pickles but they were still $6.99 and not being discontinued as you stated.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

the strubs jalapeno and daves pickles, are they in the refrigerated section? and to clarify the mississauga north location is mavis and britania isnt it?


All European Meats Closing Sept 26 2014

not sure about the rumor but when i was there they had some walmart "great value" house products in the coolers.

For anyone who is into the legalese of things here is the info from the supreme court. I think.


All European Meats Closing Sept 26 2014

Just found out today that the rest of the European meats Stores will be closing this Friday Sept 26 2014. the business has gone bankrupt from what i was told from the employees there, i did not hear if there was going to be a clearance sale or not though.

any suggestions as to an alternative or similar store in the etobicoke/Mississauga area would be appreciated.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Umm 2015 season???

Where can I buy cheap magnetic spice tins ?

I love the idea but the only thing is that light can be detrimental to the longevity of the spice by making it stale faster, thats why they say to store your spices in a dark cool place. might do that myself but with windowless tins though.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Thanks for the great report, just to let everyone know that the Patty King Jamaican Patties you mentioned are not the greatest price wise since oceans is charging $4.99 per box of 12 for them.

ISO: Horlicks Malties tablets

it seems that these are readily available in the states through online purveyors including amazon.com..



doing some online research it seems that the original manufacturer discontinued this item and it is being made by other manufacturers in some asian countries so maybe a search through some of the asian markets like t&t might net you some of these products.

good luck in your search.

roasting red peppers

Keep an eye out in the flyers since it is peak season for these now i have seen them on sale by the case in some markets, food basics had 1/2 cases on sale for about $8, did a little checking and found that Cataldi Fresh Market has them on sale for $.69/lb or $14.99 a bushel.

P.A.T. Rewards card: what can one get?

did you try asking the employees at the store??

7 Tasty Ways to Use Up Green Onion

any links to the recipes??

Sep 03, 2014
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Korean Fried Chicken in Toronto Koreatown?

oooh Real KFC saw this on the hairy bikers asian adventure korea episode did not know that it might be available here if anyone knows of some good sources in the mississauga area i would be greatly appreciative.


Are Costco's Kirkland Foods Any Good?

This is an interesting article but it seems to have left out one important factor about costco and that is their satisfaction guarantee, this is what you pay your membership for not just for cheaper prices, with that guarantee if you dont like a product you buy at costco you can take it back for a full refund and yes that is on practically anything in the store. dont like that tuna you bought, take your open can back for a full refund. kirkland pizza no good?? take whats left back. i have known people to return half eaten bbq chicken for a refund. i dont know of any other grocery store that offers that kind of return policy.

Sep 03, 2014
youdonut in Features

Toronto Beer Week 2014

there is a teambuy for the beer experience on the 11th for $30 for 2 people instead of $25 each ($50)


where can I buy san pelligrino limonata by the case?

I was at a store called Top Food Supermarket today and saw the san pelligrino limonata you are looking for as well as 3 other flavors as well in six pack can format. it is currently on sale for .66 per tin.
they are located in etobicoke at.

841 Browns Line Etobicoke


The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

I love that you do these reports and i look forward to seeing these BUT could you list the location at which you spotted these deals?? i went to Costco in my area looking for the Sunkist Fruit Bars Variety that you listed and they dont carry them.

ISO: Grocery shopping bags with short handles (in Toronto)

if you are ever in loblaws check their reusable bag rack i seem to remember them having a new type of cloth bag with semi hard sides so that they stay up like a box when put on the floor, keeps the bag from falling over when you turn corners, They come in 2 sizes from what i have seen, large and small, the small may be what you are looking for.

Where to buy rice bran?

Are you open to buying from an Canadian online source? if so try here.


or here


I would also suggest trying

Rube's Rice shop at the st lawrence market and maybe even The Big Carrot on danforth

But i will keep an eye out in the stores for you.

Help me on my quest to find this elusive tomato!

Chances are that the tomatoes you had were of an heirloom variety walmart will sometimes source local produce to bring in something different and nice for their customers and this will be different from state to state, even from city to city. once i found some brownish heirlooms that were fantstic at one store but when i went to another store to get more they did not carry any, had to go back to the original store to get some more. check out your local farmers market for heirloom varieties you may find what you had tried but you will definitely find some great tomatoes.

Aug 09, 2014
youdonut in General Topics

What happened to El Gaucho Sausages?

got this email from el gaucho

Thank you for writing, we are still in business just
closed for this week because of a wedding. We'll
be back at the market next Saturday, if you like to place
an order will have it ready for you. Thank you very
much for your business. Sorry we were closed this
week, we had a big sign/notice advising our customers
for the last 2 weeks.

Best Regards.

El Gaucho Chorizos - Sausages

Y & S Licorice Pipes

yeh I know what you mean, dont know if your old enough to remember this but when i was a kid hasbro had toy doctors bags that had candy pills in pill bottles, those went away quickly as well. so whats next banning soda pop in brown bottles because they look too much like beer bottles??

Tiffin Carrier

Well you could get one from Lee Valley Tools
But there is no cover for it though

What about looking at Bento Boxes like these?




They come with a carry bag and are insulated to keep your goodies warm i am sure some of the asian markets downtown may have these or can get them in

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Well you could always use the 3 Sea Shells :)

To Tobermory via Hwy 6 or Hwy 10? Food wise, any advice?

I forgot to post this link. it might give you an idea of whats around tobermory.


To Tobermory via Hwy 6 or Hwy 10? Food wise, any advice?

depending on what time you are leaving you could stop for lunch at either super burger or champ burger on hwy 10 in primrose north of orangeville.

REF:: http://brucetrailrun.com/2008/11/12/f...

Bulk Marrowfat Peas

Those mushy peas at bulk barn are the canned variety not the dried pea itself.

7 Easy Pickles for Summer

i see some okra in the picture, wheres the recipe for that?

Jul 17, 2014
youdonut in Features

Thai Coffee/Tea Leaves in Toronto? (Downtown preferred)

Sorry i did not ask when i was there, but give them a call
(416) 743-2911
i am sure they will be able to help you out with what you are looking for.

i may need to go back though, i need to get a tea sock, so i can try out the tin of "police dog brand tea dust" that i bought while i was there. been reading some reviews online about it and it seems to be very positive.