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Worst restaurants in Westchester

I didnt like the food at Alba's, the eggplant appetizer and carpaccio were awful and their margaritas are the worst, they didn't even have a bartender when I stepped in, this one's definitivaly in the list...

Best cocktails in Westchester

My boyfriend takes me out to have dinner twice a week and I tried an awsome sangria a few weeks ago at Laguna restaurant in White Plains, I can actually say it was one of the best sangrias I had in the past 2 years, my boyfriend loves margaritas and he said he had the best ones in only 2 places, 1 of them was in nyc (west village) and the other one he tried was at Laguna, he qualifies it as excellent... This young bartender seems to know what he's doing, plus he's a very handsome guy. Food was great not to be a pricey place.