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Help with a bachelorette party?

Peg Leg Porkers is top notch bbq. It's basically right behind Arnold's. You take the street that borders Arnold's to the north. Arnold's facebook page usually has its daily offerings.

Best Reasonable Eats in Nashville

Pete K's list is excellent. Arnold's is one of the best meat and 3's you'll find and is a singular experience. Once you've eaten their chocolate chili pie you can die a happy man. Hattie B's also has good hot chicken. Their hot is not scalding if you eat hot so feel free to go up a notch.

ribs near Hermitage Hotel

3rd Peg Legs if you can get past Arnold's on 8th Ave.

Nashville BBQ

Your observations are spot on!

Nashville BBQ

I've been smoking for a few years now and find most commercial q disappointing. I am inspired by Martin's, though (usually). I need to give Peg Leg's a shot but every time I get close I'm possessed by the proximity of Arnold's.

Need old school Italian in Nashville + great food in Franklin

Not downtown or midtown but Mama Mia's serves decent "Italian American" as does Coco's on 51st north of

My Nashville Trip in June

Rotier's is good not great. If you like your eateries sanitary you might want to reconsider Prince's and try Hattie B's or 400 degrees. The turnip greens and chili chocolate pie at Arnold's are off the chain. Let us know how it goes.

Looking for butchers & seafood markets in Nashville

You might want to check out Carniceria San Luis on Harding Pike just north of 24. Real deal, real prices.

Good authentic Mexican Food and/or bakery

Carniceria San Luis on Harding west of 24 is a Mexican gem. It is more than a store, more than a strip mall, more than a parking lot. It's a market in the old world sense where folks gather to shop, eat and visit. The level of activity that surrounds CSL is great. I ate from the taco window at the end of the building. I had a couple of tongue tacos and a couple of carne asadas too. They were served with chopped onions and cilantro, grilled onions, red and green salsas, and lemon wedges. They were $1.35 each and worth every penny and then some. It's like leaving the country for lunch. I visited the butcher and will be back with a cooler soon. When I come back I'll be trying more prepared food. This is the most exciting find I've made in a long time.

Help - Nashville this weekend

F. Scott has half price food after 9pm and good jazz.

Nashville recs

If you're catching the early round at Bluebird you'll be happy to know that F. Scott's dinners are half price after 9 -- food only, not alcohol.

Help me find good carnitas in Nashville

I've had my share of pork loin on the flat top, and dried out butt. Cant a fella find a crispy moist hunk of well seasoned pork around here?

McDonald's Premium McWraps

One and done.

May 07, 2013
Cameraman in Chains

Embarrassing guilty pleasures

Golden Corral once every couple of years.

Mar 22, 2013
Cameraman in General Topics

Dinner/Breakfast reservation in Nashville

Breakfast is probably the Loveless's best meal. They use great eggs and their bacon is delish, but it's a shlep and the wait is considerable on the weekends. Pete K's recs sound a little more upscale then what I'm hearing that you're looking for. Monell's is a singular experience and I believe your best choice.

? re Christmas Eve dining in Nashville

What's the chosen people's Chinese of choice for Christmas Eve?

Costco food finds - 3rd quarter 2012 [old]

I just discovered Jack's Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa in West Nashville and I'm eating it on freaking everything.

Sep 15, 2012
Cameraman in Chains

Traveling solo to Nashville - where to eat?

Nothing's more Southern than a meat and three and Arnold's on 8th ave. South is one of the best. It was recognized by the James Beard Foundation for excellence. Don't be put off by the line. It moves quickly and there's always seating, especially for one. There are specials every day. The meat loaf is the best I've had as are the turnip greens. The fried catfish and the chicken and dumplings also excel. The pies are mighty fine too. If I had to recommend one place that's Nashville and exceptional Arnold's would be it (with apologies to my hot chicken brothers and sisters.)

Kirkland Cheese Pizza - new product!

We've been eating these for years. I touch them up with thin sliced onions, a few shakes of Todd's Dirt seasoning and olive oil then cook for 13 min at the center location with the rack set hi in my Cuisinart convection toaster oven. We probably have it once a week. Perfect for two.

Sep 03, 2012
Cameraman in Chains

Below-the-Radar Local and Small Regional Chains That Are Worth Knowing About

Jim n' Nicks in the South and Colorado. Real deal bbq in a nice setting. The one here in West Nashville always has a full parking lot.

Sep 03, 2012
Cameraman in Chains

Where can I find Goat in Nashville?

well said

Your Favorite McDonald item(s)

I was starting to think I was the only hound with a McRib jones. Look forward to their comet like appearances.

Aug 14, 2012
Cameraman in Chains

Calhoun's in West Nashville

Drove by Calhoun's on White Bridge and saw it was closed. What happened. We'd go once or twice a year and they always seemed busy.

Nashville Downtown - Steakhouse or Italian Recs

Thanks for your thorough review of Kanye. I'd enjoy hearing more about your anticucho sauce and
the farro salad.
Sorry your pasta was overcooked. But you're right, the check improves the dining experience. If moderate price is part of the equation, Amerigo, with decent food and moderate prices is a good choice.

what foods does your city have that mine doesn't?
The mild is hot, the medium is ridiculous, and the hot will make you wish you were dead.

Jul 14, 2012
Cameraman in General Topics

what foods does your city have that mine doesn't?

Nashville -- hot chicken

Jul 13, 2012
Cameraman in General Topics

Best way to control charcoal grill temperature

If you're using a kettle this is the man you want to listen to. His advice is accurate and concise. Memorize it and move on. BTW if you decide to take up smoking, spend some time at and learn the minion method of fire building. It will save you a lot of wasted meat. Enjoy your grill.

Too much smoked fish

Surprise your closest friends with the gift of smoked fish. It will come back to you in spades.

May 27, 2012
Cameraman in General Topics

Your Perfect Sandwich

I'm a simple man. A just picked tomato with swiss and mayo on Health Nut bread is other worldly in my book. The best store bought sandwich I've had is the muffaletta from the Central Grocery in NO.

May 15, 2012
Cameraman in General Topics

Help Me Like Sam's Club

Sams has bone in Boston butts, Costco's are boneless. Sams has packer briskets with the flat and the point, Costco only sells flats. If you smoke meat, that's a big difference and the reason we've had both memberships. I recently joined Restaurant Depot and all my meat problems are solved and I can quit Sams. They're customer service has gone down hill dramatically in the last few years.

May 14, 2012
Cameraman in Chains