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Fantastic meal at Journeyman in Somerville

The veggie menu is the same cost as the omnivore, and for one of our plates the portions seemed on the small size. We definitely didn't leave hungry, though, as there were amuse-bouches along the way, and plentiful bread and butter. Which, by the way, was amazing-- house baked and just fantastic.

I've found this to be an interesting thread, too. I think it's exciting that two non-restauranteurs are getting into the business, and I want to welcome them and give them a chance to figure things out. (The chefs are ex-academics, and as an academic myself, I kinda cherish the fantasy of being able to bow out of my university job and try something completely different.) Anyway, I didn't feel intimidated walking into the space (which is beautiful, if a little too bright for my taste)-- and I find their blog tone to be charming and hyper earnest, rather than holier-than-chow and pretentious. But that's a personal taste, and I do respect the suspiciousness on this front. When my Uncle Ernie is in town I'll take him somewhere else. When I want a treat and a surprise, I'll meet my friends at Journeyman.

East by Northeast-First Impression

I walked by the restaurant tonight on the way home from a fine meal at Tupelo, and I can't wait to try it -- the menu looks fantastic.

Vegetarian/Vegan in Portland, ME?

I read that Pepper club was the old standby veggie place for many years-- will have to check it out on the next visit. I did pop into Silly's and really enjoyed the BBQ tofu wrap; very yummy and very filling. On my last day I tried the GRO Organic place for lunch and I have to say I was disappointed with the raw pizza, which was overloaded with their raw cheeze concoction. Their chocolate treats were good, though, if a bit pricey. I got the sense that they're still working out the kinks over there.

Thanks again for all the suggestions! I hope to make it back up there soon-- I can't get over how many great restaurants Portland has in such a small, walkable space.

Vegetarian/Vegan in Portland, ME?

Great suggestions-- thanks! Tonight I checked out Local188, on the recommendation of my innkeeper (and the added recommendation from the Portland Press Herald article), I was very pleased. Their sauteed mushroom appetizer was especially delicious, and the vegetables definitely occupied center stage with the polenta entree. I also appreciated that they let me hang out solo at the bar with some work papers for a good 3 and a half hours. Great welcome to the city. Looking forward to trying some other places tomorrow and Wednesday....

Vegetarian/Vegan in Portland, ME?

Going to be doing some solo dining in Portland and I'm a fan of Green Elephant, but I wonder which of the other local favorites are good for vegetarian fare. Doesn't have to be vegan, but I find that a lot of fine-dining type spots will often go heavy on the cheese and butter with their vegetarian selections (often pasta), and it'd be nice to have other other selections, too.

I've been keeping a mostly vegetarian diet lately and intend to stick with it, but I know very well that the fries at Duckfat are going to be singing their siren song to me when I visit...

Cafe Polonia 9.28.08 - still Great

I'm planning on making Cafe Polonia the destination for a birthday dinner. Would love to follow up the meal with some tasty drinks nearby -- are there any good bars in the neighborhood? Or, since we'll be coming from Cambridge, is there a nice bar one might suggest as a follow up, somewhere along the Red Line between home and Dorchester? I'm wishing Boston had a place like New York's Russian Vodka Room...

The Garden at the Cellar

Who ISN'T obsessed with those fries? They're the best anywhere!

Garden at the Cellar: where's the love?

It may be less crowded now that the academic year is about over... but if you don't mind more casual surroundings, you can order off the restaurant menu in the bar down in the basement -- which, by the way, is home to the friendliest bartender in the greater Boston area. The burgers and rosemary truffle fries on the bar menu are pretty fantastic, and my favorite small plate (though a super filling one) on the main menu is the ribs/beet & bacon salad combo -- yum! The Cellar basement bar can be pretty loud and crowded, too, but during the summer it's usually pretty mellow.