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Recipe for Tortilla Espanola with Crab?

I have really fond memories of being in spain and having Tortilla Espanola with crab - but I can't seem to find the recipe for it.

Specifics: It was tortilla espanola - so it definitely had potato and eggs in it, but it had a layer of some kind of crab salad (like a chicken salad - it seemed to have crab meat and creamy something - maybe mayonnaise?) in it.

From top to bottom it was: Thin layer of eggy tortilla, crab salad, thicker layer of eggy potatoey tortilla.

Most notably, this did not have crab simply mixed into the egg mixture, as the few recipes online have suggested. Crab was it's own layer

Does anyone know what I'm talking about or better yet a recipe for it?

Jul 30, 2013
phyrefly44 in Home Cooking

where to find petit fours in downtown boston?

where is a good place to find petit fours in either jamaica plain or downtown boston?

is it blackberry season yet

Was wondering if it's time to start hitting the u-pick farms yet. Am particularly interested in Olallieberry.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake in the South Bay

Hi all! I'm doing my maid of honor duty and helping my friend find place that'll make a Pineapple Upside Down Grooms-cake for her wedding in the South Bay.

Any suggestions?

Holiday dinner in SF?

I want to get a group of less than a dozen friends out for a nice dinner before christmas, say Dec 12th 13th, 19th or 20th. Any ideas for restaurants in the city?

We have picky eaters among us, so maybe avoid seafood-focused restaurants...

I'm hoping for something in the range between $50/person dinner

Canneles Bordelais around the Peninsula/South Bay?

Live in Mountain View and craving some canneles bordelais. Anyone know where I can get some fresh (not Trader Joe's Frozen?)

Dinner in SF for $20 or under

I guess I should also include: San Francisco being the diverse city that it is - all ethnic cuisine's are fair game - just please whittle them down to what you think would provide the BEST for food for $20!

Dinner in SF for $20 or under

Having dinner with friend of a friend (college buddy from the U.K.) come visit me in the bay area - going to the city on friday night.

Don't want something super fancy yet - haven't met her and don't know what her budget is. (We're all fresh college graduates)

Want a nice dinner that can be encompassed in $20 (hopefully whole meal (main course + non alcoholc beverage incl tax and tip? if she wants liquor or appetizers, she'll just have to spend more...just have to.)

something.... uniquely san fransciscan... or at least californian, and at the very least - just good.


Belgian Witbeir Brewing Tips

Boyfriend likes to brew beer with the kits you can get at MoreBeer! or MoreFlavor! etc...
He's stuck with ales so far because he doesnt have any kind of specialty equipment aside from a large pot, carboy, and some tubing - and ales ferment at room temp.

I got him a belgian witbeir kit, and it includes all the ingredients, but does anyone have any tips for us on brewing? We've never brewed with wheat or oats before...

On that note, does anyone have tips on brewing lager? Is it possible without special equipment? How do you keep the fermentation temperature cold and constant?

Apr 13, 2009
phyrefly44 in Beer

Dessert Wine Storage??

Sorry for the late reply. This thread may have already lost it's momentum in a week, but if it changes anyone's answers:

My house has no cellar or basement, only a storage hole in the back of the garage that is techinically under the stairs and on the other side of the wall from a washer and dryer. Humidity is unknown but I don't expect temperatures get above 65F. It's where we shove all the xmas decor.

The ambient temp in the house can get up to 85 in summer and down to 55 in winter. That would only be if the wine were sitting in the middle of my living room.

So really, options are old garage refrigerator (opened maybe once a month, if that.) or a dark corner of the house (probably in the garage where we stash the xmas decor or the back of my closet.

Apr 13, 2009
phyrefly44 in Wine

Brand new in Silicon Valley: where should I eat?

For fear of unleasing the wrath of fellow chowhounders, my suggestions for you:

*Peninsula Creamery, Palo Alto - Milkshakes and burgers
*Akane, Los Altos - Sushi
*Cherry Sushi, Santa Clara - good "cheap" sushi (not authentic in any way, but filling and cheap nonetheless) also note: closed due to fire. Will re-open soon
*Alexander's Steakhouse, Cupertino - expensive steak dinner.
*Los Altos Grill, Los Altos - less expensive steakhouse
*Dish Dash, Sunnyvale - Mediterranean food.
*Falafel Drive-Inn, Santa Clara - Haven't tried it but heard great reviews.
*La Mar, San Francisco - Upscale peruvian food (my fave!)
*Bogadita Del Medio, Palo Alto - "Cuban" food
*La Fiesta, Mountain View - Mexican Food
*Viva Sol, Mountain View - Mexican Food same owners as La Fiesta and Fiesta del Mar
*Cicero's Pizza, Cupertino/San Jose - very thin crust pizza, (like, cracker thin)
*Amici's Pizza, Mountain View - Hand tossed thin crust pizza (normal thin)
*Pizza Chicago, Palo Alto - Thick crust pizza
*Fu Lam Mum, Mountain View - Dim Sum has great dessert taro buns
*Xanh, Mountain View - Super trendy vietnamese fusion food. It's so-so.
*Tandoori Oven, Palo Alto - Indian "fast food." Cheap menu, the indian fare that american's go for like "chicken tikka masala." You can find better at Gaylords or Turmeric.

I just realized this list is pretty local to you. I'm from Mountain View so I guess you could use this if you didn't were lazy and didnt want to travel too far from PA.

I Love this thread! There are so many other restaurants in the area I want to try now!

Dessert Wine Storage??

I just bought a few bottles of hard-to-find Moscato d'Asti online, and I'd like to stow it away for a special occasion. I'm expecting to drink it within a the next 6 to 12 months but I really don't want to lose any of it's great flavor and floral notes. Any suggestions for storage that can be easily put together without buying that much new equipment? Is the old garage refridgerator good enough?

Apr 07, 2009
phyrefly44 in Wine

Good food, less trendy

Hi all,

I'm looking for a restaurant that has good food, friendly astmosphere, but is less trendy and flamboyant. I'm looking for good (medium, not large, not miniscule) portions and flavor without all the carved vegetables, food sculptures, and square plates. Also, not necessarily looking for a hole-in-the-wall best $5 burrito place either.

Am open to any cuisine, somewhere along the peninusula anywhere between and including SF and San Jose.

Looking for Info on Masters Programs

I have posted here before with no luck, but here goes again,

I want info on the following programs:

Masters of Gastronomy - University of Adelaide w/ Le Cordon Bleu - Online
-Has anyone done this program? What kind of topics do you cover? What kind of careers did you go on to pursue?

Masters of Food Culture and Communications - :: Università di Scienze Gastronomiche/University of Gastronomic Sciences
-What did you think of the classes? Are travel expenses to the "stages" included in your course fees? How did you get from dorms to classes?

Masters of Gastronomy - University of Boston
-Did the program include classes on the cultural elements of food or rather just on the food itself? Was it euro-centric or did it also explore other cultures?

Please, if anyone has atteneded any of these programs - please reply with contact info or contact me:


Mar 05, 2009
phyrefly44 in Not About Food

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

The standard fried egg and rice seems to be a pretty universally accepted asian breakfast.

For dinner maybe you could cook with your parents? Ask them to teach you a dish and that way even after they leave you will always have the recipe and the memories. ;-)

Jan 27, 2009
phyrefly44 in General Topics

What is this and how do I make it?

I found a better picture of what I am referring to:

and i guess on second look it does have a "crust" but the one I ate must have had the filling and the crust with very similar textures as I didnt notice there was a phase change of sorts between the two.

Jan 27, 2009
phyrefly44 in Home Cooking

What is this and how do I make it?

I had it at dimsum yesterday. I've posted it on two other boards as well. I just need someone to tell me a more specific name so I can ask for it at a restaurant, buy it at a store, make it, or google a recipe for it.

People have referred to it as "Sweet Taro Bun" and as we all know, that could be anything from a rice cake to a taro bun with puff pastry to a taro filled bread roll.

This thing is small, covered in white powder. It is a very very light purple color. Sweet. There is no filling, it is just soft light purple colored substance covered in white powder.

It is not any of the following:

If i had to say it had a crust, i would limit the "crust" to the white powder i described surrounding it. There was no bread. No steamed bun. Just soft, light purple, kind of gooey but not really sticky.

Jan 27, 2009
phyrefly44 in Home Cooking

"Hsie Sun Bao" - What is this and how do I make it?

People just generically call it "Sweet Taro bun" which as many people know could mean anything from a bready bun with taro filling to a sticky rice cake with taro filling.

Here is a picture of it:

I had it at DimSum yesterday. It was covered in a white powder. It was sweet. Is made of a homogenous mixture, no distinct filling in the middle. It was covered in white powder and is this soft, not too sticky, ever so slightly purple but mostly white.

I need a more specific name so I may google a recipe. Or I just need a recipe. But I am infatuated.

Another picture:

Looking for info on Masters of Gastronomy from Uni Adelaide

I want to know what you think of the program (how long it's taking you, if you think the cost is worth it, what you think of the curriculum.)

If you are studying there, or through the distance program, please answer below or leave some contact info!


Jan 27, 2009
phyrefly44 in Not About Food

Berry Season

Does anyone know of a good place to pick up/ pick my own Olallieberries in the SF Bay Area or as close as possible? The closest place I can think of is Impossible Acres - a small farm where i went to college in Davis, CA. Please let me know where you can get them - I've been dreaming about them since the end of season last year!

Can also email -