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Best Burgers in Toronto?

Groucho's on Eglinton and Bathurst. I know this is the second place from that location I've proclaimed as being the best at something. (King Falafel down the street has the johnnyhotsauce best falafel honours). I guess this neighborhood knows its food. I do not even live anywhere near this area.

Groucho's has the freshest ingredients, they hook you up with cheese, fresh grated cheddar and a huge honkin' handful of it too boot. Thick paddies, juicy, fresh buns, beautiful vegetables, mounds of grated cheese (Licks style), and an amazing garlic mayonnaise that gives the burger its award winning taste.

Its hard to choose a best burger, we have all eaten bad burgers and good burgers, but let me know where your personal favorites are and what about them makes them great!?

Thanks people!



King Falafel on Eglinton and Bathurst! Hands down.

Still want to hear about the SECOND best... LET ME KNOW

King Falafel is great because they do not have many of the ingredients that other Falafel places use, like cabbage, turnips, heck theres not even onions.. just lettuce, nicely diced tomatoes, and their amazing sauces. The don't wrap it up tight in paper either, theirs is more like eating a falafel burger or sandwich.. mmm... Is this the only place in Toronto that makes it with this style ? Its the only one I can find.

Let us know!
Thanks people!