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Food Tourist & The Macallan 18: do you guys have the reviews for L'unite / Bar Mercurio?

I'm actually planning a dinner this friday near the Yorkville area.. having some troubles in finding a place. JK and C5 both has events going on plus way over our $30-35 per person budget... Let me know!

Modern Resto/Lounge with good food for NYE

Looking for a nice posh resto/lounge place for NYE.

Some picks that I thought of:
Drake Hotel
Nota Bene

Anyone know if they have any special event / menu going on during NYE?

As well did some research and came across two new restaurants:
Oasi (former Mildred Pierce place, highly interested)
Local Restaurant on Danforth (any reviews on this one?)

Any other suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks Chowhounders.

Mildred's temple kitchen?

Are there more pictures of the restaurant?
I'm looking for a resto/lounge with good food place for new years... This might work?

Cozy Holiday/Birthday Dinner with Private Room Suggestions!

Guys, I need some help with finding a restaurant. Here are my criterias: private room (for the Secret Santa / 2 girls birthday's), fits approximately 15-18 ppl, downtown Toronto, budget about $30-35 per head assuming prix fixe menu.

Every year we do this for this close group of friends, but we are running out of idea this year! We've been to Foccacia (great service/food/flexibility), various chinese restaurants uptown...

The birthday girls insisted be somewhere cozy, unpretentious, lots of flxibility so we may do decorations etc etc. We are open to all sort of ethnic food, as long as it's great food, good ambiance, just a place where we can chill.

Made calls to some restaurants (Nyood, Boulevard Cafe) already but all are a bit too much for our price range, I NEED HELP!

JKWB (June 01/08) - quick report

I was there recently this past weekend for a birthday party. It was my first time at JKWB, did lots of research prior to going... from all my resources they all told me it's a must-go place if you never tried JK. We each order a dish to be fair as it is tapa style, portions were just perfect. The dishes came at the right time, not too slow or too quick. The taste was more contemporary, all were delicious. Although, none of the dishes hit me as "wow" if you know what I mean. As for the service, I agree with all of you it was a tad tired and beaten-down. Our server took a while before he could notice we were asking for him (I mean we were literally "waving" our hands to get his attention). Btw, we did not get any bread either to start. Not sure if time of service was an issue but we were there at prime time 7:30PM. With a name of JK and great reviews all over I was expecting a bit more.

All in all, the food was still delicious I would still go back again except in a smaller group setting.

On a similar note, I saw a sign on the front door of the restaurant JK opened a new cafe called Gilead (sp?). I did a quick search online, the reviews were all saying it's ok. Anyone tried it b4 or comments?

Anyone been to Hot House Cafe for Sunday brunch?

I was there approximately two weekends ago. There's lots of food varieties, some things that caught my eyes: salmon, roast pork/beef, lasagna/pasta, marinated jamaican style drumsticks, omelette bar, waffle/pancake/french toast bar, and best of all a DESSERT bar. I highly recommend you save some stomach for the cakes, they're quite delicious. The restaurant is great for a big group.