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Eggplant and Mushroom Polenta Bake

helenhelen gives a mediocre review to this dish and then goes on to list the myriad of substitutions and deviations from the original which changed the recipe dramatically. Really?! Zucchini instead of crimini mushrooms; using all water instead of milk for the polenta and then using mozzarella instead of the hard savory cheeses suggested. Why would you think anyone would care to read about your bad choices? It is not fair to put your hat in the ring unless it adds to the discussion or actually improves a recipe. The only thing I could agree with is adjusting the measurement of a cup of water along with the canned tomatoes- you have to gauge the moisture from the canned tomatoes and add accordingly.

Feb 22, 2013
jorame in Recipes

Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

If you chop the onion in the food processor (with the chopping blade) before you add the previously shredded potatoes, there is no need to add the ascorbic acid (vitamin C or "Fruitfresh"). The sulfur in the onions will keep the potatoes from turning brown. True.
I used a large, screened strainer over a bowl and squeezed down the potato/onion mixture with a wooden spoon or spatula. No need to make this more messy or complicated than need be. Do save the potato starch solids at the bottom of the bowl from the cloudy water/liquid - that is Important.
Another recipe on Chow by Stephanie Rosenbaum, virtually the same, eliminates the baking powder but separates the eggs, beating the whites until stiff and folding them in last. Granted, this may seem like it complicates things, but to each his own - add baking powder or beat the whites separately - your choice.
By combining elements of both recipes I made the BEST potato pancakes I have ever made (and I've made a few).
Maybe, because... I actually fried them in a wonderfully fat-seasoned iron skillet (at the optimal temp) in schmalz/schmaltz - that's rendered chicken fat, people.

Absolutely sublime - NOT greasy.

If you're going for the best taste - you have to have the right amt. of fat.
If you'd be satisfied with a distant relation - "lightly film" a nonstick skillet or spray the pan with "pam".

Sep 10, 2010
jorame in Recipes

Better than bouillon?

use it all the time - no comparison to those salty boullion cubes. I like the chicken flavor the best (they use turmeric for the yellow color) although I have used beef as well. I once found an organic version on the west coast but haven't found it here in the Midwest.
Sure homemade is best but when you just need just a little enhancement; such as, flavoring a stir fry, boosting sauces, making rice pilaf, adding zip to soups,stews - it's great!

Oct 14, 2008
jorame in General Topics