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Seltzer Sources

Soda Stream seems like the answer to your question. Get the 0.5L optional bottle in addition to the 1L bottle that comes with it.

Feb 23, 2013
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

vegetarians: how do you keep your grocery bill down?

Agree. If cost is your concern, the smaller and more local you get, the more expensive it is. It is often less resource efficient than larger or distant (yes, even foreign) producers.

Also, buy dry beans rather than canned, grow your own herbs (easier and higher yield than veggies), buy in bulk on sale and freeze (may need 2nd freezer), and make your own bread

Dec 08, 2012
mrfood16 in Vegetarian & Vegan

The Most Wondrous Hummus in Los Angeles

No. Sabra hummus sold in stores is the largest Mediterranean salad company in the world. The restaurant is independent and makes its own hummus.

Dec 03, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Best Kosher caterer for large (400+) wedding?

Pat's is one of the older and more reputable ones, but I would post on the Kosher board for more replies.

Nov 13, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

I Alzheimer's preventable through diet?

No, it is not preventable through diet. Mark Bittman is not an M.D., and this is more of an annoying pattern of him awkwardly dabbling in non-cooking topics without qualification or accuracy.

Sep 29, 2012
mrfood16 in Food Media & News

Los Angeles

Depends on what area of the city you'll be. I generally like the casual places.

Pico Robertson area: Mexikosher, Jeff's Gourmet Sausage

Valley: Pizza Nosh (way out there), Fish in the Village, Le Sushi

Beverly/La Brea: Ta-eem Grill (heard good things, never been), Pizza Mayven, Fish Grill (also have locations in Malibu, West LA, and I think the Valley). There's also a CY Coffee Bean on Beverly just west of La Brea here.

Mid-City: La Seine (elegant), Cafe of Paris (breakfast/lunch only)

Jun 13, 2012
mrfood16 in Kosher

Diet Coke - Desperately seeking Kosher for Passover in LA?

Western Kosher's new Pico location had them for .99, limit 3. Call to see if they still have in stock.

Apr 05, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

kosher for passover wine

The Cask on Pico. All kosher.

Apr 02, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Tomato Pizza Pie Joint

There is no such thing as "greedy". It's a matter of costs, supply, and demand. Melrose/Fairfax rent is probably a lot higher than Beverly/Western rent.

Mar 26, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Merguez sausages or sandwiches on the Westside?

Jeff's Sausages on Pico is quite good. I've also heard that Got Kosher also on Pico makes a good Merguez, but I haven't tried it.

Feb 28, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Bravo Pizza - now Kosher!

Isn't the fact that the bread would be sold in a milchig restaurant enough of a sign? It's different than milchig bread sold in a supermarket selling all types of products.

Feb 14, 2012
mrfood16 in Kosher

Detox Foods Around the World

FYI, there is no such medical concept as "detox" as described in articles like these. It is sham/placebo.

Feb 05, 2012
mrfood16 in Features

Ventura/Oxnard help?

Tierra Sur in Oxnard. Pricey, but good.

Feb 02, 2012
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Any upscale kosher in LA?

26 by Shiloh's, Shiloh's Steakhouse, Pat's, La Seine, La Gondola

Dec 29, 2011
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Washington, D. C; two 11 year old boys + Grandparents

The Holocaust museum has some prepackaged kosher stuff in their cafeteria:

Dec 03, 2011
mrfood16 in Kosher

Passover egg traditions

We dip hard boiled (whole or cut in half usually) eggs into the salt water before shulchan oruch (the main meal). Family is from Poland.

Apr 06, 2010
mrfood16 in Kosher

Kosher Fried Chicken in Pico Robertson/LA

Chick n chow on Pico is the first one that comes to mind. They have a few tables or you could take out.

Feb 18, 2010
mrfood16 in Kosher

Yeshiva food

The yeshivish world tends to disregard healthy food or exercise.

Jan 19, 2010
mrfood16 in Kosher

Montreal smoked meat or bagels

Montreal bagels are 1 of the 2 major types of bagel, the other being a NY style bagel.

Dec 04, 2009
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Yeshiva Break In L A

Not sure about SF but on the way there is Mt. View and Palo Alto, which are about an hour south. Mt. View has The Kitchen Table which is very good nice restaurant. Palo Alto has Izzy's which is a bagel/pizza place. If you're interested, Palo Alto also has a supermarket called Molly Stones which carries a lot of kosher products and meats.

Nov 26, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher

Yeshiva Break In L A

I second Jeff's. Nagila meat and dairy places are also popular.

Nov 18, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher

Kosher vietnamese

There is definitely none in LA, and I doubt any in the world outside maybe Israel.

Oct 19, 2009
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

No more Kosher Hebrew National Hot Dogs at L.A. Costco food court

I thought Hebrew National was owned by ConAgra, while Sara Lee owned Sinai.

Oct 07, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher

eating out on a cruise and other traif places

I think all the major lines offer the frozen meals, and most will try to accommodate you so that you can have some non-packaged food.

Sep 30, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher


Yea, The Kitchen Table is probably the best restaurant around, but it is a drive.

Sep 24, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher

need restaurant in ventura/oxnard for anniversary

Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars is good.

Sep 10, 2009
mrfood16 in Los Angeles Area

Lower kosher chicken prices on the horizon?

Actually, I have noticed supermarket prices down the last few months with very good sales. Gallon of milk is under $2 in CA.

Sep 09, 2009
mrfood16 in Kosher

Anthony Bourdain vs Alice Waters

That's his job. He isn't traveling and eating just for pleasure. It is his current career.

Sep 08, 2009
mrfood16 in Food Media & News

Bizarre Foods Cancelled-Review of Zimmern's new show

I actually find Bourdain boring when he strays into his political commentary. He usually says nothing but vague cliches that seem to have meaning enhanced by camera angles that show him alone pondering the world.

Sep 01, 2009
mrfood16 in Food Media & News

LA Times anti local/slowfood/overpriced food piece

I really liked this piece, but I imagine it will irritate many fellow CHs.

Aug 30, 2009
mrfood16 in Food Media & News