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'witchGate '06 {WHERE'S THE MEAT?}

Has anyone else noticed that the sandwitches at 'Witchcraft have gone on a diet? I had the Salami sandwich from the Bryant Park "shack" today for lunch, and found the huge ciabatta filled with one––yes, that's right, one––slice of salami. Yes, it was a regular slice. just under 1mm thick. Radius of about 3in. One piece. For $9, I'm not asking for Stage Deli fillings, but for the love of god, that's just a crime. I've now looked into it and three friends have also confirmed the offenses. Anyone else fall victim to Sandwichgate 2k6?

Aug 29, 2006
rdedelman in Manhattan

Has anyone tried the new Tasting Room on Elizabeth Street? Or new Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar?

Been to the new Tasting Room on Elizabeth. Twice actually; once for drinks, once for a multi-course dinner. My girlfriend and I ordered three appetizers and two entrées, and were thrilled with almost everything. The service there is really stellar, and the back room is fun. My only complait is that it appears the bartender was recently moved up to become Host, and the drink list, which he designed, is now not executed quite as well. That being said, it's a quibbling point about what is so far one of my neighborhood, if not city-wide favorites. Go there.

Aug 20, 2006
rdedelman in Manhattan