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Vegan, Kosher for Passover Recipes

That sounds so wonderful. How did you put on a layer of halva? Can it be softened? Or did you crumble it?

Apr 06, 2014
bakersdelight in Home Cooking

Bittersweet Chocolate Frosting

looks wonderful. does it need to be refrigerated, do you think? say for something that might be kept in a tin for a week or so?

Mar 26, 2013
bakersdelight in Recipes

Schmaltz! (anyone remember?)

Hi! A while back (as in years) there was some talk about what schmaltz is and what to do with it. Fine folks at Chow have answers to both:

Miss ya, Mtl! I'm a Toronto girl now...xo

Dill Pickles!

they sell them in baskets alongside peaches and tomatoes at Metro, saw them at Robert/Bloor branch. Just past the cash of course, on the shelves against the windows, so you don't see them until you've already paid!

medjool dates in Toronto

Anyone know where to find the Israeli Hadiklaim ones? King Solomon or Jordan Valley brand. Found some in Montreal recently and couldn't believe how soft and sweet they were.
Another great appetizer idea, courtesy my Iranian naturopath: fill with tahini! mmmmmm.

Incredible Cookies from Lousy Ingredients and Pedestrian Recipe

With all due respect for your status as founder of this website, Mr. Leff, you're a bit of a snob!! Doncha know a great cookie has little to do with the recipe itself? It's all about love, babe. Ya gotta make 'em with love. Be messy, be silly, be imprecise. Lick the bowl. Have fun. Magic.

Nov 28, 2011
bakersdelight in Home Cooking

Alternate iconic dishes

I prefer Fairmount too!
Yeah, LC pretty much covered it. Great article--especially enjoyable as I no longer live in Montreal.


Wow!! That's quite a mythology for a little bitty grain. They do call the Ukraine 'the bread basket of Europe.' Thanks, prima. At any rate, it was amazing bread!! Their head baker, Jeff Connell, is a real artisan. Saw a video posted on


I ducked in the other night to buy a loaf of bread. Very sweet staff member showed me a whole basket full of enticing loaves & told me the red fife was a variety of wheat native to Ontario. Took it home and was bowled over. The crumb! Fantastic. Enjoyed it very much.

Best chopped liver in Toronto?

Thanks, you all. That time is rolling 'round...

The Best Samosa in Toronto

Sweet Palace in Brampton. Came with amazing green parsley sauce for dipping. Divine.

Sweet Palace
1098 Peter Robertson Boul, Brampton, ON L6R3A5, CA

New York Subway Open Again

huzzah!!! wonder if they'll ever do tacos.

Best chopped liver in Toronto?

I know, people hate the stuff, but every so often I get such a hankering. My favorite version is Solly's, in Montreal. They put honey in it, I think. Moving to the Annex this fall and looking for sources.

Blind date.....

Maybe L'Orignal, St. Alexis at Notre Dame in Old Montreal? They claim to be 'oyster experts,' place seems to have a very laid-back vibe. Never been there but seen friends' pics.
Good luck! You're brave. ;)

Best Martini in Montreal?

bravo, Snowpea, you tell 'em, girl. Why do you suppose they do that, limit the yummy stuff?
for the OP, maybe some of your chic-er places in Old Montreal--hotel bars, 17th c. taverns by the water, etc.

Ooey-gooey Homestyle Cinnamon Buns?

Boivin made great cinnamon buns, I should add here. Don't know if they do cupcakes. But they used to sell four generous cinnamon-raisin buns in a plastic bag, definitely ooey-gooey great. With white glaze icing on top.

Ooey-gooey Homestyle Cinnamon Buns?

If you're ever in the Laurentian town of St. Agathe, there's a certain Boulangerie Boivin that used to make absolutely heavenly specimens. Hope this link works:

Two day getaway in Montreal--know the city, but what would you do?

others will know better than me, but you might want to call ahead for tuck shop to make a reservation for when you want to go, so you won't be turned away

Montreal's Best Halvah

pretty darn good at maxie's cavendish mall! which might not exist anymore...

Kosher frustration

Yakimono on Decarie near Monkland should fit the bill. It's across from Lezvos. Kosher, non-sushi options, full bar, not too casual/ not too fancy. Popular spot. Might be full.

Yakimono Restaurant
4210 Boul Decarie, Montreal, QC H4A3K3, CA

429 Rue Principale, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R1R4, CA

Montreal restaurant recommendations (vegan-friendly)

sounds good, Snowpea!
I've been to Bonny's, Chocolatesa, and found it really good. She's interesting, Bonny--trained in France. Takes a lot of care with her food. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, nice laid-back place, family-friendly.

Help! Banana bread bread without baking soda or baking powder?

no pancake mix! bit of salt & u should be fine. watch closely as it bakes since temp and humidity are a factor.

Mar 15, 2011
bakersdelight in Home Cooking

NY Subway Will Be Closing After This Weekend - Building to Be Torn Down

no, this is different, duckdown. it's in a burrito, which you really can't find here in mtl. it's made by the nicest greek man in the world to your specifications. you can get a spinach/potato, mixed veg, or cauliflower on the vegetarian side. aagghh, they're so good and the guy's so nice! as is the delivery guy! why???
save new york subway!

if not Au Pied de Cochon, what? or is it a must? (for a tourist)

some organic farmers i met who supply restos really like the st. urbain, corner st. urbain and fleury.

coconut extract

most supermarkets have the fake stuff near all the usual baking supplies, vanilla etc.

Ingredients for Jewish (Ashkenazi) Cuisine

if you're making matzo balls then you must be making chicken soup, and if you're making chicken soup, you'll get your schmaltz if you refrigerate the broth overnight, having made it by simmering a whole chicken with vegetables. the schmaltz rises to the top, to paraphrase an old aphorism. good luck.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Soup

sounds wonderful! going to try it with tahini.

Jan 31, 2011
bakersdelight in Recipes

Cheese, cider and snowshoeing: Where to spend 2 days outside Montreal?

you might want to try the laurentian area, too! lots of great hotels. ste. adele's nice. great new resto there--bar a vin tony et nicole? tony and somebody....anyone? it's really excellent. right behind the movie theatre?

A week of Montreal dining for two hungry brothers?

keep hearing great things about the St. Urbain, at St. Urbain and Fleury...anyone know if Lafleur's still does amazing things to potatoes, aging them until they're sweet, and slicing them just right for those ridiculously good fries of yore?

La Caverne - very tasty russian food!

thanks for the link--sounds amazing! real hardcore russian. maybe it's the kind of thing they know how to make but don't put on the menu? and maybe i will try and make some myself...