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Best basic lobster in Wellfleet area? Moby Dicks? Catch of the Day? PJs? Friendly Fisherman? Or any other?

There are several reasons i prefer Moby Dick's over the many other places with similar menus in town. The owners are always there asking about your meals. It's BYOB. It's super kid friendly. Most important though, fresh, delicious, consistent meals. We've eaten there like five times already this summer. Yes, Pearl has more ambiance, Bookstore a nicer view, but there's a reason for the enormous line at Moby's. BC

Moby Dick's
RR 6, Wellfleet, MA 02667

Seven Star Mandarin House

My family also got friday night take out for many years at Seven Star. Can't wait to try the new place. BC

Lunch "down da Lake": Babalicous and Antoine's

A 'mush' is a slang term for 'guy' or 'buddy'. there is a fair amount of nonantum slang that bears some similarity to romany language. see blumie's wikipedia link above.

Help me find a bar...

Thanks, katecm! The party has always been a couple of hours with people drifting in and out, so not often are there a hundred at one time. we've usually found bars that just want the extra business and let us cram into the general space. i will, however, investigate Napoleon.



Help me find a bar...

Hello worthy DC hounds. Can you help a Boston hound? I am looking for an interesting venue to host an off-site party during a convention in february. The convention hotel is the Marriot Wardman Park, 2660 Woodley Rd, NW.

It is important that the place be walking distance or short cab ride away, and be big enough for 75-100. Other than proximity, if there exists a spot with local flavor (vs. say, a T.G.I. Fridays) that would be great. I have always received the best info from these boards so thank you in advance for your tips.


Burny Carbo

Help a Boston Hound?

thanks all for the great info, and i will report back with where we end up. tatamagouche, any denver chow not to be missed? i could care less about type of cuisine but would welcome suggestions. for example, in boston i often bring guests from out of town to north end regina's or east boston angela's. thanks for this and all support. bc

Mar 05, 2010
burny carbo in Mountain States

Help a Boston Hound?

tatamagouche! I remember reading your posts on the boston board. allow me to clarify. yes, it's for awp. no, we don't (and can't afford) renting a whole place. the way we've always worked it is just gauranteeing a large number of guests who would show up to drink. in terms of a 'vibe' in a perfect world it would be a cool dive, someplace where conventioneers could experience a place other than the generic lobby bar of the hilton. thanks again for your interest. bc

Mar 05, 2010
burny carbo in Mountain States

Help a Boston Hound?

Worthy Denver hounds! I need bar/lounge advice. In early April I will be attending a convention and am trying to find a cool venue to host a party for a magazine. It must adhere to the following:

-walking distance from the downtown convention center
-able to hold 75-100
-not be so upscale that cheap writers can't afford a round or two
-and, if possible, not be a TGI Friday type place, but more of a local dive

I am completely unfamiliar with Denver so any advice is appreciated. I have always relied on the kindness of chowhounds!

Burny Carbo

Mar 05, 2010
burny carbo in Mountain States

burgers at upstairs on the square...bad?

Had the burger there on Friday for lunch. The bun had visible mold on it. I pointed it out to the waiter and no less than four people showed up at the table to apologize, and they obviously didn't charge me for it. I have had good meals there, too. I bring this up only in that I think it represents 'inconsistency' others have mentioned. BC


If you click on the 'related photos' link, those two girls are my 'chowpups'. I was proud to have them included in the article about such an important Boston institution!

Elements, St. Johnsbury?

Thanks to the Kingdom 'hounds that checked in. Thanks for all the advice, and I'm very much looking forward to my trip! BC

Elements, St. Johnsbury?

I'm traveling to NEK with the chowpups, and am curious about Elements. Has anyone eaten there recently? Any other area recommendations? Thanks in advance! BC

Kid Friendly Restaurant with a great view on the Cape

hi jane. in wellfleet, there is a new place called Pearl, with beautiful views. We ate there with a six year old last weekend, and they were very kid friendly. in p-town, a bit more of a schlep, is Fanizzi's. Amazing harbor view, and very accomodating.

Wellfleet area eats?

I second Moby Dick's. The owners are always present, making the place run smoothly, but it is the food that is really outstanding.


i'd also add that it's totally kid friendly. BC

Burlington Birthday Dinner Advice?

Hello VT hounds. We will be celebrating a fiftieth birthday in burlington next month. We have a group of about ten, including two children, and are planning on a saturday night. Any opinions on the green room or the blue cat? all advice is welcome. thanks in advance. BC

Boston Hound ISO Chow!

nsxtasy! thanks for the awesome recs. i'm thrilled all those places are so close. BC

Jan 21, 2009
burny carbo in Chicago Area

Boston Hound ISO Chow!

Hello Chicago Chowhounds. I am attending a convention in February and stayng at the Hilton Chicago (720 S. Michigan). Are there nearby chowish destinations? In particular, cheap eats and a dive bar or two? As always, I am grateful for any advice this group has to offer. Thanks in advance.

B. Carbo

Jan 21, 2009
burny carbo in Chicago Area

Coast Cafe Cambridge

I like the fried chicken. The fact that you have to wait while it cooks provides the perfect opportunity to eat a few meat patties!

Best Sausages

depasquale's. someone on this board once theorized that crack must be a secret ingredient, given the addictive nature of his consumption. they have odd hours, fyi.

Downhill Alert--Clem and Ursie's P-town

i have to agree. it used to be a family favorite, fun for the kids, interesting and varied fare for the adults, etc. we have stopped going. too bad because for a while it was great how they did so many different things (sushi, bbq, fried seafood) well. we have shifted our allegiance to moby dick's.

Dining on the Cape

i strongly second moby dick's on route 6 for fried clams, etc. it is packed there for a reason. the owners are there all the time, the food is amazingly fresh, and as mom 2 noted, it's byob so you can bring a bottle of wine as we do. i had an oyster po' boy last week that was every bit as good as acme oyster house in new orleans.

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

Burny Carbo checking in. Had an awesome breakfast at ORourke's, and watched one of the games at Eli Cannon's, so thanks again for those tips. I was also taken to a pretty great dive bar called Gate Keepers for the cheapest pitchers I've had in a while (this led to a late night trip to a diner that was decidedly inferior to ORourke's, Athenium, perhaps?) Thanks to all CT hounds! BC

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

thanks for these awesome places. i was worried about finding a cool venue for the celtics. you have saved me from the wesleyan dining hall! burny c.

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

I'm attending a conference at Wesleyan next week, and wonder if there are any chowish destinations locally. I'm not too interested in 'upscale', but are there any cool bars with food or pizza places. Thanks in advance to the New England hounds! BC

Help A Boston Hound?

Hello NY Hounds. I will be attending a convention at the end of the month and staying at the Hilton New York (53rd and 6th). Are there any chowish breakfast and/or lunch destinations nearby? There are thousands of people at the convention, and I hope to avoid stale bagels and sandwiches in some horrible lobby kiosk with a huge line. I don't care so much about specific cuisines, as long as they are interesting (and hopefully cheap!)

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Burny Carbo

Jan 10, 2008
burny carbo in Manhattan

Fried clams and oysters in Wellfleet

just ate at moby dick's last week. incredible crab cakes. i like to eat there with the kids, as the staff seems to go out of their way to accomodate customers. i, too, like the bookstore for anything oyster related. the rest of the menu is pretty ordinary.

Lunch at Coconut Cafe - meh punctuated by blech

Thai Thai is a much better option. We used to take out from Coconut Cafe, which does have large, reasonably priced dishes. But Thai Thai is always fresh and excellent. Nice people, too.

Please Help Boston Hound In ATL

Wow! Thanks for all the great posts. I'm leaving Wednesday and will report back with my itinerary. Burny Carbo

Please Help Boston Hound In ATL

I will be attending a convention in Atlanta in a couple of weeks, staying at the Hilton. First, forgive me if this is a tired topic, but one of the things I most enjoy about visiting a city is seeking out some of its 'chowish' locations. The group I am travelling with are all from urban areas, and we aren't (necessarily) interested in high end places, but rather places that reflect unique Atlanta flavor that we couldn't get anywhere else. Please weigh in on some 'don't miss' venues. We have a car, but are allegedly attending convention panels, etc, so places close by are a bonus. Last year, the same convention was in Austin, and we skipped a half day make the Kreuz Market pilgrimage for 'Q. Thanks in advance to noble Atlanta hounds for their guidance.