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Don't like tex-mex. Help me change my mind.

You really don't have to venture far from your own back yard. Mi Dia From Scratch is delicious. The menu comprises regional Mexican as well as Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex (New Mexico style) dishes and is helpfully divided into said categories. Their salsa is heavenly.

Parents night out - dinner suggestions for Highland Village, Lewisville, Grapevine & Denton vicinity

Hannah's Off the Square in Denton. Great cocktail list and wine list. Small plate options in the bar, Full menu in the dining room. Hickory Street Lounge is within walking distance for another cocktail destination. Paschall's is above Andy's, also within walking distance (small hipster scene focusing on classic cocktails and craft beers.) Good luck!

Most authentic steak restaurant in Dallas?

This is long but helpful!

Restaurant Week menus (2011)

The RW menu price is $35. The restaurant donates $7, leaving only $28 for three courses. Many of these places are used to charging $28 or more for an entree alone, and their bottom lines are seriously sliced to the bone. For some, the only real money they make during RW is on alcohol or upsells or the occasional non-RW diner. Still, those who can still do participate and write large checks to KRLD. RW would be more enjoyable for diners and restaurant employees/owners alike if we ALL remember that the point of this is to raise money for charity. If the menu is not to your liking, it may appeal to someone else.

Visiting Houston from DFW

What should we check out? All price points/ cuisines will be considered. Will be mostly downtown/ museum district but are visiting NASA so Kemah is in play. Just me & the hubby. We will have a car. Thanks!

Sep 28, 2010
dentonfoodie in Houston

Going to Houston

Going to Houston in mid-October. Anyone been there lately & have any recs? Looking for all different price points. Will mostly be downtown/ museum district but we will be at NASA one day, so Kemah is in play. Just me & the hubby. We will have a car. Thanks!

Green Fairy or other Absinthe cocktail

I will be in NOLA soon and am hoping to find a bar that serves handcrafted classic cocktails; ideally one that serves real Absinthe. I'm looking for a reserved, grown-up atmosphere, not a party spot. Ideas? I'm staying in the Quarter and won't have a car.

Jan 24, 2010
dentonfoodie in New Orleans

Only 1 Day in Paso Robles: What Wineries to Hit?

Tablas Creek. For sure. All of the wines are amazing, world class.

Jan 11, 2010
dentonfoodie in Wine

L & L Hawaiian Lewisville menu change?

When did they stop doing musubi, katsu, etc?? Burgers and hot dogs now? What gives? My disappointment knows no bounds.

Looking for Denton area taquerias.

La Mexicana on Locust b/t Eagle Dr. and the Square is my favorite. They specialize in mariscos (seafood), w/ a fab ceviche & seafood soups. Picadillo (ground beef stew) is the ultimate in comfort food. Mexico City style tacos (small, 3 to an order w/ cilantro & onion) are available in al pastor, barbacoa, beef, chicken, lengua, etc. Breakfast all day. Mexican talk shows/ game shows/ telanovelas on the tv. Paradise. Have also had good luck a couple of blocks to the west @ Casa Galaviz. Taqueria Hacienda on Dallas Dr. used to be my fave (THE best chorizo) but repeatedly bad service was too frustrating. Great tacos, though. Good luck- and if you find any other gems be sure to pass them along!

Feb 11, 2009
dentonfoodie in Texas

[DFW] Denton Area Taquerias/Mexican [DFW]

Sorry, don't have any info on those. However, La Mexicana on Locust a couple of blocks south of the Square is fantastic, and certainly a hole in the wall. Specializing in mariscos (seafood). I am there about once a week. Great place to get your traditional Xmas tamales!

May 31, 2008
dentonfoodie in Texas