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Please help me find a replacement for this

Thanks for the links.

You asked what is special about it - that's a really good question! I guess it's an emotional attachment - kind of like a favorite pair of shoes?

Jun 28, 2015
bluesman13 in Cookware

Please help me find a replacement for this

My beloved stirring/mixing spoon needs to be replaced. I can't imagine my kitchen without one. I've looked on Amazon but the ones they have just aren't the same. Any suggestions?

Jun 27, 2015
bluesman13 in Cookware

Short Trip - 3 Questions (MSP)

two local markets i thought of are the Mid-Town Market in the old Sears Bldg, and the huge Asian/Vietnamese outdoor/indoor market in Saint Paul (someone help me out with the name)- the food court inside has some authentic items.

MSP-Pho Tau Bay

I like Pho 79, up the street from Pho Tau Bay, next to Seafood Palace.

Downtown Recs for One Week


thank you for such a well thought out and considerate reply!

Sep 23, 2007
bluesman13 in Chicago Area

Downtown Recs for One Week

I'm going to be in Downtown Chicago for 6 days at the end of November (Sunday-Friday). I've been alotted $67 per diem per day for food and expenses. I'm attending a conference, so I will be presenting there from 4pm-5pm each day. Other than that, I will have free time. Since I'm a coffee lover as well, I'd to hit as many great places as I can in the downtown area. I'm not much for the high end type of restuarants but I'd like to have one or two really nice meals at some high end well-known restaurants. Other than that, I like Asian food very much (sushi, Chinese, Thai), and find small homey unpretentious places to be more enjoyable. I've been to Chicago just once before and ate at Uno's for pizza (very good), and an old time German (I think) rest (not bad), Since I live in Minneapolis, I'd like to experience the real Chicago deal (what makes Chicago food great). Sometimes the experience is almost as important as the food.

So, if you are feeling up for it, fire away with a proposed eating schedule. Thanks!

Sep 22, 2007
bluesman13 in Chicago Area

Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

not meaning to turn this into a coffee thread (and not trying to be confrontational either) but I like the beans at Dunn Bros, but I can't stand their brewed coffee. That;s just my opinion though, I'm sure many people like their brewed coffee.

Is fresh oregano in a tomato sauce a crime?

If you like the flavor, put in whatever you want.

Jul 26, 2007
bluesman13 in Home Cooking

Roasted chicken,what did I do wrong?

Here is another trick you can do: after the chicken is done cooking, you can cut it into four pieces and put it skin side up under the broiler for a few minutes.

Jul 26, 2007
bluesman13 in Home Cooking

Lox in Minneapolis

If you're looking for NYC style lox, you're going to be dissappointed. Growing up in NY, I remember going to an appetizing store and they would hand carve the lox. I don't know if they still do that there, but I don't think anyone does that here (anymore).

I usually compromise and get mine at Costco (it's not bad).

BEST cup of coffee in the Twin Cities??

you are right about Kopplins. We lucked out and Andrew was there and I got to meet him and talk to him. He made me the best breve I've ever had. I'd much rather support a locally owned shop. After going there, there's really no turning back is there?

BEST cup of coffee in the Twin Cities??

I stopped by Kopplins on Saturday after visiting the Nook for the first time, and didn't try it because I was too full, but I'm going to try to get there this coming weekend. I've also read that the Black Sheep Cafe is supposed to be good?

Black Sheep Coffee Cafe
705 Southview Blvd, South Saint Paul, MN 55075

BEST cup of coffee in the Twin Cities??

I just "discovered" Coffee and Tea Ltd a couple of days ago. This is the most authentic coffee store I've ever been in. There are burlap bags of unroasted coffee beans strewn all over the floor. There is a coffee bean roaster in the window that looks like it came from the 1960's. Jim was there supervising the roasting and tending to the store. After a brief introduction, Jim suggested to me his "5star French roast" ($15.99 a lb), and while he weighed out my order, I noticed glass jars of roasted beans on the counter for a range of prices from $15.99 a lb - $460 a lb (or $10 for an 8 oz cup)! While I was recovering from that, my daughter ordered a cafe au lait (which was excellent). Jim told me that they roast 5-6 days a week in small batches.

WHen I got my beans home and opened the bag, they were quite fragrant and has an oily appearance. Since I'm not an expert on coffee beans, I thought that I read somewhere that if beans have an oily appearance, it means that they have been over roasted. Can someone comment whether that's true of not?

Coffee and Beans Ltd has a website:

This isn't the place for Starbucks ambience, but if you're interested in a "real" coffee store that roasts on the premises, and caters to the coffee lover, this is the place!

Coffee and Tea Ltd.
402 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Donuts in MSP

When I first moved here from LA, I was surprised to find so few Donut places. I too am a fan of apple fritters, and went on a search here for the best one. I was sadly dissapointed. Melo-O-Glaze was the best place I found - and it paled in comparison to the many places that seem to be on every corner in L.A. Actaully, one of the apple orchards (in fall) had one of the best fritters I've had - it was a real apple fritter - pieces of apple, glaze and homemade dough. Good luck - post again when you find a good place.

Origami Ridgedale VS. Origami MPLS


I had a similiar experience quite a few years ago. My experience was that I placed an order to go and they tacked on a 20% chef tip onto the bill. Needless to day, I haven't returned since.

Best Dim Sum restaurant in Mpls/St. Paul, MN

any reports on the food at Yangtze other than Dim Sum?

The last few I went there (at least 1 year ago), the food was horrible - lots of filler, large prices, etc.

[MSP] Jun Bo Review

Dairy Queen, before you head over to Madarian Kitchen, you'd better call first - I tried to go there last night, and they are closed for remodeling. The sign said for two weeks starting on the 15 of May, but judging from the progress I saw when I looked in the window, they are nowhere close to reopening.

So, we went to Jun Bo instead since it is very close. This was my second time there, and while I really want to like the food, I can't say it was very good. My experience was similiar to the post above, and also the fresh made dim sum was far superior to the ones on the cart. The shanghi pork dumpling was really good, but that was about it. The waitress told me that the dim sum chef had gone home of for the day, so no other fresh dim sum. To go with the dim sum, we ordered the pan fried seafood. The noodles were not pan fried, but they appeared that they had been placed under a salamander and when the corner started to burn, they were removed. The result: soft noodles with one burnt corner, served in a glass pie dish. The seafood in the dish was good, but it was otherwise unremarkable.

[MSP] Pastel de Tres Leches

I had a piece of of tres leches cake from Cafe Latte, and it was one of the most delicious desserts I've ever tasted. I wanted to lick the plate when I was done - if there hadn't been anyone else in the restaurant, I probably would have!

Where can I buy Duck Breast in MSP

I've seen them in the frozen case at Byerlys.

MSP April Mid Month UPDATE

after hearing the raves about the Modern Cafe, I packed the blueswife and bluesdaughter into the car and headed over there. I already heard much about the pot roast, so I knew that that was what I was having.

I was really underwelmed. I really wanted to like this place. I must be missing something because the pot roast was been raved about everywhere. I mean, it was good pot roast, but I thought $16.50 was a lot for it. Meat for pot roast is very inexpensive, and not difficult to make. My wife and I shared it, and my daughter ordered the soup of the day (which was tomato) and the olive plate. She didn't care for the soup, and she really liked the olive plate.

I guess I'll stick to the St. Clair Broiler when I feel like that type of food.

Steakhouse in Minneapolis

I suppose everyone has their favorites. I'm not a fan of Ruth Chris's at all - in fact, I order fish when I have to go there. Manny's is ok, but for originality, I recommend Murrays. It's been here forever, has old world *charm* (read: old), and I like their meats and the "secret" spice rub they use. Anyway, just my opinion - I'm sure you'll get plenty more...enjoy, where ever you end up!

MSP: Little Szechuan is back!


when I was there, I asked for the short ribs. The waiter asked me if I meant the ones that were mentioned in the City Pages, and I said yes. However, now that you mention that there are two different ones, I'm curious as to which one I had - because as I mentioned upthread, the version I had was not crispy at all (nor was it very good). So, I'll have to try these again sometime I guess.

If anyone has been to Seafood Palace (and I haven't been there recently although I heard they changed ownership), they have a short ribs dish that is what I thouguht the LS dish would be like - crispy tender short ribs, with a slightly sweet sour sauce.

Olive Oil Name Your Favourite


I used to think all olive oils were the same. At Williams Sonoma, they have an olive oil tasting bar. I suggest going there and trying as many od the olive oils as you can. I couldn't beleive the difference in flavors between the choices. I think you'll find out pretty quickly which ones appeal to your palette.

Mar 02, 2007
bluesman13 in General Topics

Need suggestions for using herbs de provence

I had never used herbes de provence until I saw this recipe on Julia Childs show from Gordon Hammersley:

On the link select, "Roast Chicken with garlic and lemon" (it's a video)

Mar 01, 2007
bluesman13 in Home Cooking

Best Italian in San Francisco

have you been to Vivande on FIllmore Street? It's owned by cookbook author Carlo Middione.

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

I'm still playing along and reading, as well. I thought I would report our latest experience at Fuji-Ya in Minneapolis. Someone upthread commented that it is their favorite sushi place in the Twin Cities. I'm sorry, but I disagree. Let me explain...

<begin rant>
After moving to MSP from Los Angeles in 1993, there was less than a handful of sushi restaurants here.. There was a place called Kabuki (on Flying Cloud Dr) in Eden Prairie, and maybe a couple of thers than I can't remember. We lamented about the lack of qaulity Japanese food here. Origami was the first "hip" place I remember going to not toolong after we arrived. I ate there, got take-out on another occasion, saw that they added a mandatory 15% chef tip into my take-out bill and never returned.

Since then, things have really exploded sushi-wise here. And I am glad for it. I have tried many of the places around town, and find them to be more style than substance. And that would be my "complaint" about Fuji-Ya in MSP (I haven't tried the one in St. Paul).

<end of rant sort of>

We went to Fuji-Ya last night (to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday), and reserved one of those rooms for our meal (is it called a Tatami room?). Nothing was horrible, but it wasn't outstanding, and for the prices they charge, it should have been outstanding. We started with a soft shell crab appetizer, which was good, but it was over-fried and the oil they used didn't taste fresh. We all ordered sushi and shared. We had: salmon, yellowtail, and tuna sushi. The best of the lot was the yellowtail. I found the salmon and the tuna to not have much flavor. My wife had a couple of orders of uni, and she said it was good. All in all, a very nice relaxing atmosphere, and good service, but disappointing food-wise.

I would gladly trade style for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves a great delicious product (Los Angeles has great places for sushi on just about every corner). Names of restaurants are not that important to me, but who is preparing and cooking the food. Chefs move from place to place; reviews come out , and three months later you eat there and the chef who was there when the review came out is long gone - and that's why I love restaurnat that are locally owned and operated - like Tanpopo as an example, where I know that food is always good and consistent.

Staggering Toward Modernity: Minnesota

no liquor sales on Sunday in Minnesota and no slaes in groceries as you mentioned. Strangely enouhg, no car sales on Sunday either...

Feb 23, 2007
bluesman13 in Features

Exploring St Paul, MSP Asian area - looking for recs

yes, I've had both on separate occasions - actually the only two items I've had there - the food was good and it was fun to make your own roll. I'd be interested to know if you know what the name of that sauce was they served with it - I'm not sure if i really like it, but it was most unusual tasting - there is some ingredient in there that I can't figure out what it was.

Exploring St Paul, MSP Asian area - looking for recs

ok, great, I love eggrolls! (and I think it's hard to find really good eggrolls)

I'll update the list shortly - but I think for the sake of completeness, I think I'll leave Mai VIllage on there. You know, I've eaten at Mai Village twice in the last year. I didn't think it was great, but I enjoyed the experience. It was fun to cook the beef on the little burner thing. But now that (with all the kind suggestions) I've lots of new places to try! I can't wait!.

Overhauling hospital chow - From Chez Panisse to an institutional kitchen

I work in a hospital, and while I think they try to provide healthy choices, they are a long way from being healthy. Just recently, they have started putting the breakdown of calories, fat, fiber, sat fat, etc, on a placard next ot he items. I thought this is/was a great idea, until I saw that the Rueben sandwich they featured one day had 960 calories, and a whooping 64 grams of fat! On the other hand, they always have a salad bar available. I'd like them to always have more healthy choices available. I've always thought that the hospital cafeteria has the hospitals best interest in min, i.e. the more unhealthy the food the higher the probablility of them being patients one day. <-- I say that jokingly , of course.

If I was entrepenurial, I would forge an alliance with a local culinary school and have them design the menu and have the students there to supervise, cook, and design the menus. I would have them procure their products from local organic vendors and prepare most if not all items with health, calories, fat, and taste in mind.

Wow, that was a nice dream, now I'd better get back to the real world....

Feb 22, 2007
bluesman13 in Not About Food