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coconut ice cream

delicieuse makes a fantastic coconut ice cream.
2503 artesia blvd.
redondo beach, ca 90278
they are open to the public friday to sunday only so make sure to check their hours of operation before you go.

Oct 24, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

Who serves the best fish tacos in LA?

for everyone making the trek to san pedro for pavich's, mishi's, etc., i would highly recommend making a short detour to shamrock seafood in wilmington. i live right around the corner from baja fish but i haven't been there in years. their food is mediocre. shamrock makes great fish tacos. you can't go wrong with their salmon or seabass tacos. they have specials during the week. mondays and wednesday, their footlong grilled fish tacos are just under four bucks. i get pretty full off of half a sandwich. tuesdays are fried shrimp taco day for $1.50. thursdays are grilled fish tacos for $1.25. my favorite side there is the barbequed zucchini and they also have 500ml bottles of mexican coke!
shamrock seafood inc.
120 w. g. st.
wilmington, ca 90744
310 835 6671

Sep 07, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

Best Milkshakes

coffee shake from the counter

Sep 07, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

Where can we get the BEST custard for a friend with a broken jaw?

go to patisserie chantilly in lomita and get the creamy pudding. your friend will not be disappointed. i am always surprised when chantilly is brought up without a mention of their pudding. i admit that it probably the least visually appealing item in their display case but one of the most satisfying as far as taste buds are concerned. it comes in a small cup with caramel sauce on the bottom that is not at all cloying and a dollop of whipped cream on top. it is absolute creamy delishness! they can pack this up for you with an ice pack for your drive back to pasadena.

Sep 07, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Great Food, Atmosphere, Low Production, Hip but not tragically so, for under $200 for 2

fraiche in culver city

Sep 07, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

Better than . . .pie?

lemon cream cheese pie from marie callender's...delish!

Jul 24, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

HELP!!! special occasion dinner on everything closed?

Cut...closed. Hatfield's...closed. Drago Centro...closed. Melisse...closed. Anything other than Spago? Birthday girl tends to like her food cooked so sushi is out. Blt is open...what do you guys think? Los Angeles to Orange County. I'm open to all suggestions. Nice ambiance would be a major plus.

Jun 28, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

South Bay Thai, Indian, and/or American-Chinese Restaurants that you go to often

my favorite place for mongolian beef in the south bay is little china which is located in a little strip mall in gardena. lunch specials are a great value for the amount of food you get.
Little China Restaurant
18026 S. Western Ave.
Gardena, CA 90248 310-327-1585

Jun 08, 2009
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area


for all you hounds out there, where do you go when you want to sit at the bar and have a good bite to eat? sometimes, i make last minute plans with a friend and have a hard time snagging a reservation. maybe i'm dining solo. or i have plans to stay out late and can't risk going into a food coma. sometimes i'm just craving dessert and wouldn't mind a nice glass of wine to accompany it. i'm open to all your suggestions...please tell me what you order!

Jun 15, 2008
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

ISO a truly amazing PATTY MELT

help me...i'm having a craving. if there's one worth eating in the south bay, that would be great. otherwise, i don't mind the drive at all.

Jun 14, 2008
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area

kid friendly spot for brunch in manhattan beach?

where can i take my 5-year-old niece to eat before we do a glacier ice cream run?

Jun 07, 2008
FatTooth in Los Angeles Area