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New to Arlington - Where should we eat?

Just wanted to add my assent here. Tango is lovely (a little bit loud due to wooden floors, but other than that I had no complaints). Some of the best grilled meats I've ever had, period. The sweetbreads are not to be missed (huge portions, too), the wine list is robust, and the skirt steak is perfect every time. If you have to have something other than red meat, the salmon is delicious. The chimichurri sauce alone is reason to eat there, but the warmth and hospitality of the staff and owners will bring you back again and again. Wish it were local to me (I live in Harvard, about thirty-five minutes away).


I know it seems kind of downmarket, but Whole Foods has a pretty good gelato bar. It's rich and creamy and very easy to come by, and the flavors are pretty good, too - I like the basil, the pistachio, and the strawberry-balsamic ones a lot. It's not "true Italian" gelato - but then, what is?

I've shopped at the Whole Foods in Waltham, but I'm assuming they all have gelato.

Heading to Boston, looking for good recs

bear and okello - thanks so much for the ultra-local recs. I especially appreciate the mention of local lunch places and markets!

Heading to Boston, looking for good recs

The wedding is in a place called Mashpee. Yeah, I should have been a lot more specific there!

Thank all y'all so much for the recommendations so far. It's going to be a big help considering the amount of time I'll be in the area - six weeks is ample time to sample the good things in any city.

Oysters in Charleston - Help??

By all means, hit Joseph's. Excellent food, warm service, and the soups are heavenly. They also serve a mean breakfast. Fresh and well-cooked seafood.

Charleston Cheap Eats

Boulevard Diner is a solid place; you can always count on the food. The proprietor is an absolute jerk (I worked there for a hot minute), a real nightmare to work for (though he can really work a crowd), but I can attest to the freshness of the ingredients and to the excellent handling of the food. It's nice to know that the food in any given place is clean, fresh, and properly handled. (I wish I could say that for all the restaurants I've worked; waiting tables makes me think twice about visiting certain places - I know the signs.)

The vegetables are phenomenal. Some of the best truly Southern veggies you'll find in the Charleston area. I saw the chef toss a lot of produce that wasn't screamingly fresh. Always a good thing, that.

Heading to Boston, looking for good recs

Hello! I am going to be in the Boston area (Waltham) for six weeks (from the beginning of June to mid-July). My companion and I will have a moderate food budget but would love to be able to have at least one big-budget celebratory dinner. I love to cook, so we won't be eating out every night, but we'd love to have some memorable meals. I am concerned about winding up in any tourist traps, though.

I'm coming from a very small town in far Eastern Oregon - the Mexican food here is unparalleled, but I'm particularly keen to get into some excellent ethnic food when I'm in Boston. I particularly love (and miss) seafood as a transplant from Charleston, SC, and I hear Boston has some of the best. We'll have a car and are willing to travel anywhere within the Boston area. My friend isn't as adventurous an eater as I am, but he's game to try *most* things.

We'll also be on the Cape for a wedding, so if you have any recs for good restaurants in that area I'd appreciate that as well.

Thanks, hounds!