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Kitchen Aid Food Processor. KP 720 reconditioned

I am shopping for a new food processor. Cook's Illustrated gave a strong recommendation to the KFP720 a few years ago, stronger than for any food processor they recommend now. The KFP 720 model has been discontinued, but one can buy a factory reconditioned one. Does any one have experience with such a purchase? I really like the sound of the 720 but I'm not sure about quality of reconditioned appliances.

Dec 04, 2013
Momat32 in Cookware

Restaurant recs in theatre dist etc for Paleo eaters

My husband and I are coming from our home in San Francisco Bay Area to New York for a week of theatre. We both eat Paleo--in other words grain and gluten free + dairy free.

Looking for great places to eat Meat and Vegetables! Doesn't have to have a gluten free menu; we usually order off a regular menu and get whatever meat and veg are made without grain or dairy. It is fun if the menu has a gluten and dairy free desert but not essential.

We will be seeing plays most nights, mostly in the theatre dist but also one night in Union Square and one night at Irish Rep on W 22nd at 6th.

I'll also be going to museums during the day: Met, MOMA, Whitney, Museum of City of NY (E 103rd), & Tenement Museum--and welcome suggestions for dining alone and dining well near those museums.

Jan 20, 2012
Momat32 in Manhattan

Gluten-free catering in bay area?

Check out This caterer is well versed in cooking gluten free.

Best Bay Area Chocolatier with mail order line?

I am thinking ahead to Easter and want to send some local chocolate to French friends in Bordeaux. Previously I've brought them Lyla's chocolates from Mill Valley where I live--which they loved. But, alas, Lyla's is no more. Any suggestions for local chocolate to with which to impress the French? I don't want to spend more than $50 for the chocolate and the mailing, so some of the really high end places (which seem to be French anyway) are out.

Private Dining Room in Denver for 80th birthday celebration

Our extended family is gathering in Denver in February 09 to celebrate my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. One grandchild from each of her 3 son's families is currently living in Colorado, so we determined this would be a convenient place to gather the clan, but the rest of us are from out of state.

We are staying at the Gregory Inn @ Araphahoe & 25th.

We are looking for a restaurant, preferably not too far away from the Inn, with a private room that can accommodate 22 people. Needs to be quiet, most importantly--so a completely private room would be best. Cost is not so much a factor--you only turn 80 once, right!

We tried the Buenos Aires Grill but they told us they could not book into 2009. (?)

Any recommendations would be most welcome. We are really starting from scratch--we don't know Denver.

Many thanks.

Nov 19, 2008
Momat32 in Southwest

550 from Durango to Albuquerque

I will be driving from Durango to Albuquerque in mid June with my 3 daughters (ages, 20, 18 and 10). We will need to eat on the road since we won't get into Albuquerque till after 8 pm. I've heard 550 is a culinary wasteland, but maybe some of you can steer me to a gem along the road?

May 30, 2008
Momat32 in Southwest