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Chowfind of 2014 (anywhere in Ontario) at 5 Northtown Way Unit10, just north of the North York Centre subway (in the same complex as sushi bong) The best kimchi fried rice and Perilla seed soojebi in town, possibly better than my mom's! ...Clearly doing a lot of other dishes right too as I see many takeout orders tho I stick to these two dishes as they're my comfort foods and nobody did these like my ma, until now...

Roasted Nori Seaweed in toronto?

we prefer the ones at Costco which are much less oily than many other brands...they sell in bulk and each pack has more sheets than the other brands...

Where can I buy Kimchi in Toronto?

I think szw is referring to the place at 676 bloor st west, which is written about here:

I too have been told by friends who buy kimchi from this place that it's very good.

Where can I buy Kimchi in Toronto?

We don't buy kimchi, we always make it at home so I can't recommend a brand. I have tried kimchi that someone bought at Costco and it was too sour for me. Kimchi ferments over time though the speed of fermentation can be slowed by keeping in a fridge. If you like very sour kimchi, the longer you keep it the more sour it gets. For us, about a week or two after it's made is just right and any longer, it's too sour for us. If you go to galleria or pat, you will see the kimchi made in house is in an area where you can pack your own or someone will be there to help and you can ask them when the kimchi was made. Better still, they may give you a taste.

Where can I buy Kimchi in Toronto?

Galleria and PAT stores carry kimchi that are made in house, probably a better choice than prepackaged ones as kimchi doesn't have a long shelf life (unless you prefer kimchi that is very sour).

Galleria -


The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

At the Markham/14 location yesterday they had the White Linen marinara sauce on sale -2jars normally 8.99, discounted $4. Had to stock up.

Veal shoulder - par cooking then finishing ?

In oven covered

Feb 16, 2014
berbere in Home Cooking

Veal shoulder - par cooking then finishing ?

Thank you monavano, yes it was half submerged in liquid. I used 6lbs of veal shoulder meat, does that change your thoughts?

Feb 16, 2014
berbere in Home Cooking

Veal shoulder - par cooking then finishing ?

I am using the Spoon Tender braised veal recipe from Chocolate&Zucchini. Started it last night then was so tired I turned oven off after 2hrs thinking I can finish the cooking today - the recipe calls for 3hrs. Have I ruined this dish? The veal looks a little dry. Should I start over with a new piece of veal? Would really appreciate some advice - this is for a dinner party tonite!

Feb 16, 2014
berbere in Home Cooking

The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

these come the closest to my mom's homemade korean mandu (sans cilantro). this week at the Warden location, there is a $2.30 discount so it's $6.58/pkg which is a great deal. at the korean supermarket they sell the bags for $9.99!

Royal Boonsik: 647 Bloor St. West - Korean Food

agreed about the rolls here: it's the only place i'd buy kimbap downtown. it's also one of only two places in the city where i'd buy the steamed buns (jjimbang, the big soft steamed buns filled with meat or red bean), can't speak for their other offerings but the kimbap and steamed buns, you cannot go wrong as they are superior to all other offerings in the city.

Best Burger In Town Is At Bistrot92

i suspect bc there are hardly any other customers in there many nights (and the chef is very gracious). I have walked by a few times and seen it empty each time. stopped by one night for a late dessert/tea and the place was empty, my friend and i were the only patrons. i was impressed by the apple tart with ice cream, the crepe, the service, the price....and the free parking after 6pm! i've also heard they will be closing over christmas dec 20-jan4 so if u wanted to check them out before year end, better go soon. you won't regret it ;)

Cafe with wi-fi near Yonge and Sheppard

there is definitely free wife at Bayview Village - u have to 'register' by sending your cell phone number and a password is sent to your phone with which you can access the wifi - seating at BV is more comfortable than the food court or coffee shops: i'm referring to the seating in the area around pusateri's/indigo

Best Banh Mi in TO

Where is Saigon Bakery?

ISO Bi Bim Bap in Richmond Hill

Please reportback after you try it. I was disappointed by the side dishes/banchan -quality and quantity-- esp since my mother gave the place high praise for their modernized korean food. but the toasted crunchy rice bottom and dwaenjang were so good I forgot about the sides!

ISO Bi Bim Bap in Richmond Hill

Dahn Korean restaurant at 8159 Yonge St has some surprisingly good bibimbap, traditional style (not the modernized version served at the place on eg west, which I also love for other reasons), similar to the late wonjo restaurant at yonge/Patricia (?), full of yummy ferns and root veggies. I had it as a combo with the soybean stew so the price was a bit high but worth it - stew was also as good as my moms who ferments her own soybeans. The stone bowl bibimbap had a nice crust, which is hard to find in restos as they make it easy to scoop up all the rice (usually in one clean scoop) whereas this one was like my moms homemade one where the rice turns a crunchy dark brown. The best bbbap I've had in a long while!

Shiso Tree Cafe - An interesting 'Pasta' find inside J-Town!

Has anybody tried this place recently? Reports on other blogs have suggested that quality has declined....

Dim Sum on MOnday

Looking for recommendations to take a group of seniors for a dim sum lunch next Monday. One of them is turning 90 so it's a bit of an occasion though we're not looking to go all out ie. lai wah heen. Prefer a place between Yonge and Vic Park, north of the 401, with good service. Is dimsum possible on a Monday or is that strictly a weekend affair? Would love to hear your input.

Thanks in advance!

Mini Bagels

Can someone recommend a bakery where I can pick up some soft mini bagels? I need them to make mini bagel sandwiches for a party. Although I've tried mini bagels from a couple of places (one place being the one on avenue/lawrence), from my recollection, they were kind of hard. I want them to be on the softer side so the sandwiches won't fall apart when I cut them in half or people bite into them. I'm willing to travel for good bagels so any part of town would work. Thanks in advance!

Roadtrip Toronto to Columbus, OH - recs on scenic drive

Doing a 3-day trip to Columbus where I've taken note of the following must-do places (thanks to this board): Kihachi, North Market, Black Creek Bistro, Skillet, and several taco trucks (still debating about Indochine, Poong Mei, Darbo, Lalibela). Planning a stop at the Five Points Country Market in Mansfield/Ashland. Would love some suggestions for the drive back which will be along the waterfront (to go thru Mentor, Geneva-on-the-Lake). Also, for those in Columbus, any recent reviews of Poong Mei? I am interested by the menu which contains handmade noodles with black bean sauce (jajangmyung) and steamed buns which are not often found in many Chinese/Korean restaurants. Anything else you would recommend to a Torontonian?


Mar 19, 2012
berbere in Great Lakes

Goody’s Diner – Finally an Ontario candidate for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives… and it’s in Scarborough

oh my goody-ness, just tried their burger for the first time today. wow, thick, juicy, tender ball of meat with crisp lettuce, perfect squeezable buns.... within a couple hours after the meal I fell asleep - the most blissful, meal-induced nap I've probably had since a babe....if they said they put some fairy dust in their burgers I'd believe it.....most satisfying, glorious burger meal ever....can't do this too often for obvious reasons (i'd have to quit the day job). how do you all lunch here and return to work?? thank goodness I don't work close by....

Korean ingredients

i think the ones you are referring to are the H-Marts, near Church and another further north:

there's another grocer (PAT) on spring garden which is 2 blocks north of sheppard on east side of yonge:

3 new places to hit

I beg to differ - to each her own for sure - I would recommend Bi Bim Bap to other asians/koreans who already know the real thing and want to try something that's a bit different, a little bold and made with a health conscious approach. the bibimbap variations at this resto are not what you would find at most korean restos in the city: altho their traditional bibmbap is more traditional in the toppings and rice they use, the other mushroom or seed baps are variations on the traditional dish. I appreciate the variations and the fact that they take so much care with their ingredients, toppings, and particularly the rice. I've taken my mother and other koreans here and we can definitely taste the difference in the way they prepare the rice which is the foundation for any bibimbap. as tradition-bound and picky as my mother and her friends are when it comes to korean food, they appreciate this place because they can see the care put into the preparations of dishes here and prefer the quality of this place over the quantity produced at other places. I like Song Cook as well, but it's a bigger operation, and as a result perhaps, it's a bit inconsistent and the care is not there. While I like their food it;s a bit on the greasy side. it's also a bit pricey as well if you look at the prices for the rice and 'sides' that you order separately, since Song Cook does not provide a lot of side dishes, only kimchi. the sauces are not that hot at Bi Bim Bap but I agree with the owner - who was quoted elsewhere here or in another post - that in many korean homes the chili sauce has less heat than at the restaurants: that's certainly true of our home as we find that too much heat will just kill the taste. (I'll admit, in younger days, me and the siblings would make all dishes hotter just because we could, tho we regretted it later).

I guess it depends on what you're looking for: if you want a traditional spread with banchan but nothing too out of the ordinary korean, then go to MotNaSon or BukChangDong, Korean Village, etc. Song Cook I would recomend for Chinese-Korean fare (despite touting themselves as a bibimbap restaurant, their bbb is not that great or different). If you want a little more health-conscious korean fare, that's a bit different, try Bi Bim Bap.

Korean-ish Restaurant Uptown

not sure if you will find kimchi but you will find a very good Korean-ish restaurant at Bathurst & Eglinton called Stone Bowl - - variations on the bibimbop in stone bowls...probably the best bibimbap in town...

Nona Restaurant Review 3397 Yonge Street Toronto, ONM4N

I tried this place a few days ago and also enjoyed their food. I tried the quinoa salad and falafel - both were mildly spiced but I prefer that over the over-salted offerings of other middle eastern places. Whatever salt may have been lacking was made up for by the pickles I got on the side. Guess it's a matter of personal preference but I prefer foods to have less salt to allow the fresh flavours of the ingredients to come through. I don't recall a cardomom-y taste in the falafel, but that may be because I doused it in the garlicky tahini sauce. I appreciated that they make the falafel to order and not have them sitting around precooked. looking at their menu, they were past owners of the Mezzetta on St Clair so I think they have some experience in this industry. I wish them well in this location.

681 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1A7, CA

St Clair Restaurant
69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

Edible flowers

Does anybody know where I can get edible flowers in Toronto this weekend? need it for a Mother's Day meal....TIA!

Has anyone been to the Chef's House at George Brown for Winterlicious?

would love to hear any reviews. also, I tried their online reservation system and it's showing fully booked for this week. Is the online system accurate? would I have any luck if I just walked in without a reservation?


Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu - Uptown

I believe Traditional Korean Restaurant is the English name for Wonjo restaurant....

Traditional Korean Restaurant
6016 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M3V9, CA

Shiso plant for sale?

if it's the Korean perilla plant you are looking for - which is a bit different from the japanese shiso - you can find them these days at many korean supermarkets for planting - they are sold much like the herbs that are sold at various nurseries/markets for transplanting at home.

in my experience, i replant new perilla plants every year but a lucky (and lazy) relative of mine doesnt do a thing (ie. replant) and gets perillas every year!

how do you know if tomato sauce has gone bad?

Thank you to everyone for the quick, unanimous response! It was not canned, air did look to have seeped in, and it's been a very mild winter up here in T.O. so, I dumped the jar as per your collective wisdom!

Mar 11, 2010
berbere in Home Cooking