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fresh turkeys for thanksgiving?


Oct 11, 2014
kennyr in Los Angeles Area

fresh turkeys for thanksgiving?

Same question for thanksgiving 2014. Looking for a fresh free range or organic bird. Staying in Silver Lake but don't mind a bit of a drive. Cooking for 12 to 14 people most of whom will be flying in from the east coast as I will be. I know I can order from whole food but looking for maybe a local choice?
Thank you

Oct 11, 2014
kennyr in Los Angeles Area

soft shell crabs

Thank you both. I was able to get them at Delaware Chicken. Excellent. Nice and plump. i called the Fish Peddler East to check and they did have them too.

soft shell crabs

I'm looking for live ones myself. Whole Foods gets them sometimes but they are already cleaned and of course dead. Anyone know a fish market that gets them alive?

Miami - Boca to Naples - where can we stop for lunch?

As mrotmd mentioned, Weston would be a convenient place to meet. Weston Rd runs south from 595/75 and has numerous small resturants from fast food to upscale Italian. What kind of food are you looking for?

MIAMI - Red Light Little River and Gigi

Decided to drive down and try Anise Taverna. Made a res. on Open Table. thanks for the recommendation Frodnesor. After a long week I'm just too lazy on a Friday night to hassle especially when meeting people. Always heard great things about the food at RL and not so great stories about the front of the house. Seems to be true. Will give Red Light a try another time when we are not meeting anyone else.

MIAMI - Red Light Little River and Gigi

Thanks Frodnesor & Tpigeon. All good suggestions most of which I've been to multiple times and enjoy. You left out my favorite though, Michael's Genuine. Really did not want to go even as far south as 77th St except that I had heard such good things about RL and had never tried it. If i can't get a confirmation that they are open, I'll probably drop back to our usual half way meeting point, Lola's in Hollywood.

MIAMI - Red Light Little River and Gigi

Close. Motel Blu. Believe it or not the motel doesn't answer their phone. I'm planning to drive down from Broward for dinner Friday night and meeting friends driving up from the Grove. They won't be happy if the resturant is closed.

MIAMI - Red Light Little River and Gigi

The website is down, the phone is disconnected and they are off Open Table. Anyone know if they are gone?

Florida produce

Publix produce quality is very store specific. Here in Plantation (west of Ft. Lauderdale) we have a large fairly new Publix across the street from a Whole Foods and the selection and quality is far better than most of their stores. Fresh Market's in S. Fl also have pretty good selections of quality produce. It's not west coast farmers market quality/quantity but it's not that bad either.

Apr 26, 2012
kennyr in Florida

any recs for dessert in South Beach after dinner?

To me Collins is a street I use to get somwhere (walking or dirving) Lincoln Rd and Ocean Dr are destinations.You might want to walk a few blocks on Collins, especially very late but you should find a table or a spot at a bar and watch the world go by on Lincoln Rd and on Ocean Drive. It's all SoBe.

Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel

A somewhat shorter cab ride will take you to a red hot pop-up at Ponce de Leon & 8th St called Eating House. Coral Gable is your closest resturant rich neighborhood.

Key West: Looking for Conch Fritters and Key Lime Pie

A very long walk from the cruise line dock. (10 miles?)

Apr 05, 2012
kennyr in Florida

Key West list..looking for some feedback

I love the BLT (bacon, fried lobster and tomato) sandwich at the Hogfish. The fish in general always seems very fresh. Also on Stock Island we like the Rusty Anchor for ultra fresh seafood and stone crabs. They have a little market in back where you can by stone crabs, lobster and fish for take-out as well.

Mar 15, 2012
kennyr in Florida

Key West: Looking for Conch Fritters and Key Lime Pie

I agree, B.O.'s Fish wagon has some of the best conch fritters in KW. Try the square grouper sandwich while you are there as well. About 1/2 mile walk from the cruise ship dock is Blue Heaven. They have great key lime pies with a browned merangue topping, imho the best in the keys. Great breakfasts as well. That said, I usually have a Publix key lime pie in the fridge when I stay in Key West. Really pretty good for a supermarket pie.

Mar 15, 2012
kennyr in Florida

Key West: Looking for Conch Fritters and Key Lime Pie

Kind of a long walk from the docks near Duval Street don't ya' think?

Mar 12, 2012
kennyr in Florida

HELP looking for really great food AND water views

I would avoid Rusty Pelican until some Chows can report back with some reliable reviews. I've been in S. Fla. a long time and one consistant fact is that The Rusty Pelican always had magnificant views and horrible food. If you're walking the boardwalk up from South Beach, the Fontainebleau (approx 41st st) has a little 2 story resturant and bar close to the ocean and open to the public. Food is decent, drinks are excellent and the view of the beach from the second floor terrace is close to the beach, open and unobstructed.

Key West Recs for Dinner

For real hogfish try the Hogfish Grill on Stock Island. Island rustic right on the docks with great food (including Hogfish) beautiful views and friendly service. Not elegant but you'll definately feel like your in the Keys and the food is fresh, local and well prepared.

Pre theatre in FLL (near BCPA optional)

Parking? All the more reason to have dinner close by. I would avoid the main garage and the valet is even worse (slower) but if you arrive 1 - 1 1/2 hours or so before show time and have dinner near by you will find lots of on street parking, many smaller lots and a couple of not so crowded city lots just east of where the resturants are on 2nd Ave. Saw Jersey Boys not long ago and had a pretty decent dinner at PL8. B Rok Brgr next door has truly great burgers if that is what you are in the mood for.

HELP FOR VALENTINES DAY....My sweetie is craving sea scallops for home cooked romantic meal

Not nearly as good as "right off the dock" but my local (Plantation) Whole Foods is pretty reliable for fresh scallops.

First trip to key west

My favorite Key West restaurant is Santiago's Bodega - never disappoints with fabulous small plate Key West fare. Pepe's is one of several great breakfast spots you should try. A little hard to find but well worth the effort is Hogfish Grill on Stock Island (last key you come to before Key West) Very casual outdoor dining but the fish is extremely fresh (the fishing fleet docks next door) the service is friendly and efficient and the atmosphere is vacation mellow. Try the hogfish sandwich or the BLT (bacon lobster & tomatoes)

Feb 12, 2012
kennyr in Florida

Seeking input on some options - Sustain v Yardbird and some others - With thanks!

Both are good choices. Yardbird is located near Lincoln road and will give you the chance to stroll around before and after dinner and is one of the best peoplewatching spots in S. Fla. Peoplewatching in midtown is just OK. If it's about the food though, I really would suggest you try Sustain. It is excellent and at it's best right now. We are at the peak of our growing season down here and Sustain's emphasis on locally sourced produce will give you an opportunity to see how good "South Florida Grown" can be.


Above descriptions are pretty accurate. Be prepared for a long wait though on weekend nights. Generous pours of well mixed drinks at the bar though while you are waiting.

Authentic Chinese in Broward Co. area?

There is a fairly new (less than a year old) restaurant in West Sunrise called Pine Court Chinese Bistro that I think is worth trying. Felt like China town SF with mostly Asian clientele and waiters who speak little English. I have only eaten there once so far so I can't really review the restaurant in depth, but what we had there was excellent. The very authentic chow fun was a standout. They are located on Nob Hill Rd. a little north of Sunrise. The center is a little tough to see from the street. Look for the Dunkin Donuts. And as a bonus the owners have just opened the largest Asian market in S. Fl. In the same center. The market I can enthusiastically recommend. If you cook you MUST visit the market. And in the same center there is a Doris's, a large Italian market and a small Indian grocery store.

Pubbelly or Sugarcane?

Maybe I'm ordering wrong but i consistantly find the food in Pubbelly
to be VERY salty. Much prefer Sugarcane. Also both have high noise levels inside and Sugarcane has a much larger outdoor dining area if you prefer lower decibal levels.

Why Do So Many Foodies Hate Whole Foods?

It depends upon which WF you shop in. The WF by me, west of Ft. Lauderdale is one of their smaller stores. The Meat Dept. Team leader knows me by name and is happy to make custom cuts for me (like whole deboned shortrib) or place special orders (like whole pork belly) The fish department makes every effort to buy locally and usually has fresher fish than my area alternatives. Likewise for the produce dept. although is South Florida we only get a selection of local produce in the winter. The cheese department has a good selection with quite a few artisan selections. The wine and beer selection is not huge but interesting. Even if I had the time, there are vry few small shops that I could easily patronize that offer the selection WF does and they are for the most part more expensive. Yes their prepared foods are expensive and often lack imagination but my focus is on ingrediants, not prepared food. I buy paper goods at Costco so if they are overpriced on those items it's not my problem. My vote goes to WF by a landslide.

Nov 12, 2011
kennyr in Features

USDA prime steaks in Miami?

I believe most of the Whole Food Markets in SF do their own dry aging but it is choice not prime. Costco is a great source for prime beef but it is of course not aged.

Lemon Curd Filling

Alice Waters has a really good one in "The Art of Simple Food" Less sugar and more lemon juice than the ones mentioned here. Also, it is cooked directly on the heat so you have to stir constantly and watch it like a hawk but it makes the best lemon meringue pie I ever tasted.She also suggests an alternative of 3 parts Meyers lemon to one regular lemon.

Apr 15, 2011
kennyr in Home Cooking

You've Got a Food Processor. Now What?

I made pasta dough for years by the traditional method:mound of flour egg in the crater in the center, beat egg into flour etc. Now I put 1 egg and 3/4 cup of flour in the food processor, turn it on and while it's running drip in enough water to bring it together and "bang", pasta dough ready for kneading (it needs much less kneading0 and then rolling and cutting. No one has ever noticed the difference.

Feb 21, 2011
kennyr in Features

Visiting LA & looking for quintessential Hollywood experience!

Unique LAHollywood? Try the 101 Diner, Pinks, Langers Deli, Palms Thai, any Taaco Wagon with a line.

Jun 23, 2008
kennyr in Los Angeles Area