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Nice place for drinks and apps near I-95 and Rt.4 - E.Greenwich - North Kingstown RI

Hi, newish to the area and looking for a nice place to have drinks and apps or dinner mid-week. This is for sort of a first date. I liked 1149 in EG but a little concerned about the priciness of it , the food quality and valet parking. We want to be comfortable, not having been to 1149 would be interested if its very upscale and dressy?

The only other places I can think of are Sienna and 20 Water Street. Is the view at Water Street
worth a trip there? Not interested at this point in Providence as we are coming from opposite areas and meeting.

In Narragansett I like Spain and Trio, but for now they aren't options. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Water Street Restaurant
131 North Water Street, Edgartown, MA 02529

Palio (Jericho)- yes? Recs for Similar

Trying again...interested Palio - with no prices given online, is it worth a try?
Any other recs appreciated. Thanks!

Palio (Jericho)- yes? Recs for Similar

Looking for dining recs around Uniondale. Palio seems a good choice; looking for good food as well as ambiance. No prices given online may mean $$$.

Also, any other somewhat upscale, fine restaurant recommendations are welcome. French, Continental, doesn't matter as long as the food is good.


Surfin' Tacos - Wakefield

I've been wanting to try that place for a while now. I had that fish taco last weekend. It was like eating slivers of bacala...cardboardy, dry - flavorless. The taco shell, greasy. Even the slaw couldn't redeem it. Mine had no cheese.

The staff were accommodating and I got a bland quesedilla in place of the fish taco. However, there was no reason to question me at some length as to why I didn't like it, which was rather uncomfortable. I don't send food back unless it is inedible.

Maybe they should use tilapia or something.

DC had a chicken burrito. It's Overpriced. We won't be back

Rhode Island Clam Chowder?

Aunt Carries does white and also clear. They may do red also. I know some of us aren't partial to Carries but the shore dinner or whatever meal I had there was OK.

Romantic Dinner in Castine/Acadia area

The Pentagoet Inn serves dinner during the week as well as weekends. IIRC the Pentagoet serves dinner to non-guests as well as those staying there. It's a very comfortable Inn and romantic, with antique furnishings and gabled rooms. Breakfast is lovely with a variety of fruit and hot and cold selections.

Have not stayed at Castine Inn; it's across the street from Pentagoet and it is more expensive.

The Ship in Lynnfield

The original Ship did serve a to die for Caesar Salad...along with amazing seafood dishes...

The waiters were dressed in sailor-type uniforms