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North End for the 1st time what next

my wife and i went into the north end last night for dinner. we have lived here all our lives and never been in there for dinner. She had her mind set on Tresca so we ended up there. After dinner, she decided she wanted to eat her way through the north end on our date nights.
any suggestions on what next to try?

Tresca was good, not quite what i expected but good...

233 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

Jul 26, 2011
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

Sam's Bistro in Reading - First Impression.

We walked over to try Sam's last night. We were extremely disappointed with the food. Our waitress was great though. When we walked in, we decided to sit in the bar area which was nicely appointed. The menu is lacking for food choices because we didn't want a big meal only a sandwich. There were only 2 choices, a burger or lobster roll. The main menu looked ok but real pricey. The menu items came with choice of potato and veggie. The food items ranged from 39 dollars to 22 dollars.
We asked our waitress if there was a pub menu to which she replied no. We decided to split the crab cakes. They were terrible and almost not fit to eat. For meals we ordered burgers. They were ok but not worth the 10 dollar price. Our drinks were martini's, or lighter fluid. We have been to the Venitian Moon in the square and the drinks there are far superior. The last drinks, we couldn't even finish.
Unless things change, we probably won't be back. Except for the Venitian Moon, Reading still is lacking a good restaurant. And to make it worse, we have to pay the extra town tax on food....

Jul 31, 2010
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

York Beach Restaurant

homemade/baked... it was excellent.....

York Beach Restaurant

Hi, we just got back from York Beach for a couple of days and went to a horrific restaurant and an outstanding one.

The outstanding:
The 123 Restauraunt and Inn. It is right on the ocean and has outside seating. The food was great. My wife had the Scallops and I had the scallop special with steak. The kids had mac and cheese.
The appitizers we had were haddock bits and the lobster bisque. The haddock bits were pieces of haddock deepfired like poppers and served with a homemade tatar sauce. The lobster bisque was creamy and excellant. We would definitely recommend this to everyone. It was even less expensive that the horrific.

The horrific:
Surf n sun at the Anchorage Motel. We stayed there and the Motel is beyond tired, it is ready for the dog track. The wait staff was pleasant but the hostesses were nasty and unfriendly (both dinner and a breakfast). The kids at the take out window were even worse. The food was all right but that is it. Not a high recommendation.

York Beach Maine

Hi we are taking our first trip to York Beach in the next couple of days. Any recommendations for restaurants? We have done some research but it seems to all over the place with comments

Pavarotti in Reading?

My wife and I went there too... we had a similar experience and as you said: NEVER again

Jul 29, 2009
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

visting wells me

we are visiting wells maine for the first time. any recommendations for restaurants in the area. we looked at restaurants on mile road but can travel further. is the grey gull still around too? friend reocmmended that

Ristorante Pavarotti-review

sorry for the tough read... here is the short version- it was terrible!

Mar 29, 2009
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

Ristorante Pavarotti-review

My wife and I decided to try this new restaurant in Reading Square last night. We arrived before our reservation to find every table full. The owner greeted us and said it would be a minute until we were seated and that was the highlight of our trip. Another couple came in and in our conversation, we both agreeded to miss the old Savory Taste, that had class.

When we sat down our waitress came over and asked us if we were ready to order and would we like a drink. We both said a few minutes. Our drinks arrived promptly. We looked over the menu and ordered with high hopes for a good meal. As people came and go, another couple was seated at the table behind us. Thier waitress came over and told them about tonights specials and other goings on in the kitchen. My wife and I looked at each other in disbelief.

Our food arrived, I ordered the veal margaritta (sp) and my wife ordered veal parm. As we ate she started to laugh and told me the sauce was like contadina she served to our kids the night before. The sauce was bland and had no taste. Both our meals had no taste and although the presentation was good that is where the meals stopped. My veal was in a wine and lemon sautee. It tasted like nothing with no hints of lemon or wine. The potatoes which came with it were cold but the rest of the meal hot. The penne with sauce was not even metza metza. My wife's veal parm looked like it just came out of the box but we both new it wasn't.

The owner strolled around almost in a pushy fashion. He spent alot of time at the table behind us speaking in italian with the other customers. I will leave that alone.

I would strongly recommend eating before going to this restaurant and bring a bull horn to speak across the table. It is loud loud loud loud and the music is loud loud loud. All in all it wasn't a pleasant experience and we won't be back. Our tip reflected the service and meal quality. It is not worth the trip or if you do decide to to go to here, walk up to the Venetian Moon. The food there is 200 times better.

Mar 29, 2009
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

cafe jag in wakefield

For a quick night out last night, we went to this restaurant in wakefield. Even though our meals got a little messed up this restaurant is a keeper. First we ordered the veal oscar but they had run out and then our second choice came a little under cooked, it was still worthwhile experience. The meals were excellent. The owner came over to appologize and they gave us deserts on the house.

We would definitely come back here and this place is not to be missed

Mar 05, 2009
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area

what is happening at the old savory tastes in Reading?

anyone know what is happening and/or what restaurant is going into the old savory tastes?
Steve Bell certainly missed out on not keeping this open.. hopefully the new place will be better....... alot to live up to....

Nov 11, 2008
ikon100 in Greater Boston Area