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Komi -- Is the wine Pairing worth it?

No, not worth it. You much better off bringing a nice white burgundy and a nice red burgundy and paying corkage. The wine parings were not matched well and the wines were mediocre at best. And the timing was off as well, we hade the same issue as LulusMom.

Virginia Ham in Sterling/Tyson's Area?

Although a smithfield ham is the quintessential virginia ham, these 2 places offer other virginia hams as well

Anyone know where to buy bite-size cheesecake?

She's close then to my place, the pastry shop in the Clocktower in Herndon (Le Pastille or something like that) next to Chuck E Cheese did ours.

Anyone know where to buy bite-size cheesecake?

Where are you located? Our local pastry shop provided them to us on request (actually it was their idea), maybe check with your local or convenient pastry shop?

Best Pho - Herndon / Ashburn / Sterling area

Pho 99 in the Clocktower off Centrville Rd/Toll Rd does a good job with Pho

Something casual near the Kennedy Center?

Any one of the Trio: Notti Bianche, Dish or Circle Bistro. I prefer Notti and Circle of the 3.

Question Two: Sushi

Sushi Taro is the best, if you haven't tried that yet you must. If it doens't live up, then you outta luck since you've tried just about all other consistently highly rated places.

best sushi in NoVA?

If its the Tyson's area (based upon your visit to Tachibana), I'd say look no further. Konami is awful, soapy tasting fish, we ordered $120 for lunch 2 weeks ago so I had all kinds.

Jamaican anyone?

What about Jamaican? Anyone know of any DC locations? There is Jamaica Jamaica out by Herndon (about 10 mins for Dulles), but I know there are some DC places.

Staying near Dulles....scared of starving to death

within 15 minutes of your location you can find at least 2-5 joints for each of the following ethnic (salvadorean/so-central american; thai, vietnamese, indian, middle eastern, japanese, chinese, korean), plus a host of bars/pub type joints. All of the references above a good, if your looking for something else or specific, let us know. There is not any great upscale dining within 15 minutes however.

Maine Blueberries

The request was for frozen Maine blueberries; ie wild or low bush. Try Trader Joes. They often are not labeled as Maine blueberries, but you'll know them when you see them.

Aug 10, 2006
v man in Los Angeles Area


It ain't gonna happen, you will not find BBQ remotely passable in the DC metro area if these are real BBQ folks coming from the Capitals of Regional BBQ. Forget it, have thai, veitnamese or indian food, we've got some of the best here in DC and these folks will have nothing to compare it to back home so its a win-win.

Smokin Joes in Gainesville of Rt 29 before you get into Warrenton runs an open pit. He describes his style of Q as "Virginia", his bbq is real and he'll be able to talk the talk, but I don't think you agre going to impress you friends by driving an hour out to Warrenton for that Q.

California ex-pat ISO Tacos (LAX to Santa Barbara)

In Camarillo, Taqueria Tapatio, off Arneill Road. You wont' be disappointed, go with any pork taco or carne asada.

Aug 01, 2006
v man in Los Angeles Area

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

I just did a Taco tasting for the fun of it (grew up in Camarillo) but live on east coast.

Taqueria Tapatio off Arneill in Camarillo rocked, better than the famous La Superica in Santa Barbara (if you are a fan of that place).

Jul 24, 2006
v man in Los Angeles Area

Great Thai in DC Proper?

Dc proper, metro accessible and good (but not sure how "authentic")

Bua Thai, 17th & P
Sala Thai, 21 & P

I eat a lot of Thai and each place does a good job with certain things (ie curries are good at bua, duck is goood at sala)

VA Wine Country Dinner

Moderate and casual out in the Virginia countryside near vineyards:

Mosby's Tavern, Middleburg
Hunter's Head, Upperville
Griffin Tavern, Flint Hill
Thorton River Grill, Sperryville

Each of these places are within 10-15 minutes of at least 2 vineyards, but I can't think of any places closer.

You can locate the wineries nearby by going to