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Best Indian in TO

Prices are great, 10$ or so for mains. I've been to Nataraj, Mount Everest, the two I mentioned in the Junction, a bunch in Brampton and Missassauga and a few in Little India. I've traveled extensively through India as well, and I'm I really think HPSH is something special. There are a bunch of us in the Junction who go there religiously and treat eating there like a religious experience.

Best Indian in TO

I know, it's crazy, with all the amazing Indian and Pakistani restaurants in Little India and Brampton that I should claim the best Indian restaurant in Toronto is in the Junction, but it is....High Park Spicy House on Dundas West has hands down the best Indian food in the city. I challenge anyone to go there, try the butter chicken, fish magic, baigan bartha or palak paneer (those are my four favourites) and tell me otherwise.

The service is also awesome but the decor leaves something to be desired, which is why I think the other Indian restaurants on the same block - Curry Twist and North of Bombay do better. But HPSH is a hidden gem.