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Hot Cider donuts at Somerville Winter Farmers Market,

The great cider donuts that a Cape Cod Bakery has been shlepping in every Saturday Morning are now being made on the premisis.

These are great donuts. I walk over every Saturday, by one for me and one for the wife and another for me, skip home and have a cup of coffee and a real good donut. Sometimes I evan pick up some veggies.

Doors open at 10 AM every Saturday.

Mar 06, 2011
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Chowhound from Boston needs recommendations for February visit to Granada and Seville

Four adults, at least two who are adventurous and one who is not will be visiting Andalucia. Three days each in Granada and Seville.

Please recommend some reasonably priced places for meals and what is best to order in each.

Thank you all in advance.

Jan 24, 2011
grunko in Spain/Portugal

Help! Any good Vietnamese restaurants north of the Charles River?

I keep hearing about the great Vietnamese restaurants and sandwich shops in Dorchester, Quincy, and South of the Charles. How come, with all the great places to eat in Somerville, Cambridge, Watertown and Arlington we have a Vietnamese Desert?

Dec 02, 2010
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Bizarre restaurants in the Boston area?

Well, Redbones downstairs has to meet the standard of "Bizarre" decor. Too bad Mondo's is no longer with us. I discovered it in the pre 80's Quincy Market district with cheap diner food and paintings of over-endowed nude women covering the walls. Oh yes, they never washed the floors. They moved to South Boston near the Fort Point Channel before they disappeared.

55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

Aug 23, 2010
grunko in Greater Boston Area

French Macarons? Portland?

Well I don't know French macaroons from Dutch but the best I have had in a long time are at Scratch Bakery in South Portland. Moist, with crunch and terrific flavor.

Scratch Bakery
South Portland, ME, South Portland, ME

Aug 19, 2010
grunko in Northern New England

The Great Boston Pastry Hunt

Fisichelli's Pastry Shop‎-
55 Union Street, Lawrence, MA‎ - (978) 682-7774‎
I occasionally have business nearby and I have become addicted to their macaroons. I just buy a dozen and eat them on my way back to Boston. Must be 10 kinds. Fresh and wonderful.

The Biscuit, 406 Washington St. Somerville. Good stuff.

Just to name a couple.

Mar 13, 2010
grunko in Greater Boston Area

New Cheap "deals" in Brighton, Newton, Allston?

Well, if you are looking for really cheap, borrow a Costco Card and wander around the food samples on a Saturday.

Feb 18, 2010
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Best Chinese in Cambridge or Somerville

My wife and I are longing for a really good Chinese place. Yes we know about Wang's on Broadway in Somerville. But when we last went (not take-out) it was too dirty for a sit-down meal. There must be more than one good Chinese restaurant in Somerville (where we live), Cambridge, Medford or Arlington. HELP!

Feb 14, 2010
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Craving a Portuguese chourizo stew

I have been very fond of Legal Seafood's Portuguese Fish Stew. Lots of chourizo.

Jul 15, 2009
grunko in Greater Boston Area

market basket strength/weakness?

Yes Stop and Shop is unionized and some Shaws are too, but the nonunionized chains are very expensive: Whole Foods, Roche Brothers and have any of you noticed that the unorganized Shaws (Star Markets etc) have lower prices?

Jul 07, 2009
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Sandwich Panic in Waltham

We order all the time from Matilda's in Watertown. I am sure that they would accomodate you for a saturday order. They do a great job and the price is good.

Mar 03, 2009
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Great Soup

I agree. I have a bowl almost every day. Great chicken, beef and other soups. A selection of at least 3 every day. And they have great pita chips, Price about $5 for a bowl. They often have a great fish soup too, about 8 or 9 bucks.
You just can't go wrong.

Jan 28, 2009
grunko in Greater Boston Area

reputable knife-sharpening service ??

My wife and I second Siraco's. It is a family of knife sharpeners who do great work. We have used them for years.

Nov 14, 2008
grunko in Greater Boston Area

What are your current Top 5 food cravings/addictions North of Boston?

It is the Agawam Diner at the intersection of Rt 1 and 133 in Rowley

Nov 14, 2008
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Boston Chowhound Rites of Passage

My first Chowhound days took place long before there was a Chowhound web site. The greatest discovery was Calvin Trillin's articles on American eating in the New Yorker in the 70's. Later, picking up Jane an Michael Stern's books "Good Food" and "Roadfood" in combination with Trillin writting led me to borrow a motor home from a friend and take my 13 year-old son on a 3000 mile eating trip that started in Somerville and went from there to Katz's Deli on Manhatten's lower East Side and then to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for crab cakes. Then to North Carolina for Moulton's (rest in peace) pulled pork.

The turn-around was the world BBQ festival in Memphis. On the return trip we stopped at the Loveless Motel and Restaurant near Nashville for country ham and then headed up to Cincinatti for 5 way chili. It was truely a great deal of fun. Today my boy is 32. Someday we will hit the trail again.

Oct 06, 2008
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Bushwick? Any recommendations?

For good food? Why of course!

Oct 02, 2008
grunko in Outer Boroughs

Bushwick? Any recommendations?

I am a Boston (Somerville really) Chowhound. I am bringing 9 family members (age range 1.5 to 62) to Brooklyn to visit with family in Brighton Beach.

We have an apartment in Bushwick for Friday and Saturday night. We would like suggestions on good places for breakfast and snacks and maybe dinner on Friday night.

We are driving down so we will have wheels.

Thanks in advance.

Sep 30, 2008
grunko in Outer Boroughs

Where have you always had a bad meal?

Howcome no one has mentioned Spike's. I'm not a regular, but when they opened in Davis Sq we dropped in for tubesteaks and fries and neither was any good. What are they a front for? Or are they just a hang-out for the cast iron stomach crowd?

Mar 03, 2008
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Which ice cream cone do you go out of your way for?

I can get there usually once each summer. Stopped there last August with my 5-year old grandson. It was great!

Feb 08, 2008
grunko in Greater Boston Area

Going to Denver 7/19 - looking for good, local and reasoable food.

I am an old foodie who loves to find the local places that reflect the city and the region. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

Jul 15, 2007
grunko in Southwest

Visiting Denver and Boulder, July 19 to 24. Got any suggestions?

I am a Boston-based foodie who loves to sample the regional specialties and original eateries when I travel. Not real high-end stuff, but the great local food that every village and city has. I call it “urban foraging”. I will be staying at the Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec St.. I will also head up to Boulder for a couple of days to visit old friends.
So any recommendations will be welcome.

Jul 11, 2007
grunko in Southwest