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Would love some help fine-tuning our Vancouver dinner picks

Vij's is very good Indian especially if you're not sold, as it sounds, on that cuisine. You must wait as they don't take reservations. It's worth it.

Octopus' Garden or Tojo's for sushi.

La Cuercia is a must. Small so make a res. now! The name is Italian but the food runs the gamut.

I am not fond of the ambience of DB Bistro Moderne. Market is significantly more pleasing to me.

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

Jul 28, 2010
midmit in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Q American Barbeque

I saw a whole pig being slung into the cavernous smoker last night - late night. Very cool. Can't wait for dinner there Sat. night.

Q American Barbeque

sorry for typo: thought should have been though...

Q American Barbeque

Check this spot out. I don't think Jonathan Eismann's newest Design District location could have had a better opening night. The packed house was entertained with great live music and treated to good beer and lots of shots. This set the stage for the heart of Q which is the Barbecue. The ribs and wings were delicious. Did I taste a very subtle addition of some warm asian 5 spice in either the rub or the sauce? Nice idea to throw the chicken drummettes in the smoker as I felt a real college bar vibe last night, even thought that was 20+ years ago for most of the crowd. Don't know what hours the place will keep but could shape up to be a great late-night spot complete with drink, food and tunes.

Shiso (sushi in miami beach)

I coudn't agree more regarding the use of the leaf in drinks. Unfortunately, I can only take these oversights, on the part of the restaurant, as a sign that their heart's not in it. They have a really cute spot there and I hope they don't give up their chance to succeed by letting the food and drink slide in quality and creativity while getting caught up in their own vibe.

Shiso (sushi in miami beach)

Just popped in to this new Sunset Harbor sushi spot on Friday night for a drink as we'd eaten already and found it to be cozy with a good neighborhood vibe. I have to say I was excited to try the place simply thinking, because of the name, Shiso, they'd have some interesting menu items that included this delicious leaf. I've enjoyed Shiso leaves in the past in Japanese restaurants when they've come as a functional garnish, by wrapping them around a roll or piece of sashimi. They have a delicious, fragrant, herbal flavour and a fuzzy texture. I believe their inclusion on dishes with raw fish are similar to that of pickled ginger in that they can sterilize bacteria the raw fish may have. Anyway, the rest of our group, who were eating, ordered mainly rolls which looked good and most came accompanied by a creamy dip but no shiso leaves. So, I ordered the only menu item that included the leaf, Tempura Shiso Leaves. They were a dissappointment. The cooking process eliminated all of the lovely flavour and texture unfortunately. I tried to order just a couple of raw leaves for the table to sample but the restaurant wanted to charge the same price as the tempura for just a couple of raw leaves so we declined. A small dissappointment. The miso soup, seaweed salad and various rolls were good according to the table.

Regarding beverages, Shiso has Sake cocktails, beer and wine only. The beers interested me especially as their selection of both bottled and draft seemed well-chosen. We really enjoyed our Delirium (a Belgian pale ale) which you don't find everywhere, for $7 a bottle.

Help me pick new Miami Beach restaurants

Regarding Nobu, I have only been to NYC otherwise and do prefer Miami but haven't tried the others. So, 'the best of their bunch' were not my words - just somthing I'd heard. However, while I like Nobu here, I go very occasionally and that is because of the price, location and I don't find the food to be very innovative. I know from many that you must carefully check your bill at the end of the meal and carefully monitor what you ordered with what is brought to your table as they have been know to slip a few things on the table and then the bill; I can't say I've experienced that however. I've not had a bad meal there, I do love the rock shrimp and Black Cod Miso but I've had better sushi and japanese food elsewhere - though not necessarily in Miami

Help me pick new Miami Beach restaurants

Sure. I've been told that the Nobu group, or Myriad, consider the Nobu in South Beach to be their best example of Nobu Matsuhisa's Japanese cuisine. The Nobu of which they are most proud. That's what I meant by 'bunch'. Sorry if it was a little unclear.

Anniversary Dinner - Palme D'Or vs Maison d’Azur

Regarding French restaurants, although perhaps a little more casual than you'd like for this occasion, La Goulue in Bal Harbor can be quite nice. Also I think Au Pied Cochon is opening in the South Point area.

I believe restaurants like Pacific Time and Michael's have a local, dedicated, present chef/owner in the house most days and nights of the week.

Help me pick new Miami Beach restaurants

Do not go to Gotham. I think you will be disappointed. The service was painfully slow for us recently and I've heard that similar complaint from people. The Nobu in Miami Beach is lauded by many, although expensive, and is considered, by the Nobu group, to be the best of their bunch. Scarpetta is conclusively a winner so far, according to the 4 friends who've been there. Govind Armstrong just opened his burger spot on Alton Rd. called 8oz Burger. We're going to try it this weekend. There's a new sushi rest. on 20th in the Purdy/Sunset area of the beach called Shiso. Even though it's not on the Beach, I don't think you should miss Michael's in the Design District for lunch or dinner.

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

well said, I thought the same thing...

Restaurants in Steamboat Springs?

We'll be there over the Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend and are looking for a nice restaurant for dinner that Sunday night for a small group of thirtysomethings. What are your favourite places?

Feb 02, 2009
midmit in Southwest

Suggestions for 40th bday rest. in Denver

Thanks to all. Both places sound good. I think either part of town is possible. What about after dinner? A lounge or low-key dance spot?

Feb 02, 2009
midmit in Southwest

Suggestions for 40th bday rest. in Denver

Would you suggest a good restaurant for 8 ladies celebrating a 40th bday? We're interested in something not too casual and not too posh but with good food and a pretty good scene. What's new there?

Jan 26, 2009
midmit in Southwest

visiting Coral Gables/MIA, your thoughts on my choices so far?

Joe's restaurant is an experience in itself so if you don't have a picnic or boating trip planned, skip the take-away and eat in the restaurant for lunch or dinner but I think they're closed Monday for lunch. Also, you really have to try Michael's. I especially love lunch there. Books and Books is a nice lunch but nothing like Michael's.

Please help select MIA high end dining for group of various ages...

I love both restaurants, Michael's especially, but they can be very loud depending on the night and where you're seated.

Help me pick new Miami Beach restaurants

Michael's is a must; not on the Beach but a 5 min drive. Scarpetta in the Fontainbleau. Asia de Cuba is new on the Beach. Prime 112 or Italian. If you haven't tried Casa Tua you should try it - its a lovely setting and the food can be very good.

Please help select MIA high end dining for group of various ages...

I would not recommend Baleen anymore. Scarpetta though - yes! Asia de Cuba is now here in the Mondrian too. What about the Palm D'Or in the Biltmore?

Miami Recs for 2 visiting New Yorkers...

I agree with Alta Mar on Miami Beach. Not glam. but very fresh fish. Joe's Stonecrab is always great too and not just for the crabs. The lobster bisque and the fried oysters are amazing. Try Garcia's on the Miami River. Its a great setting and very down-to-earth. Also, The Oceanaire is good I've heard.

Best finger-food Cuban caterer?

I'm looking for your favourite Cuban caterer. We're interested in bite-sized Medianoches, Croquettas etc.


Jan 19, 2009
midmit in Florida

All-you-can-eat sushi in Vancouver

Where's the best all-you-can-eat sushi in Vancouver (just Vancouver please)? I've tried Tanpopo and Shin Ju. I've not tried Ebei.

Dec 29, 2008
midmit in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Family celebration in Vancouver

...Monk McQueens maybe (also on False Creek).


South Beach: Spris (Italian-style) the best 'eat-in'. Primo - (Brooklyn-style) the best 'take-out'. The Vodka pizza is amazing!!!!

Jun 13, 2008
midmit in Florida

Seeking advice - Whistler area - Seafood

The Bearfood Bistro is great and has a leaning toward some good regional seafood if I remember correctly. The decor is cozy and the wine/champagne/cocktail list is well constructed.

In addition, I really love Trattoria. While Tuscan Italian I believe, i'm sure they have some local fish/seafood blended in.

Questions re Vancouver dining

1. Vij's as you know doesn't take reservations so go Wednesday rather than Sat for example (earlier in the week) and earlier in the evening. Vij's and Rangoli, while affiliated, are very different dining experiences; Vij's is worth the wait and while you're waiting they usually serve complimentary Chai and spice biscuits. Try their custom micro brew too. Sable Fish (Black Cod) is one of my favs.

3. Nanaimo might be too far East to make an early flight Sunday. Chongqing Seafood restaurant has great Dim Sum. #205 - 1668 W. Broadway, 604-734-1668. Call to double-check but I think they open at 9am.

In Yaletown I love Rodney's Oyster Bar for the amazing Caesars (Canadian Bloody Mary). They grate fresh horseradish into them. The oysters are great too,

Currently in Vancouver, where should we eat?

Check out Vancouver Magazine's 19th Annual Restaurant Awards. Its a very helpful article with all the location information you'll need.

My personal favourites are: Vij's for high-end Indian, Il Giardino for high-end Italian, Terra Breads for a quick lunch on amazing bread, I won't miss a burger at a White Spot when I'm back but some visitors don't like the grizzly patty (it's a nostalgic thing), Seigel's Bagels, Dunbar Brick Oven Pizza, Chambar, Bridges Patio (more for view than food), the Ceasar (Canadian Bloody Mary) and fresh oysters at Rodney's in Yaletown, Greek food anywhere between MacDonald and Alma streets on West Broadway, any pastry from The Bonton bakery and the Sheep's Milk Feta from Dusos and the donuts from Lee's in the Granville Island Public Market.

vancouver with 2 kids in july

Correction: re picnic, I meant as 'waver' suggested....

vancouver with 2 kids in july

I should also add that when you're on Granville Island you can walk West along the sea wall to Vanier Park where there are a number of museums suitable for children; not to mention the wide-open spaces to run. You could get a picnic lunch together as Sam Salmon suggests and head over there to the Pacific Space Center (Planitarium), Vancouver Maritime Museum or see a Shakespeare play during Bard on the Beach.

Help Me Wrap My Brain Around Granville Island

Most of the small vendors are in the Public Market and therefore all have the same or similar addresses. You will find Terra and others by just wandering through but if you want specifics, Terra is on the West side where most of the little restaurants can be found. Lee's donuts are great - try their plain honey cake version. The Stock Market has great soups, the Indian food is great at Curry 2 U, I love the antipasti at Duso's, try the fudge at Olde World Fudge and the sausages at Oyama.

vancouver with 2 kids in july

Great list above. Where will you be staying in Vancouver?