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Eating London?

A new Peruvian takeout place just opened at 137 Wellington Street, where El Pinolero used to be. It's called Pollos Micky (I think?) and they do a pretty good pollo a la brasa. Their menu says that anticuchos are available on weekends, which is exciting.

El Pinolero
137 Wellington St, London, ON N6B, CA

Eating London?

My faves:

-Billy's Deli for breakfast
-Hong Ping for Chinese
-Shiki for Japanese/sushi
-True Taco for legit Mexican tacos
-El Pinolero for nacatamales
-Bondi's for pizza
-Rei dos Leitoes for rotisserie chicken
-The Only on King
-Thuan Kieu for Vietnamese

Eating London?

I will vouch for the Only, it was the best meal I've had in London. I brought my sister there (visiting from Calgary) and she thoroughly enjoyed it too, especially considering that tasting menus there often cost double what they charge at the Only.

Best Sushi (London, Ontario)

Hey Torontogirl85,

My personal favourite place for sushi in London is Shiki (715 Wellington Road). I'm not sure about Toronto, but I used to live in Montreal and Shiki stacks up decently well with the better places there. I've heard that they get fish shipments on Wednesday, so you may want to go them for the freshest possible experience. They also have a fairly extensive menu of non-sushi items, which I personally appreciate.

I also like Taika (500 Oxford Street West), and I've also heard very good things about Shogun (1170 Wellington Road) though I haven't made it there myself.

Trying to find *Jerk chicken* in London Ontario

I can vouch for Trini Town, it's the best Caribbean I've had in London. We're talking slim pickings though; as far as I know, you can only get jerk chicken at Trini Town, Jambalaya, Island Style and one of the stalls in Covent Garden Market.

Trying to find *Jerk chicken* in London Ontario

Still open, but they've moved to Dundas between Talbot and Richmond.

Chinese Food in London, Ontario?

I too enjoyed Tasty Coast, it was definitely a cut above the average London Chinese joint. I can confirm that there are a few Indonesian and Malaysian dishes on the menu (Nasi Goreng etc.) but I was disappointed that their rijsttafel (rice table) was comprised of Chinese food as opposed to Indonesian food. The rice table menu changes every two weeks so perhaps I was just unlucky, but I was a little disappointed not to get a legit Dutch-Indonesian rijsstafel...

Ugh! Can't get a good pizza in London, Ont

Has anybody tried Rico's on Trafalgar, east of Highbury? I've heard good things...

Peruvian food in London, Ontario?

Rocoto shut down a couple of months ago, unfortunately. Hopefully another Peruvian place takes its place.