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Many years ago I would go to a place called Mr. Swiss in Cumming on hwy 9 right before you hit the square. They had the best flat biscuits. I even remember thursday was salmon day I believe. Has anyone been there as of late? If not where can you get a good flat biscuit around here?, like the ones at Old Chickhominy House in Williamsburg VA.

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

I have to admit that this one was new to me. I keep an office in Chamblee and eat asian 2-4 times a week and didnt think anything off Buford Hwy would come close, but this place is great. I had a similar chinese restaurant past greens liquor store on the right in a new two story center that has since changed owners that I thought was the best.They had and still do the same dry eggplant dish that rocks. It is a shame that most things that pass for chinese are so greasy and slimy...... Tasty China does not leave you with that sick feeling - dont mistake the chili oil for regular greasy chinese.

I had the dan dan noodles that were in the chili oil with minced beef and scallions - excellent
fish and cilantro rolls - are you kidding I'll take 9 please
shan city twice cooked pork - wafer thin slices of pork cooked with leaks, almost a dry style, not woodear mushrooms cloaked in that cloying sauce you get elsewhere
And I love the ambience!

The day the pub died in Atlanta

that's entertaining

Colonial Williamsburg

yes yes yes..............blye talon and fat canary. awesome. flat ham biscuits at the chickhominy house(sp) are nuts...a little yellow mustard ...........aaahhhhh
get one for the ride home

Jun 09, 2008
PFAinATLANTA in Mid-Atlantic

The day the pub died in Atlanta

I know there are alot of "pubs" in Atlanta, but none of them are any good. Maybe I am not aware of the ones you have in mind. I think the quality of the stout is purely from having lines cleaned on time and the turnover. By the way no offense taken.

The day the pub died in Atlanta

I was there the day the original Fado's opened and the day it closed, not to mention a thousand or so times between the two. I liked it, alot. Everyone I know did too....question is why is the new one like being at Disney World? Not to be harsh but it sorta totally sucks. The true faithful agree with me............something about rap and a pint don't mix. I lift a pint in fond memory.... to the question "How are you" Dave would say "sh*tty" thats I how I describe the new fados.

Sushi Shakedown

Being an old Soto regular I all but gave up on sushi in atlanta (please dont mistake the stuff that is served in the mall steak houses as sushi). I have been reborn with TOMO on 41 in the Kroger shopping center. I have heard that Soto is having mixed reviews in New York. I miss that place so much - for those in the know it was always an experience. I always enjoyed watching a new face in utter confusion or terror if Soto became angered, great memeories.

five foodies coming to atlanta

My personal pick for Italian would be Soto Soto (313 north highland) its great, everything thats been said about Alfredo's so far is spot on - it is unusual and quirky but I dont think I would make an out of town trip there (albeit the bread is addictive!) not to mention its location (adult activity)
Floataway cafe is an excellent choice.
If you have any lunch needs you owe it to yourself to travel Buford Hwy cooridor Little Saigon had the best PHO you have eaten, its at the back of a shopping center at Dresden and Buford Hwy
Killer Korean - So Kong Dong 5280 Buford Hwy - amazing tofu soup and awesome korean bbq
Mings BBQ in asian square shopping center - true experience