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Dinner at Fare Start in April

Thanks for the reality check, bourbongal.

I am totally on board with the Fare Start mission and your comments have helped me focus on what should be the main priority. I understand that the purpose of the evening is much more than a culinary experience. We'll be taking our two young boys, and I'm hoping that they will come away from the meal with a sense of how people and organizations can make a meaningful, positive impact in a community.

You've articulated perfectly the true importance of the evening. We are planning to be there for the graduation ceremony at 7:00.

Thanks again.

Mar 01, 2015
tadhg555 in Greater Seattle

Dinner at Fare Start in April

I will be visiting Seattle from Oakland for four nights in April, and I was excited to try Fare Start's Guest Chef Night on April 9. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed to discover that Il Fornaio is the restaurant for that night--I was hoping for something more unique to Seattle, not a chain.

Can anyone tell me anything about Guest Chef Franz Junga (from Il Fornaio)? Is it still worth trying Fare Start? I really respect their mission and I want to support them, but I also want a quality meal. Of course I'll check out the menu when it's posted, but wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.

Feb 27, 2015
tadhg555 in Greater Seattle

Best Jewish style deli in Houston?

Alas, I was but a lowly stockboy/dishwasher. Took the gig for the free food and good conversation.

Apr 20, 2012
tadhg555 in Houston

Best Jewish style deli in Houston?

That's sad to hear. My first job in Houston (during college) was at Kahn's. Mike's an incredible guy, and his sandwiches were terrific!

Apr 19, 2012
tadhg555 in Houston

Houston circa 1992 - epicureal nostalgia

Returning to Houston along with my wife and kids for a brief visit in May after two decades in the Bay Area. I'm looking to recreate some of my early-90's culinary experiences, and am hoping some folks on this board can point me in the right direction (or at least the general area).

We'll be with the kids 24/7 so this won't be a time for high-end meals -- just kid friendly and fun, with a focus on the places Dad used to go when he was young and carefree.

Many of these spots may be gone or so transformed that they may as well be gone. If that's the case, can anyone recommend a better replacement?

Here's my list:

Cortes Deli for migas. I know they're gone, but where can you go for good migas in Houston now?

Chuy's for the 911 Hot Plate. I'm sure after September 11 they've renamed this dish, but does it still exist? Is Chuy's worth it?

Chinese Cafe for sweet and sour prawns and everything Chinese. Still there?

Star Pizza for the Joe's Special.

59 Diner for the kids.

Last Concert Cafe for the ambiance. I can't remember the food.

Thanks in advance...

Apr 18, 2012
tadhg555 in Houston

Pre-theater dinner... Cafe Boulud?

My wife and I will be traveling from the Bay Area to NYC for the first time in over 10 years. We're hoping to catch a show, but haven't decided what or where yet. We do know that we're staying at The Surrey, so I wanted to get some impressions of Cafe Boulud--especially in terms of its appropriateness as a pre-theater option.

We enjoy eating out here in the East Bay area. Chez Panisse, Bay Wolf, Camino and Lalime's are our favorites, if that gives any idea of our tastes.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Cafe Boulud
20 East 76th St., New York, NY 10021

Jun 19, 2011
tadhg555 in Manhattan

La Bedaine on Solano still open?

Their phone number has been disconnected or is out of service, and I don't want to drive all the way just to find out they're yet another victim of the recession...

Does anyone know what their status is?

Wedding Cake in East Bay?

We got our cake (and plates of cookies) from Masse's Pastries in North Berkeley (1469 Shattuck Ave). They were terrific.

I'd second Sweet Adeline as a wonderful shop, too.

Favorite Holes in the Wall (East Bay)

Just for fun, I'm looking for some ideas for small (but nice) restaurants in the East Bay. The smaller the better.

So far I've come up with:

Diggs Bistro
Wood Tavern

Where else can people come up with?