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Le Select Bistro and The Fat Belgian (downtown Toronto)

LS has a great atmosphere, it is unpretentious and welcoming. I have gone a few times for Steak Tartare, it has been delicious every time!


Just wanted to post as I had a great dining experience there this week. The decor is amazing! The food was delicious and the service fantastic. Everyone working there was extremely friendly and I really left feeling like I had nothing but good things to say about the experience there.

I would recommend this restaurant!!!

Aug 06, 2008
travelismylife in Chicago Area

Best Korean BBQ in Korea Town?


Have sampled a few in Korea Town/Annex and just wondering which is the best one?


Where to buy Chorizo (from Spain) or French Saucisson in TORONTO?

Thanks everyone!!

Best French restaurant

You are right, Biff's is great. The food is delicious, the service is spot on and the atmosphere is comfortable.

In addition Le Select is a nice bistro/resto. Steak Tartare is very good there.

Where to buy Chorizo (from Spain) or French Saucisson in TORONTO?

I miss Spanish and French cured meats! I cannot seem to find authentic dried spanish Chorizo, Salchichon or even a french saucisson like Rosette de Lyon. Does anyone know where I can go in Toronto to buy these?

Thanks for your help!

I am going to check out Salumeria today as I read an old post recommending this.