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Bad Experience at Melt in Park Slope

We had a 6:15 reservation at Melt last Sunday, but when we got there (on time) we were told that it had been given away. According to the host, another party sat down at our table and refused to get up (yeah, right!). Believe that and there's a bridge I want to sell you.
He then told us that we could have a table in 10 or 15 minutes, but forom the looks of where people were with their dinners, I estimated that it would be at least a half hour before we got seated.
I then noticed that the tables along the far wall were empty and so I asked if we could be seated there. He said no because they were reserved.
So, it was okay to give away are res., but not somebody eles's? What's going on here? There was no mea culpa, no "let me buy you a drink for your trouble", no nothing.
By this time we were so disgusted that we just walked out. I have been to Melt several times prior to this night and the service has always been satisfactory, and the food better than average. Needless to say that I will never go back again. Has anyone had experiences like this besides me. I'd love to know.

Mar 27, 2007
birdie50 in Outer Boroughs

Any great muffins in Brooklyn?

check out margaret palca bakes in columbia heights. The best I've had and reasonable.

Feb 16, 2007
birdie50 in Outer Boroughs


I agree. Their bagels are not too big or too doughy, and they have a nice glaze that makes them a little crunchy.

Feb 08, 2007
birdie50 in Outer Boroughs

Nice / Cool place needed for 15 people for an after-wedding Dinner!

Check out Al Di La. I had my 60th birthday dinner there last night in the wine bar for 14 people. It was fantastic. Of course, the food is always excellent, but the space also served us well. There were people at the wine bar, but they were up front, while we had a nice intimate spot in the back and hardly noticed the others.

Jan 25, 2007
birdie50 in Manhattan

great hamburger in brooklyn

If it's good enough for peter Luger's (minus the herbs) it's okay with me. My wife had the pecan chicken and she said it was good. I tasted it and agreed.
The overall experience was very good. Good service too. I would definitely go back.

Jan 23, 2007
birdie50 in Outer Boroughs

great hamburger in brooklyn

Went to The Red Cafe last night and had their burger. Delicious, good hard roll, good fries. They pour herbed butter over the burger,mmmm! Not cheap though ($14).

Jan 20, 2007
birdie50 in Outer Boroughs