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Mill Street Brew Pub Sunday brunch recos.

I was there this past sunday for brunch. It's nothing special, with whole wheat wonder bread served up with your eggs. I had the omelette (there's only one). The menu isn't extensive - only about 8 items, plus their regular menu items.
check out their website for details:

Suggestions for "Homey" non-pretentious, but good food in West End Downtown

I had dinner at Julie's Cuban on saturday night for my birthday and I would recommend it. It's on Dovercourt, just north of Queen. It's romantic and quirky. The portions were so huge we didn't have room for dessert.

Niagara/NOTL Romantic getaway suggestions

I suggest Black Walnut Manor.
It's a beautiful B&B in Vineland, close to many vineyards with fabulous to die for breakfasts. Although I didn't stay at the Inn on the 20, when I visited it and Jordan, I felt like I was in a pre-fabricated town - like a movie set.
We had dinner at Vineland Estates as part of a package deal with Black Walnut and it was a wonderful evening.
For wineries - Flat Rock Cellars - see if they have any bottles of Twisted left, Fielding Estates is good too
Have fun!

Torontonian Chow needs recs for Charlotte

If Uptown is deserted in the evenings, where would you suggest two single women in their 30s go out? We're not looking for a 'scene' just a place to hang out and relax after a long day of conference sessions. Thanks for all the recs so far!

Torontonian Chow needs recs for Charlotte

WOW, thanks for the responses so far! What neighbourhood would I be in - Uptown? It helps when I'm trying to figure out how far places are.

Torontonian Chow needs recs for Charlotte

My colleague and I will be in Charlotte from Sunday July 15 - Friday July 20th for a conference and will be staying at the Westin Charlotte on 601 South College Street.

We're in need of recs for nearby grocery/corner stores for some breakfast items & fruit, lunch locales that are close to the hotel and dinner recs for wherever a cab can take us.

We're big beer drinkers, preferring brew pub or microbreweries, so send us those recs too!
Also a good non-chain coffee place with fairtrade, organic coffee.

Thanks! Looking forward to your help and visiting your city.

Kirby burger

What a blast from the past! I worked there throughout highschool (friends with original owners) as did most of my friends. It was great back in the early 90s when everything was made fresh on the premises. We'd have line-ups out the door all weekend in the summer. It certainly isn't what it used to be. And the Kirby Sauce isn't anything to be afraid of, depending on who made it!

Anniversary dinner

Looking forward to a 2 year anniversary in June and looking for a great place to celebrate. Prefer downtown core, but willing to travel by TTC, he loves seafood, I don't, would like a place that will feel celebratory, but not break the bank (say around $150, not including wine)
I was thinking Rosebud?

Favourite Niagara wineries to visit?

I stayed at the Black Walnut Manor in Vineland last year. We had a candlelit dinner prepared by the owner on the front porch, then had dinner the second night at Vineland Estates. It was part of a weekend deal. The breakfasts were divine! The BWM is a beautiful B&B and the owner is incredibley knowledgeable about the area & which wines to purchase where. She directed us to Flat Rock Cellars to purchase their "Twisted" and to Fielding Estates (close to Eastdell) to pick up a limited supply of a wine made especially for their daughter's wedding.
Have a great trip!

Lunch Bay & Wellesley Area

I'll be at the Ministry buildings tomorrow (Bay & Wellesley) and a group of us will be looking for a lunch destination within walking distance. We'd be willing to walk about 10-15 minutes either direction.
Looking for a spot with lunch mains between $10-15. Open to all food options.

Recs for romantic dinner by Hummingbird

My partner and I will be going to see the Soweto Gospel Choir at the Hummingbird Centre on a Tuesday night at the end of February and are looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner. As we're saving our Valentine's Day dinner for that night, price isn't an object. Looking forward to suggestions.

Dinner Recs for Bloor West (btwn Jane & Royal York)

I'm not too familiar with Bloor West and need some suggestions for a restaurant to take out of town family for dinner. We're looking for something moderately priced and are open to all food styles.
The family will be staying at Bloor & Royal York so we prefer some options in this neighbourhood, or within a 10 minute walking distance

Restaurant Recs for St. Lawrence/Old Town Area - $15-20 range

My partner and I are hosting his parents from out of town (and other family members) and we're looking for a good spot to eat that has great food and good value ie. entrees between $15-20 range.

Barrier Free Dining

There is an Accessible Dining Guide for Toronto produced by the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto available for $5. It compiles information gathered by consumers - but I can't guarantee the restaurants chosen are quality!
The web address is