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New Pizza, Carroll Gardens

Well I have anxiously been awaiting the opening of this pizza place for months now, ever since I first got a peek in the room last December, while having some drinks at PJ Hanley's. The room is adorable - I love the exposed brick - and it has a very cozy atmosphere due to the dim lighting. The brick oven adds extra charm. I finally got in there to actually taste the pizza over the weekend.

It was worth the wait. The service was good, the dough was nice & crisp (just slightly charred on the edges) and the blend of cheeses was very flavorful. All in all, it hit the spot. In my opinion, pizza is best when its kept simple, I was not at all bothered by the lack of toppings.

The best part about South Brooklyn Pizza is, of course, its proximity to PJ Hanleys...right next door. This will be a spot I'll be frequenting regularly this summer, and I believe it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

May 28, 2008
jmac9000 in Outer Boroughs