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Best Pho?

No one has mentioned it yet but Al Hues Bakery & Deli off of University in St. Paul is a hidden gem. We call it the "Back Door" because it's located on the alley behind the Krua Thailand restaurant. All the soups are good. Also try the meatball 'sandwich' - not really a sandwich, but 2 meatballs in a bowl with delicious broth served with a french roll for dipping. The meatballs have little quail eggs in their centers - fantastic!

Oct 01, 2011
wtongen in Minneapolis-St. Paul

When did fake crab meat become so ubiquitous? And why isn't anyone else complaining?

OK, OK, so general consensus is that imitation crab is inferior. Big surprise. However, enough peeps have indicated that imitation crab (surimi) is a foodsuff in-and-of-itself. Chances are we are stuck with it and crab is likely to get more scarce over time.

So what brands, styles (flake vs. sticks) and products of imitation crab are best? Which ones have the best texture, crab flavor (crabbiness?). hold up in recipes, etc.??? Let's hear some imitation crab reviews. Anyone care to contribute?

Aug 13, 2010
wtongen in General Topics