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Pittsfield Local Artisanal Market expansion

Actually includes local butchers who will source locally, and sustainably...and cricket creek cheese....and a wonderful baker. They will cater and provide their own specialties in that space.
They are all young, talented and on the right track

Fun Restaurant in Boston

Taking two 18 years olds to Boston for Monday night. They appreciate good food, but we would like to take them some place that has energy and is fun. Suggestions?

Festive Dinner in Vt

Dinner for my daughter's 18th Birthday in the area between Middlebury VT and Burlington?

Pho Saigon in Lee, Mass., anyone?

We live in the area, and like Pho. The staff is friendly. The soups are good. The summer rolls are good too. Had a shrimp dish last week and it was fresh tasting and good. We usually share a few things. I think when it is very busy, the service can be slow, but I am usually there during the week when it is not crowded, and have always been pleased.

Fresh Ricotta Cheese in NW CT or Western MA

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh ricotta cheese in Litchfield County or Western Ma?
I used to be able to buy it on occasion from a farm stand near Litchfield, but they are closed.
My husband wants some for Christmas.

South Egremont, Massachusetts

Martins is a great breakfast. But be aware...it is cash only. I got stuck once with a bill and no cash.

"Downtown" Kent, CT?

Yes, there are a few nice places in Kent. There is the Fife and Drum, which is dependable and very New England. There is Doc's, which recently moved from New Preston to Kent.
There is a new restaurant, which I have not been to, I am not sure of the name, I think it is called Blue...Something, but it is also supposed to be quite good. There is a Japanese Restaurant, which I have heard has recently gotten better called Wasabi. There is Kent
Coffee and Chocolate for pastries, as well as Belgique and there is Panini.
And for inexpensive food there is Caralees, so there are now choices in Kent

Very Blueberry Muffins

I used to have a great blueberry muffin recipe from the Loaves and Fishes Cookbook (store in Sagaponack NY). I moved and lost the cookbook. Does anyone have it? It made the most unbelievable muffins. I will try this recipe and see how it is.

Jul 08, 2008
patriciaghubbard in Recipes

old inn at southfield store.

I know the store well. It is owned by the same owner as the Old Inn on the Green, but is slightly off of 57 in the tiny town of Southfield. It has the same baker as the Inn. It is open for dinner, Thurs. Frid. Sat and Brunch on Sunday. During the week breakfast and lunch. On Thursday night the chef (who is from Oaxaca) serves great Mexican food. They have a liquor license. You can have everything there from great BLT with local bacon ...the baked goods are amazing. Today I saw two men in shirts and ties eating outside under the umbrella, a bearded kid reading and eating his lunch, and an older gentleman reading his book, with lunch and a glass of wine. It is charming. Delicious. Not cheap, but highly recommended!