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I know it has many detractors, but I've always had good luck with steamers and oysters at Legal Seafoods. Not always so much with mussels, though I've had some very good batches, too.

Instacure #1

I agree. I think it's the same as pink curing salt, which WS carries.

I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so! . . . at least with my Knives.

The Tojiro Gyuto has gotten a lot of raves here. I've gotten one and like it a lot. It's also at a real good price on Amazon.


I got the 21cm (8.3 inch) blade

May 04, 2015
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Looking for Fromager d'Affinois BLUE

I saw a Humbolt Fog in Burlington at Wegman's. I bet they carry some D'Affinois, just not sure about the blue.

Looking for Fromager d'Affinois BLUE

The most recent Cooks Illustrated rates the regular Fromage D'Affinois as their highest rated supermarket Brie.

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

Not to be a pedant, but what doea "lo and behold" mean in that context?

Looking for Sunday brunch - Lowell, Andover, Chelmsord, Dracut area

Aprile's European in Chelmsford might be able to accomodate either size.
Also, if dim sum is a possibility, you could give China Star Dim Sum Lounge in Lowell a try.

Woburn Food crawl for Birthday

Don't want to cross the highway for a drink and XLB at Sichuan Garden?

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

There it is

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

Beijing in Lexington Center, perhaps?
What is it you're looking for, exactly?

Vitamix 6300 from Costco is junk!!

Yes, check with Costco, I'm sure that they'll make it good. I have to say my 6300 has been running fine for more than a year, and the device looks like new, despite hearing many gripes about the Costco model.
Just got my brother a Blendtec, which Costco just started carrying. Looks like it'll be a winner, too.

Apr 06, 2015
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Pre-ballet dining

JM Curley or Bogie's Place?

Best beef tartare?

The Bancroft in Burlington does a nice version

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

I think I've had 'em at Udupi Bhavan in Lowell

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

Is that the pastry called vada?

Kitchen shears or scissors you recommend?

I love my Shun shears. The ones with the asymmetric finger holes. Easy come apart for cleaning, very strong, easy to use.


Apr 02, 2015
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Go To Thai?

I thought that might be it, but had started the error. Went to Bangkok City, which was very good: We ate off the Thai menu in the back. The Salt fish Fried Rice was very good, as was the spicy squid dish (i forget the name)
Got to try Pho Basil, the line there is always long.

Go To Thai?

I meant Pho Basil, not Thai Basil, whoops. Anyone got thoughts on Pho Basil? I know they're both Vietnamese and Thai,

Ethnic breakfasts?

China Pearl is not bad, but spottier. Can get some not so fresh dishes. Variety is pretty good though.
China Star is generally very good. If they don't have what you want on the carts, you can usually ask for it, and they'll bring it out, nice and fresh.

Go To Thai?

Anybody got an opinion on Thai Basil or Bangkok City? I'm thinking of going to one or the other before Symphony.


Steve's House of Pizza in Bedford is still there: purveyor of a standard greasy Greek style pizza, not bad, but not unique. The same could be said for the cheese steak, and many in town prefer the cheese steak at the slightly better known Bedford House of Roast Beef, particularly the Jack's special, with James River BBQ sauce on it.

Ethnic breakfasts?

I've just skimmed this thread. I see you're going up to Lowell for Heng Lay. Good choice, though I haven't tried much on the menu, yet. As long as you're willing to head up to Lowell, has anyone suggested China Star to you? Really good dim sum. Make sure you go to China Star Dim Sum on Middlesex St, not the one on Broadway. They serve dim sum from 9am to 3pm.

Are electric can openers worth it?

Mar 26, 2015
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Have it at Sichuan Garden in Woburn with one of Ren's Trader Vic's Mai Tais. Great pairing!!

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

Thanks for the update OC. Good news, as one of the owners is apparently about to open Hilo in the vacated Dalya's space in Bedford!

Where to take four young kids in Cambridge/Somerville

I think there was a dip for a while, but went recently and was quite pleased.

Where to take four young kids in Cambridge/Somerville

East Coast Grill? If you can get in the Tiki room, that's fun for kids. Plus the waiters are usually generous with the animal shaped cocktail decorations, my kids loved those at that age. Reasonable choices: some BBQ, seafood for those who will eat it, even the grilled veggie platter of the day was a big hit with my picky daughter during her vegetarian days.
Gran Gusto's fine, though

The Rise of Boston: America's Next Great Food Town

To be fair, the caption on the photo does identify it as a Branzino... or branzini

Oisa Ramen Pop Up Tickets on Sale NOW

Look at the address on the website. Click on any of the dates as if you're purchasing. It's in Martin's Coffee Shop, 35 Harvard St in Brookline