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wk end buffet greater lowell area

Take 'em to Udupi Bhavan for a South Indian Buffet, if the group's not too big.

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

Yet very few for Bondir Concord.

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

What about Concord. It's not as far a trip for you as Boston, and it's not Cambridge.
The new Bondir in Concord is a lovely space and, I think, meets your criteria for dark, not family friendly, and cool.
Also I'd take a look at 80 Thoreau.

ISO Boston Shave Ice

2nd Snowdaes!

Looking for a good-quality, SMALL gas grill

How small? I have a Weber Q series. It's fast, gets really hot, but only has one burner. I think there's a Q that's slightly larger (still small) with two burners, though.
Check here:

Aug 04, 2014
justbeingpolite in Cookware


If you like big bellies:
last time I had the fried clam plate, and it was about 8-10 HUGE softshell clams with enormous bellies, almost too big! It was just after a red tide ended, so maybe the clams had all grown?


The Lobster Pool by Halibut Point

Getting into Island Creek Oyster Bar

Did you call, or check Open Table? Sometimes if you call, they'll have spots not listed, particularly early (say 5:30 or 6)

Using a steel on Japanese knives?

Interesting. Thanks, guys

Jul 21, 2014
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Looking for wood *chunks* appropriate for smoking fish

You can get apple chunks (and mesquite and cherry, I think) many places, including Sears or Ace Hardware stores. I've used apple, mesquite, and no wood at all, just briquets or hardwood low and slow , with good success for bluefish.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I know I don't know the whole story, and may be being duped, but I like the whole "Arthur T's a great guy, a man of the people" mythology, and will probably support the boycott, until I hear a strong opposing argument.

Using a steel on Japanese knives?

One comment about the draw through sharpener. Most of the new ones have an "asian knife" slot with an angle of 15-18 degrees. If you look at the photo zackly posted, there is indeed an "asian knife" slot on his/her sharpener. As for steels, the one Shun recommends has "micro-ribs", maybe that would be better?

Using a steel on Japanese knives?

Shun sells a steel with a template to angle for their blades. As long as you use the appropriate angle, you're probably ok. As for the sharpener, given your inherent laziness, go for it. You won't damage the blades more than sharpening them poorly on a stone.

Jul 20, 2014
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Best new ethnic restaurants in Cambridge/Somerville?

Just had a pretty good chile relleno at Tu y Yo.
Just saying.
Nice sauce, like the pomegranate.

Lobster Blues

My kids say "exoskeletons"

Lobster Blues

Yes. yes it does. It makes me feel much better, thank you.
I'm claiming provenence for my brother.

Won't demand it for "bugs", though.

Lobster Blues

My brother was using the term 30 years ago. Not a SK reader to my knowledge. I personally have tasted a "rubbery" taste with banded lobsters, so I put em in sans bands. Haven't had an issue with snapping, just gotta be a little more careful.

Lobster Blues

Nice looking pile of bugs! You don't find that leaving the rubber bands on the claws affects the taste?

Miracle Fruit in Boston

True, true....just trying to help OC out.

Miracle Fruit in Boston

Well, there is a link towards the end of the article to a grower in Florida who will ship the berries.

Lulu's Allston, anyone been yet?

What You're Saying:
"Gee this menu is a lot more interesting than that suggested by that less-than-helpful Globe 'Quick Bite', don't you think?"


I was in today; they were offering the "shaved snow", the hawaiian type shave ice, and something called korean shave ice, I think. I had some coconut shaved snow with plain moochi and condensed milk drizzle. Delicious! if it's really lower in calorie than froyo like that, I'd take it every time.
BTW, the BonChon next door has improved significantly since it first opened, much higher quality wings now (meatier, though still quite small, which I like)

Not too crowded, hope they do well and stay in business.

accessories for the outdoor cook

I'm not sure what cleobeach has in mind with thongs and spatulas, but it sounds fun!!
If you want to be a little tamer:
I recently got a Maverick remote thermometer, and love it.
Heavy duty heat proof gloves for pulling stuff off the smoker or grill.

Moving to Medford . . . What are the local haunts?

I also like the billerica sichuan gourmet best, but if I were "out" for a nicer ambiance, and especially drinks, too, I'd definitely go to Sichuan Garden 2 in Woburn. And, in fact, for some dishes (Chonqing Chicken, I'm looking at you) there's no real drop in quality.

Moving to Medford . . . What are the local haunts?

Haven't been, but the rumour is that the W Medford Regina's is one of their better outposts. Can anyone verify?

BBQ Spare Ribs

Nice looking slab!

Del Frisco's Steakhouse

All that negative stuff said...if you still want to go and stay in the suburbs..I think the outpost near the Burlington Mall is to open in two days...
Or you could try (and tell us about) the Bancroft, a new steak house on 3rd ave (by the Burlington Mall and the new Wegmans), just opened by the folks from Gibbet Hill

ice cream stand?

Thank You, Allstonian! I knew someone would be able to explain what ice cream base was. So apparently Richardson's sells their own base to Bedford Farms.

ice cream stand?

Next time I run into Joe V I'll try to get more detail, but I think the "base" is more basic than that.

ice cream stand?

I think it's more than just that. Even the vanilla is completely different. He uses the "base" powder from Richardson's, but uses his own types and amounts of cream, vanilla, eggs, etc, I assume. He does his own mixing, churning, etc.