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Slow-Roasted Prime Rib au Jus

Can you use this method with the CH mustard peppercorn crust recipe?

Dec 23, 2014
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Meat Buying Club in Boston?

Here's a link to the Stillman Farm CSA, which has gotten good reports on CH:


Meat Buying Club in Boston?

I don't know if a meat CSA is the same thing to you, but there are a few around. Such as:

I used to be a member of Shady Pines Farm out of New Braintree
The minimum share was 10lbs/month. Good meats.


what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

That's the one: Ma Soba. It wasn't terrible for what it was.

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

Did Seoul replace a pan asian/sushi place?

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

How about Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot? Is it still open? Any good, folks?

Is it just me, or is this really utterly ridiculous?

At least it looks like he ordered some tasty dishes..
Hope this doesn't affect SG to much. They seem to be firing on all cylinders right now, great food and great cocktails. There was a rumour awhile ago that Ran might be leaving, hope this doesn't push him out the door.

You can't go home again ...

I had a nice Corpse Reviver at Eastern Standard a couple of months ago. If you have a chance to get by Kenmore Sq and see how completeley that's changed from your days (no hint of the Rat, now), you should. Eastern Standard might be a nice treat for you.

real sheppards pie

I think I had one at the Tavern at the End of the World in Charleston, made with chunks of lamb, not ground lamb.

December 2014 Openings and Closings

Heard a rumour that Dalya's in Bedford is closing, and an Indian restaurant will be replacing it. If it's any good, could be a nice addition.

Restaurants in Concord/Lexington

Bondir in Concord is also very good. Without drinks could probably get by for $100.
Dalya's in Bedford, as well, though I heard a rumour that they're closing, don't know when.
Il Casale in Lexington had a spotty start, but hopefully is improving. Nice room.
If they like "ethnic", the new Beijing restaurant in Lexington, or the older Royal India Bistro are both nice, as is Ginger in Bedford for sushi.
Haven't been, but want to get to the newish Artistry on the Green in the Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington.

Fernet-Branca at retail in Woburn area?

Is Medford to far out of your way? Atlas has everything.

Authentic Mexican restaurant recommendations?

I'm afraid it's also a Besito, tatsu. Decent americanized Mexican, I guess.

Sunday Brunch/Lunch for 10 in Boston or Cambridge

East Coast Grill. Love the brunch, fun for kids..Not a ton of veggie options, but some: grilled avacado, plantain,cornbread crusted french toast.

Asados Dona Flor Lowell

Tiny Colombian hole in the wall on High Street behind Saints Memorial. Anyone been who knows Colombian food? Just went for lunch. The place filled up with Colombians (I assume). The food was really tasty. Nice crisp tostones. Deep fried tamales (or are those puposas?) filled with meat or cheese. Aroz Mixto was tasty, not too strong flavors, but with a little of the house made hot sauce ( vinegar and cilantro and chiles), yummy.
Seemed good to me. Didn't find any CH mentions.

pizza in Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Malden -- where to go?

No love for Gran Gusto? Or is that to far to the Arlington side of things?

Sakura Bana

There was a Roka restaurant in Lexington for several years. I'm not sure if it was related to the HS Roka, but I always thought so. It was replaced by Dabin, which is still there.

the great croissant hunt

WS is William Sonoma

ISO fun special occasion spot w/ 5yo and picky mom

If you're liking that, you should also think about Sichuan Garden in Woburn. It's in an old mansion with many different rooms, which is fun. The bar is excellent (which got it into the latest Boston Magazine top 50 of Boston). The Sichuan food is excellent, and the American Chinese is good, too (my daughter loves their lo mein). So, something for everyone.

ISO fun special occasion spot w/ 5yo and picky mom

How's the brunch at East Coast Grill these days? If it's still good, the food's great and there are fun drinks, too. Little parking lot across the street.

Ooops, also Sunday, I think. They do a Saturday lunch though, that looks good and includes the "make your own" Bloody Mary:


ISO fun special occasion spot w/ 5yo and picky mom

How about dim sum at China Pearl in Woburn? Is brunch at the Blue Room still good (parking lot next door)?
Brunch (with valet parking) at Eastern Standard Kitchen?

Boston Magazine - Best 50 Restaurants

I liked the out of the city choices. I'm a fan of The Market (it's in Annisquam, BTW, not Gloucester) While many prefer Sichuan Gourmet, I've found many excellent choices at Sichuan Garden in Woburn, and the bar is terrific. I'm looking forward to trying Sycamore.
Ommissions? I agree about Journeyman and ESK. Casa B might have been worth it. Lumiere? Perhaps, but Area Four might have been the Leviton choice, and bumped it. (I guess that could be true for ESK, as both ICOB and Row 34 are on there)
Thought I might see Angela's as well.

Acoustics! I'm only 40.....

Admittedlly it's been awhile, but I remember Bergamot as having a fairly quiet ambiance.

Costco - looking for Kirkland Signature EVOO (Toscano) at a local branch

Saw it in Waltham on Thursday.

Anyone Know Dough-Joe Pizza Steels and Stones?

My mistake! Definitely a good deal, then.

Oct 28, 2014
justbeingpolite in Cookware

My Bacon

What'd you use to slice it up?
How long did you smoke it?

Looks fantastic!!

Embarrassing gadget you love?


Whoops just read the thread.

Never mind.

Anyone Know Dough-Joe Pizza Steels and Stones?

The Dough Joe is 1/4 inch thick, as is the Baking Steel pizza steel, both cost $79. The Modernist cuisine edition from Baking Steel at $99 is 3/8 of an inch. The Big from Baking Steel is 1/2 inch and is $119


Oct 26, 2014
justbeingpolite in Cookware

Doing the North Shore drive with wife and kids tomorrow. Best clam shack !!!

Just joshing you, SC.
No harm meant, in fact, I'm usually a big fan.

Also, I was a paleo-anthropology major as an undergrad, many years ago.

and i loves me a batch of lard cooked clams!!!

Doing the North Shore drive with wife and kids tomorrow. Best clam shack !!!

As a creationist, I'm having a problem with it.