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Softshell Crabs 2012

Soft Shell Crab (Fried Crab w/ponzu ans spicy mayo) $16

May 23, 2012
sharky1 in Manhattan

Softshell Crabs 2012

oooh.. Casa Mono never disappoints. ramps and esplette pepper too!!! must.get.

thanks for the tip!

> Softshell Crab with Ramps and Espelette - $16

May 19, 2012
sharky1 in Manhattan

Softshell Crabs 2012

May 19 Report:

I made it down to Noodletown around 1am tonight, and the soft-shells are as big and fresh and deliciious as always!

had my usual and paired 2 of them with the roast pork and rice.


May 19, 2012
sharky1 in Manhattan

Softshell Crabs 2012

It's May17..

post your favorite places to eat Softshells!

are they appearing regularly on the menu at Great NY Noodletown yet?

also - I'll be around Union Square tomorrow night pre-Fuerza Bruta.. any worthy preparations in the area?


May 17, 2012
sharky1 in Manhattan

Page AZ

on a driving tour of the SW in a few weeks, and will be sleeping one night in Page, Arizona.

Any tips for a decent dinner in the area?

Aug 04, 2010
sharky1 in Southwest

Paris - 8th District Sunday dinner

ah yes, you've tempted me with some real winners there, but this not the night for Gagnaire ;)

Le Flaubert, however, is a great suggestion. It's going to the top of the list. Thanks!

Jul 18, 2009
sharky1 in France

Paris - 8th District Sunday dinner

sorry for the late notice, but I just found out I'll have a free night tomorrow (Sunday).. My hotel is in 8th district, and unfortunately this is not my area of expertise in Paris, but I'll need to stay in the area. A 10-minute cab ride would be max.

Any recommendations for a solo dinner in the area?

Prefer French cuisine. Not picky otherwise. Not looking for 100 euro +, but if the right place comes up, I won't rule it out.

thanks for any help!

ps - the only thing on my radar at the moment is fontainedemars or les_fables_de_la_fontaine, but would be very happy if something a bit closer came up..

Jul 18, 2009
sharky1 in France

Seafood Bday Dinner in STL

nobody else comes close.

Espresso, the Italian way?

Joe's espresso is one of the best I've had outside of Europe.
Mercury Dime is decent in the E.V.

Oct 22, 2008
sharky1 in Manhattan

Best Hamburger in Midwest

1. Joanne's - Marshall MO
2. Booches - Columbia MO