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Honeymoon in Charleston

Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful!!! I can't wait for our trip - my mouth is watering constantly thinking about all of this good food!

Honeymoon in Charleston

Good point - I didn't even think about that! Thanks very much :)

Honeymoon in Charleston

Thanks for the link! Now I'm drooling... :)

Honeymoon in Charleston

Thank you so much - this was really helpful! I would be willing to switch out Bocci's for Al Di La - would you recommend that?

We were recommended California Dreaming by a friend. I believe they told us there is a nice view, so that's why we had that choice. I'm not sure if we're going to make it out to Sullivan's Island or not, but I know we'll be in Mt. Pleasant so we will definitely consider The Wreck. It seems like a lot of people have mentioned that place!

Honeymoon in Charleston

Hi! In a couple of weeks, we'll be off on our honeymoon in Charleston, and I'm so excited for all of the delicious food! I've been browsing the many, many, many topics here on Charleston and I've found that there are just too many choices and everyone has a different opinion.

So, I'm going to tell you where we're thinking of going - can you please let me know if these are good choices or if you would swap something out for something else? (Or switch a place to a different meal?)

Also, if you can help, I'd also like to know which places I should make reservations for and how far ahead I should make the reservations. We'll be arriving in Charleston in the afternoon on June 15th and leaving in the afternoon on June 20th. Thanks in advance for your help and advice! I hope no one gets tired of talking about the great food in Charleston!!! :)

Five Loaves Cafe
Fast & French
Cru Cafe
Charleston Cafe
Poogan's Porch

Charleston Grill
California Dreaming