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Looking for a caterer for scones and clotted cream

I am hosting an afternoon tea and want recommendations for a good Toronto caterer or bakery for afternoon tea scones and clotted cream.

Where Can I buy Staub in Toronto?

Sorry I mistyped two letters -J.A. Henckles International aka the knife company like the Twin Professional S or Twin Four Star II

Wood Framed "Strainer" - what's it called!

I picked up one from Placewares in St. Lawrence Market - it was $22 and stainless steel and made in Italy. It worked wonders to make Robouchon mashed potatoes.

Apr 18, 2009
toronto gigi in Cookware

Afternoon Tea Catering

Who did you use? I am looking for a caterer to do the same. Particularly looking for scones. Thanks.

Wood Framed "Strainer" - what's it called!

Try - they have one on sale for $20 - they have several sizes available - I believe they are Quebec based

Mar 08, 2009
toronto gigi in Cookware

shopping for conical strainer in Toronto

If you are looking for a Tamis sieve - check out - they have several sizes available. I believe they are based out of Quebec.

Sur la Table in the USA also has a French version available 12" in mid March 2009.

Any recommendations for purchasing Uni (sashimi) in bulk in the GTA?

Did you try Bill's Lobster in Riverdale at 599 Gerrard Street East? He supplies seafood to hotels and restaurants in the city.

Where Can I buy Staub in Toronto?

The Pepper Mill in Hazleton Lanes Mall (across from Whole Foods) still has their 30% sale on. I bought a Staub on the weekend.

I spoke to the owner. He expects the prices to go up as it is now carried in Canada by Henckels and they won't be carrying all the colours in Canada in near future.

Visiting Toronto - Must-Try Restaurants?

Nota Bene for dinner - Chef David Lee is fantastic.

For a "Quebecois" style breakfast - try Cora's across the street from the Soho Met Hotel. They have fantastic crepes. You can also try "Creton" which is very much Quebecois (aka pork fat) on toast.