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Passion Fruit

Has there been any recent fresh passion fruit sightings recently? I'm in SF but will travel.


Ono Grindz - Inner Richmond ♥ [San Francisco]

I love this place. I've had breakfast here a few time. I've had the kimchee omlette, pancakes, french toast and the Big Island. I really liked the potatos especially since they were not covered in rosemary like every other place in SF.

As of the other week they are now only doing Breakfast Fri-Sun mornings. The other days (and weekend) they are just open for lunch and dinner, I believe. Been meaning to get over there for dinner. Check with them for current hours, I don't want to get it wrong.

Always friendly services and the malasadas are good.

Okolemaluna Tiki Bar in Kailua-Kona, any reports?

We went to the Big Island at the end of February and Okolemaluna was a must see for us. We have high tiki bar standards since we live in SF and have Smuggler's Cove and Forbidden Island nearby.

We thought OKL was great. We went twice. The first time we had the Pahoehoe, Lovely Lovely and Hawaiian Eye. The Lovely Lovely was pretty strong, I really liked the Pahoehoe.

The decor is great and they have outside seating but I rather sit inside and look at all the neat stuff.

The second time we went back was for happy hour. I am drawing a blank on what I had. It might of been seasonal, my husband had a Boo Loo. They have drink specials that change monthly. We sat at the bar this time and had a nice time talking to the bartender.

Both visits were earlier in the night, I know some yelp reviews mention that it can get really busy there later. We liked that so many people who worked nearby would come in after their shifts and hang out.

All the drinks we had tasted of quality and so much better then drinks we had elsewhere.

May 09, 2012
alohatiki in Hawaii

Food gifts for Japanese friends?

thanks, i am getting some good ideas. Anything I think up is a liquid and I don't want to risk the checked luggage. Coffee is a good idea since it is big deal in San Francisco now. I also like the idea of nuts, easy to transport.

Aug 02, 2009
alohatiki in Japan

Food gifts for Japanese friends?

My Husband and I are going to visit Tokyo at the end of August, he does a lot of informal business and has a lot of friends in Tokyo, and as per Japanese Custom wants to bring small "omiyage" ( gifts) to give people there. When his friends come here they bring small gifts like Japanese Tea, Dry Noodles, etc- the gift is usually something small and transient/can be consumed- I.E. something that won't take up space in people's houses, and something that is local specialty or delicacy of the area they are visiting from.

We have given See's Candy as gifts in the past, but with the Summer heat we don't want to transport Chocolate. Any suggestions from the SF Bay area of what to bring?


Jul 30, 2009
alohatiki in Japan

Honu's Island Grinds & Bar, SF Japantown

I went by last night and they had a closed sign. Any one know if they are closed for good? I love this place and really wanted a Pipeline Porter on tap and some Poke.

What to do with mango pasta?

On a recent trip to hawaii, we bought a package of dried mango pasta. Now that we are home, not sure what to do with it. Maybe a sweet sauce? shrimp? any ideas?


Nov 16, 2008
alohatiki in Home Cooking

Zackary's Pizza: how is the Stuffed Deep Dish?

I am not a fan of Zachary's. I am currently in love with Paxti's in SF. I am from Chicago and I think they have an excellent stuffed spinach pizza. I think their sauce has a great tang to it.

Patxi's Chicago Pizza
511 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Good Hawaiian Food in the Peninsula?

I have been to Honu twice and love it. Went on valentine's day and had the 3 poke sampler and garlic edemame and Kona's Pipeline Porter on TAP! Need to keep this place around.

Layonna Vegetarian / other options?

Sadly, it has closed. The new place is some shabu shabu meat place. There is a chinese veggie place across the street called Bok Choy Garden which is ok. Also the chinese veggie place on Clement next to the Goodwill is good, they had a name change, I think they are now Golden Buddha but the menu looks the same.

Bok Choy Garden
1820 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

Golden Era Vegetarian 2
832 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Any Fun Tiki Restaurants?

If you want high quality drinks go to Forbidden Island. Excellent drinks, excellent staff and the decor is top notch.

The Hawaiian store in Japantown is opening up a dining place and where looking for dancers. I think it is called Honu but I don't think it is open yet.

Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA

vegetarian ideas for homemade mole?

Wow, what great suggestions! Glad I have a lot of the stuff since there are few different things I want to do with it now. The corn crepes and the squash dish sound really good.

Thanks everyone!

Nov 23, 2006
alohatiki in Home Cooking

vegetarian ideas for homemade mole?

My boss just gave me a rather large ammount of her homemade mole. My husband is vegetarian so that rules out any chicken dishes. All I can really think up to do with it is just enchiladas. Any other ideas? Toss it on tofu?


Nov 22, 2006
alohatiki in Home Cooking

ethiopian in sf; aside from asmara or red sea in Berkeley?

Forgot to mention that we always eat vegetarian so the meat lovers might have different fave places.

ethiopian in sf; aside from asmara or red sea in Berkeley?

I love Assab, which is on Geary almost at Masonic. There is also Sawa on Divisadero and Sutter, which I liked but I think they have too much salad.

In Lower haight (on haight and Piece) is Axum, which is fine.

Also on Divisadero, near Hayes is a bar called Club Waziema, which has all you can eat veggie combo. The food is ok but I often think it is too dry but I like having a full bar.

There also is Cafe Ethiopia on Valencia, which I totally think is overrated, but yet always packed.

That is basically it, might be one or 2 more that I am leaving out. I want to go to DC just to eat their Ethiopian.

Golden Era 2 Vegetarian Sighting -- Clement Street

My husband and I ate there on Saturday. They are right next to the Goodwill, where a short lived Japanese place was.

While we think the original Golden Era in the Tenderloin is ok, we love Golden Lotus in Oakland so we didn't know if this place could hold up.

I had the veggie chow fun and my husband had the bun hao noodle soup (i might have that name wrong). We were very pleased with out food.

We live nearby and walk by the place often and it seems to always have people in it.