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Breakfast Downtown Memphis - near Beale St.

We're judging Q at Memphis-in-May again this weekend . (Yeah! One of my very favorite weekends of the year) I've missed the last two years and don't remember my way around quite as well, particulary now that this year's competition has been moved inland to the Memphis Fairgrounds.

Definitately want a great breakfast when we arrive Friday morning - would love to find someplace within walking distance of the DoubleTree and Beale OR something that is an easy cab ride. We will be cabbing it from the airport and then doing the shuttle/cab thing to the fairgrounds.

What's your favorites?

Eats on NC 24 between Jacksonville and Fayetteville ?

Tomorrow, mid-day, I will be driving on NC 24 going from Emerald Isle to Southern Pines. I would LOVE to find a good local place for lunch between Jacksonville (NC) and Fayetteville. Yes, I realize this is land of Applebee's and Arby's, BUT there has to be some local places still hiding out there somewhere. Casual, hole-in-the-wall, local hang-out, bit off the beaten path. . .all good by me if the chow is tasty!

Looking at Mapquest here are some of the NC towns I see along the route:

Half Moon, Richlands, Reulaville, Kenansville, Warsaw, Roseboro, Autryville & Vander

Any ideas?


Any restaurants serving Machaca in Raliegh, Durham or Chapel Hill?

With the improvements in local mexican food, does anyone know of a place that offers Machaca*? It is a shredded beef dish that I dearly miss since moving from CA. When scrambled with eggs, fried onions and serrano chilis it's wonderful comfort food.

* The name Machaca is used in the Southern part of Mexico and in the northwestern state of Sonora, and ‘Machacado’ in the North.

Anyone seen it on a local menu?

Seeking Traditional Southern Food in Raleigh/Durham

In June we have a friend visiting from "back home" in Northern California. He is use to upscale restaurants and "new american" cuisine, so we know that he is going to want to AVOID these places for REAL southern food. Fried chicken, bbq, traditional side dishes, hush puppies etc. Problem is even after five years of living here, I am hard press to come up with a place that serves dinner and still keeps it somewhat traditionally Southern. (Which begs the questions: In our area does this food still exist? Or, is it romaticized, but long gone?)

Any suggestions for restaurants?

What I have ruled out:
- Mama Dipps
- Bullocks
- South
- Watt's Grocery
- Pop's
- Danny's
- Mo's Dinner
- Porters

Thanks for your help!

Bridal Shower[Raleigh,Cary]

I understand that 40 - 50 can be a lot of people to host and can be overwhelming, especially with busy schedules. My suggestion is the Triangle Grill, it's located in a new building on in Cary on Chatham (near the corner of NE Maynard). \ Don't let the word grill scare you, it definitely had a more cosmopolitan feeling, with good, creative food and a large wine selection.

With the number of guest you are expecting, you could probably have most of the place to yourself, there is also outside seating which gives your guests some ability to mingle a bit.

I have only eaten there once, but everyone in our large party loved the food, wine and cocktails.