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Do you remember Sp's Nuts & Candy Co on Church?

I sure do.

I know they're gone now, but does anyone have any idea if they opened up somewhere else? Great guys and they always had a great selection.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Sep 03, 2008
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Fried Chicken

Pies'n Thighs in a landslide. But seriously, they turn out some unbelievable chicken and the biscuits and gravy are the best you're likely to find in this part of the country.

Jan 07, 2007
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Thai Cooking Class recs?

Nehna, thanks so much for the in-depth review! ICE sounds just like what I was looking for.

Thanks again.

Dec 13, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Thai Cooking Class recs?


I’m looking to take a Thai cooking class somewhere in the city and was wondering whether anyone on chowhound has had any luck tracking down a good teacher or program in the city. I was initially interested in the New School's program, but have heard nothing but bad reports from friends who've taken classes there. (Their chief complaint was that was that the instructors choose overly simple and unappealing dishes to prepare, making for an underwhelming experience.) Anyone out there take a class worth checking out? Any price range is fine, as I'm more just trying to figure out my option at this point.

Thanks in advance.

Dec 11, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Bondi Rd. on Rivington

I've been to this place several times over the past couple of months and enjoyed the tasting menu that they had been offering exclusively, especially the baramundi which was one the better pieces of fish I've had in recent memory.

That having been said, I have not been back since they opened up the menu to include a la carte items and was wondering how they stack up. Anything to stay away from? Anything that's a must have?

Thanks in advance.

Bondi Road
153 Rivington St., New York, NY 10002
near Suffolk St.
(no working website)

Sep 21, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Guinness Oyster Festival Tomorrow in Riverside Park

Anyone have any idea if this would be worth attending? The website (see below) gives so little information that I'm skeptical that it's a "festival" at all.

Thanks in advance...

Sep 08, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

LES/chinatown border

Sadly, I have to agree with you on the Kuma Inn front. The chef, who came to our table more than once, was incredibly warm and the space itself was cool but the food just wasn't working. If you do end up going I’d suggest ordering the Sauteed Chinese Sausage, but beyond that you’re on your own.

Also, while I haven't eaten downstairs at La Esquina I've picked up tacos from their stand on two occasions and have been disappointed both times. They weren't awful, they just didn't compare with the real, authentic tacos that can be had at some of the more out of the way joints in the city (Tehuitzingo leaps to mind). Their corn tortillas were incredibly dry and tasteless to a degree I hadn’t experienced before.

Aug 03, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

Sushi for lunch near Chambers Street

The best sushi I've found downtown is at Sushi a la Kawa on Maiden Lane. The fish is always very fresh and the lunch prices are very reasonable. The place is always jammed but they turn tables quickly. To my mind it can't be beat.

Sushi a la Kawa
18 Maiden Lane
(212) 766-8805

Jul 20, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

my new hamburger ranking

I'll second the Leno's call - though most up in Westchester know it as Greasy Nick's. That said, the best buger in the county is served at The Piper's Kilt in Eastchester. There is a branch in Inwood, though I can't seem to find any mention of the place on these boards.

Jul 17, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan

off night at Taverna Kyclades

BTW, 718's mediocre price fixe brunch is $22... and that's not pesos.

Jul 17, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Outer Boroughs

What happened to the falafel cart outside Zeytuna on Maiden Lane?

The cart has been gone for almost a month now. I'd been going everyday. Great falafel and very friendly service. Those guys were great... anyone have any idea what happened? Thanks in advance.

Jul 17, 2006
ditmarsdiner in Manhattan