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Is Hen of the Wood closed??!

Hurricane damage

Archer's on the Pier

Has anyone gone yet, it just opened in the former Boathouse space by Lynn Archer.

Long Grain - Camden, ME

It does not, the owners were previously at The White Lion, the food however is Great and Mid Coast Asian Foods is greatly missed.

Long Grain - Camden, ME

My husband and I have been a couple of times and it is pretty awesome. The pork belly with rice cakes and kimchi is really good, the rice cakes were not what I was expecting and I couldn't get enough of them.

Pai Men Miyake - Noodle Bar In Portland

The first few weeks of any restaurant openeing are bound to upset people, take the advice and wait a few weeks to let the kinks get rolled out. There are so many things that go into opening a place, there are bound to be some mistakes. Miyake is a great place, so I expect that PMM will be too, take a breath give it time, if you don't go back you may be depriving youreself of something really great.

Afternoon Tea near Waterbury / Stowe, VT?

There is a GREAT place the other side of stow called Perenial Pleasures in Hardwick Vermont everyhthing is a drive and this is well worth it

Anthony Bourdain coming to Conte's 1894 and Rocklnd, Me in January??? A Conte's Introduction.

Unfourtunately Conte's will be closing it is too bad if the publish the piece on the Food network, they will not be able to reap the rewards of the publicity.

It's Sunday...How About Brunch in Camden, Maine?

This time of year, there is not much open, in Rockland lots of good choices, Home kitchen, the Boathouse and Amalfi

Good eats (not lobster) in Midcoast maine?

Rockland/Camden Area I would suggest Boyton McKay in Camden, if there is a line it is worth the wait. Also, there is a new breakfast place called Home Kitchen Cafe on Main st pass the DD in Rockland. Very reasonably priced, fresh food. Sadly, Sage in Rockland has closed but the one in Camden is still open.

Korean food near Lebanon?

If you are talking West Lebanon NH the place is called Yama and it is great!! Unexpected for this part of NH
Yama 96 Main Street, West Lebanon, NH 03784
Phone: 603-298-5477

Rockland, ME: In Bad Company

That is too bad, service has always been great when I have been there. They are a small staff and I agree with Zeph everyone has an off night, too bad it was on the night that you were there. How was Francines?

Camden/Rockland (ME) August 2008

There is also Conte's it is what it is and is certainly entertaining

DESSERT Cookbook of the Month July/August -- VOTING First Round


Jul 01, 2008
Mainecuisine in Home Cooking

Looking for a place to eat in Portland ME, open Mondays

We had a great meal thank you, such a nice place.

Looking for a place to eat in Portland ME, open Mondays

Thanks, location?

Southern Vermont Eats?

Depends on if you are willing to travel North or West, Cafe Provence in Brandon is great and so is Pane e Salute in Woodstock, but that is a little ways from Rutland. I can't really recall anything in Rutland.

Looking for a place to eat in Portland ME, open Mondays

Are there any places to eat in Portland open on Monday that is different than the usual suspects?

Best ice cream in Maine

Were is Dormans lcated, new to the area :)

Burlington, VT. this Wed....

If you like great, athentic chinese, not fried, check out single pebble. Really high end chinese, fresh ingredients.

Decent Sandwich

In the Rockland/Camden Area that is.

Decent Sandwich

Can anyone recommend a place to get a decent sandwich? I am not talking fancy, Market basket and Sage have great sandwiches. I am looking for an honest Italian sub with hots and I don't mean jala[enos?