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Won't be returning to Per Se

That's really odd you say that. Different people have different priorities. All my rich friends want to drink at private room salons as they call them, with hostesses, or play golf at exclusive clubs. I enjoy dining at expensive restaurants.

Michelin New York 2015 results

I was surprised too. lol

1 day ago
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Michelin New York 2015 results

1 day ago
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Won't be returning to Per Se

You had a similar experience to mine. I used to check on opentable.com and often times I found a table for two available at Per Se. Then I grabbed the seats and called them the next morning to ask whether they would accept a single diner for a table meant for two. Depending on their reservation situations, sometimes they accepted but other times they did not. Even if they rejected me, I understood and I kept going back later on. I stopped going back not because of this issue though, but because of uninspiring, dull and boring desserts (and some repetitive savory dishes, of which I got tired after twenty some visits).

Incidently, EMP, Daniel, Jean Georges, and Le Bernardin have always welcomed a single diner and that's why I revisited them more than I did Per Se as well. (And as a courtesy, I tried to book on a slow weekday as opposed to busy weekends if possible)

1 day ago
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Hairy crabs (大閘蟹) in Hong Kong

Hairy crab season is back again!
Most places in Hong Kong seem to offer the hairy crab menu from October 1, but a handful of restaurants already have hairy crab menu.
Summer Palace, Wu Kong, and Canton Pot for example.
Any other places offering hairy crabs now?

Game meat in Hong Kong?

Thanks PhilD and Charles!
I am having tasting menu
at Pierre and surprisingly, the main dish is grouse!!! It happens to be my next course and I am eagerly waiting to taste it now.

Game meat in Hong Kong?

Hi fellow chowhounders!
Now that it will soon be autumn again, is there any restaurant in Hong Kong that serves game meats such as grouse, partridge, hare, pheasant, etc?

Update- Need 2014 Solo Recs in HK

Some fine dining places allow you to order a single piece of dim sum as opposed to a bundle, enabling you to taste as many kinds as possible. Lung King Heen or Sun Tung Lok are such places.

Tin Lung Heen sometimes does or does not. It depends on the chef (or server) on duty. Summer Palace does not allow that.

Michelin Chicago 2015

Three stars to Grace.
I enjoyed it more than Alinea.

TRU deserves more than one star. Should be two or three.

Aug 30, 2014
kosmose7 in Chicago Area

Delicious, Interesting, Inexpensive - any ideas?

MEW Izakaya @ 53 W 35th St is pretty good.
Food is not great but decent enough for the price range.

Fruit cocktails are around $6.
Assorted sashimi of yellow tail, tuna, salmon, white fish, and octopus is $12. Tempura set of two prawns, shiitake mushroom, pumpkin, lotus root, eggplant, and green pepper is $9.

Aug 17, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

Hi Monica!
I'm glad you liked it!

"The only thing a bit disappointing was their miso soup which was just salty with no flavor" I couldn't have described it better! Exactly what I think of their miso soup ha ha. That's why I normally choose salad over miso soup for their lunch set. lol

I see pretty many Korean customers these days too. I think most of them are office workers from buildings nearby.

Aug 08, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

15 East - Pedestrian Sushi and A Scaly Foot

"Personally i'd go back and hope I have a mini skirted open legged woman next to me" +1

"Kuruma is a total ripoff place IMO" +1

Aug 08, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

Ha ha. Only temporarily until the restaurants change their menu. It is chronic for me since I dine out every day. It happened in New York too. :)

Aug 07, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

Yes, I noticed that Jukai is not as superb as it used to be. Nevertheless, still good value for money, I think.

Sushi You's chef owner is a Japanese, and it's not a top tier sushi place at all, but what you get for U$15 during lunch time is incredibly good. It used to be patronized by Japanese only, but I see a lot of Koreans these days too. lol

Aug 07, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

No, I am still in Hong Kong! Enjoying "last minute sale" of air-flown Japanese sashimi at Japanese supermarkets every night, ha. Minutes ago, I bought fresh, never frozen otoro from Kyushu and uni, both for only U$21!

Aug 07, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

Hi foodwhisperer!
Jukai was the best when it first opened about 2~3 years ago. It is still good these days but not as great as it used to be. So please bear it in mind. :)

As for Hirohisa, I liked it very much, although I felt the price could have been 20- 30% less for what I got. But yes, I loved their food as you said. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9124...

Aug 07, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

NYC's Underground Japanese Eats

1. Jukai
I mentioned this place a couple times here.
It is not of 15 East quality, but the price-performance ratio is very good, esp. lunch deals (although not as impressive as it used to be when it just opened, but still good enough) and the chef-owner watanabe san offers good daily osusume (recommendation) menu.

Must try:
* Abalone with uni + grated daikon radish sauce. Abalone is only slightly cooked so that it still preserves fresh abalone aroma.
* Eel over rice (una-don). Made with fresh eel caught in Long Island and fresh 'sancho (peppercorn)' as opposed to powder.
* Order uni-don during lunch time for only $20.

2. Sushi You
More like a lunch place. Where else can we have assorted nigiri sushi, or special chirashi sushi composed of uni, ikura, tuna, hamachi, scallop, crab meat, salmon, octopus, snapper, and eggs for only $15?

3. Wasan
Creative Japanese style izakaya.

Must try:
* Uni Lover - Fresh uni and avocado with garlic + peanut oil sauce (which is not pungent but subtle enough only to enhance the uni flavor) over homemade uni chips.
* Foie Gras Don - Pan-seared foie gras over rice.

Aug 06, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Hong Kong - Yung Kee Roast Goose re-visited

You mean Toscana.
Its semi buffet was one of my favorite lunch deals in town back then.

Hong Kong - Yung Kee Roast Goose re-visited

Oh wow klyeoh! You were in Hong Kong when I was (1994 - 2004)!
La Ronda @ Furama, Genji @ Hilton Hong Kong, Sichuan Lau @ Causeway Bay, Pierrot @ Mandarin Oriental, Island Cafe and Cyrano Bar @ Island Shangri-La, San San Trois at its peak, etc, etc...

Hong Kong - Yung Kee Roast Goose re-visited

Thanks for great review, klyeoh!

About Kam's Roast Goose, I visited five times so far, because it's close to my apartment and it was mixed experiences. There were better days and worse days. Overall though, it was quite satisfactory, esp. given the reasonable price range (Roast goose rice 燒鵝飯 HK$45, roast goose leg rice 燒鵝脾飯 HK$80).

Per Se or Eleven Madison Park?

Both have good savoury dishes
Desserts are uninspiring and rather dull @ Per Se
More stories to each dish @ EMP
More innovative @ EMP
Better service/ More interaction with cutomers @ EMP
Price more reasonable/ more number of courses @ EMP


Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

I love dim sum at Sun Tung Lok (not Central branch, but the original one at Miramar Shopping Centre). IMHO, it's better than most other high end places.

Tin Lung Heen v Lung King Heen - which is best for a dim sum splurge?

Strangely, IMHO, I think dim sum @ the original Sun Tung Lok at Miramar Shopping Center (not the Central branch) is better than the one at Lung King Heen or Tin Lung Heen. I love their steamed spareribs with black bean sauce (鼓汁排骨蒸津絲), among others.

Tin Lung Heen v Lung King Heen - which is best for a dim sum splurge?

Wow... I normally eat there on weekdays and I could easily grab a table if I called about one month in advance. And I am not a VIP or a regular there either.

Incidentally, I had dim sum lunch at LKH on a Sunday once and it was subpar... Perhaps the main chef is off duty on weekends? I'm not sure.

French hound coming to Seoul - Need a few insights

If I may answer, Bong San Jib Yongsandong is the original, and Bong San Jib Samseong-dong is a branch.

First time to Seoul. Stay at Garosu. Need updated recommendations. Thank you

I am a Korean but I've been living abroad (mostly in New York City actually, lol) for the past few years and I am not updated at all.

1. That said, if you like local Korean food, I recommend Pyung Lae Oak (평래옥) near Myung Dong, which is across the river from Garosu-gil.


I recommend their Yook Gae Jang (spicy beef soup with green onions and eggs). It looks like this: http://blog.naver.com/kosmose7/900851... It's far better than any Yook Gae Jang found on 32nd Street or Flushing in NYC.

2. Another one is a bit upscale Bi Ce Na (pronounced bi-chae-na, 비채나). It's also across the river, but very close from Garosu-gil, near Itaewon. http://www.bicena.com/
They are visually modern style, so may look like fusion Korean food, but they are actually authentic Korean. I tried about five dishes and all of them were good. The only thing that left something to be desired was desserts.

3. I also recommend a pastry shop called Macaron (마카롱), whose pastry chef used to work for Pierre Herme amd Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore. It's right where you are staying, Garosu-gil. NYC already has great macarons, so I recommend their pastries, which are far better than any French pastries in NYC. (Previously, Brasserie Pushkin on 57th Street between Fifth & Sixth Ave. used to have great French pastres, but it's closed now and the place has become Betony... Alas) Also try their Ispahan ice cream, it's divine!



Enjoy your trip!

Asia's Top 50 Restaurants (2014)

Although I like 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo, I think chef Umberto Bombana did far better at Toscana of old Ritz Carlton.

best fine dining in New York?

Strictly my personal impression:
EMP > Per Se = Alinea

I have been to EMP and Per Se multiple times and Alinea only once.
EMP better than Per Se because Per Se's desserts have become seriously dull these days. If you are not a dessert person, however, you will like it.

Jun 12, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Join me for Eleven madison Park, Per Se, La bernardin

Wish I could if I were in NYC. Before canceling, why not call the restaurants and ask if you could reduce the # of guests down to one? Sometimes they allow it.

Jun 02, 2014
kosmose7 in Manhattan

Sushi Ginza Onodera opening in Hong Kong

Sushi Ginza Onodera (http://www.sushi-onodera.com/), which has overseas branches in Hawaii and Paris, will open another one in Hong Kong. I heard the grand opening date is June 13 (Fri) but Openrice already has a page. http://www.openrice.com/english/resta...

I think we already have so many sushi restaurants in Hong Kong and hope more kaiseki places will open! :)